Day: March 19, 2011

Equine Sanctuary Certification an Answer for Further Abuse and Neglect

Over the past several days a dreadful news story has broken about one of the largest Equine Rescues in the world, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, willfully and without explanation allowing the care of some 1,000+ horses deteriorate to the point of starvation and death. Well funded but grossly mismanaged the organization unraveled with the horses, who were promised a comfortable and painless retirement, getting the bitter short end of the stick.

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Sadistic Horse Haters Target Both Wild and Domestic Horses

If perversity, lies, slaughter, blood, gore and criminal misrepresentation make you a tad bit squeamish then I would not recommend that you read any further as Wyoming state Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her inane and clueless main squeeze, Dave “Dumb as a Box of Rocks” Duquette are once again unleashing their bloody lies and twisted rhetoric upon the sane world.

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