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Equine Welfare Alliance Announces First Four Legged Member

Story by Vicki Tobin ~ Vice President of the Equine Welfare Alliance

“World’s Smartest Horse” Verifies Intelligence Through Membership

Lucas, certified as the World's Smartest Horse now proves the point by joining EWA

We are excited to announce that we have our first four legged member and a celebrity, no less.

Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse and his human, Karen Murdock have joined Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA). I’m sure most of you are familiar with Lukas but just in case – Lukas can identify numbers, shapes, letters and colors and was recognized by the World Records Academy and Guinness World Records as the smartest horse.

For videos, photos and information about Lukas and his extraordinary achievements, please visit his website at

Lukas’ story is one we’ve heard time and time again – a TB found starving in a yard, a difficult horse, worthless and look at him now. All they need is a caring owner who believes in them. Lukas is that horse and Karen is that owner.

I spoke to Steve Long earlier today and mentioned Lukas to him and lo and behold, the current issue of Horseback Magazine has an interview with Karen. You can read the article here – The Amazing Lukas is on page 24.

Welcome to EWA Lukas and Karen!

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  1. Proves !!!! When there is love and bonding with people and horses ,miracles are possible and do happen !!!!!! Lucas s videos should be required watching , for all at the BLM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> All horses have this capability, one must only win trust and understanding this and all good things are possible…………… Huge Kudos to Karen……for her love and understanding………….. also God will Bless her and Lucas……………..


  2. Thank you R.T. for sharing this story & thank you Lukas & Karen for joinning the club.
    It just goes to show that there IS a place in this world for the unwanted.
    Even the Elderly Mustangs are wanted, BLM needs to also learn that!


  3. We LOVE Lukas, and follow his and Karen’s accomplishments on Lukas’s facebook page. He’s quite the charmer and comedian, as most if his photos show. His story is both sad and beautiful, and the bond that he shares with Karen is amazingly deep and of mutual respect. I hope he gets his star in Hollywood, as he truly deserves it!


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