Month: February 2011

BLM Captures 1,400 Wild Horses: Releases 31

The controversial Antelope Complex wild horse stampede was concluded on the 25th of Feb with nearly 1,400 federally protected wild horses removed from their rightful land with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) releasing 20 chemically sterilized mares and 2 studs back to the HMA the size of Rhode Island on Feb 26th.

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Breaking News: Round-Up is OVER

Roundup called early, today. Terry, Laura and I arrived at the motel and only moments later Laura recieved a text from the local BLM PR rep that stated the roundup is over and tomorrow we will be witnessing a RELEASE!

No reason given but we are highly suspect that your efforts were heard and heeded. Thanks to all for your support and we three will be there to record releases back to the range in the AM!

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BLM Boss Not Engaged with Wild Horse Range Reality

Today, 24/02/2011, myself, my wife Terry, Laura Leigh and her son climbed down out of our observation point overlooking a wild horse trap at the Antelope Stampede in Northern Nevada to drive for almost an hour in an effort to pick up a cell signal to tune into Bureau of Land Management Director (BLM) Bob Abbey give a news breaking press conference. We should have stayed at the trap for the sake of the horses.

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A Nation full of Anger, a Corral Full of Wild Horses and the BLM Hits the Replay Button

Yesterday, out on the range, roamed a dust covered and weary car full of anger and frustration.

Perhaps it was because its occupants had just climbed to the top of a ridge to watch a green and dangerous contract helicopter pilot chase a band of four wild horses across a mountain top and into a treacherous canyon only to release them. The release was good, but in that four was a very pregnant mare and a foal. Couldn’t the BLM contract pilot have figured out that was animal cruelty in Nevada about 8 miles earlier?

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Audio Post

As the mean Antelope Complex wild horse stampede is allowed to continue the number of equine victims continues to mount. Be it shattered bands as stallions escape and their families are taken or the large number of full term pregnant mares being harassed and hauled away, Obama’s wild horse agency (BLM) relentlessly stalks, hunts and inhumanely removes the natural natives of Northern Nevada’s Antelope complex never to know freedom again.

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Wild Horse Drama Continues in Nevada

Raw Video by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council A Video is Worth a Thousand Words (Antelope Stampede 2/21/2011) BLM says their contractors do NOT stampede wild horses, you be the judge!  (Raw)   Minutes after being stampeded wild horses cruelly loaded into trailers  (Raw) Related […]

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