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New Hampshire Says NO to Horse Slaughter

Civility and Common Sense Prevail in NH

Many, many thanks to the dedicated advocates and groups that made this happen!

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  1. Thank you to the Representatives in NH that are going make things right. The main sponsor Laurie Harding did not realize that horses were included in the text of the bill. She was shocked when a constituent pointed it out to her.

    New Hampshire, you rock!!!




    Wild Horse Annie found some of her strongest support from the Eastern States.


  4. Thank you New Hampshire! Finally some common sense from a state. I pray that the other states have the same reaction and have the foresight to read the fine print!!! Go New Hampshire!!! Awesome news!


  5. A LOT of the credit for this bill being corrected goes to Suzanne Bryant- a wonderfully passionate advocate for horses/burros who is the Large Animal Manager for the NH ASPCA. Thank you to Suzanne for bulldogging this issue until the right thing was done. This just shows that persistence pays!


  6. To the Honorable Governor Lynch and Honorable Lawmakers of New Hampshire:

    As the former mayor of Kaufman, TX where one of the last horse slaughter plants in the U.S. operated, I know the ‘up close and personal’ face of horse slaughter. I urge you to oppose H.B. 339, opening the door for horse slaughter for human consumption in New Hampshire

    Horse slaughter gave my city a black eye, labeled us as having “a dirty little secret,” and created a stigma to development. When developers decided not to come here saying, “It’s just not a good fit,” one had to think of their incredulous look earlier when they were told why horses were standing outside the plant, a look that said, “What kind of people are you!”

    The negative effect horse slaughter had upon my city, this country, and horses & their owners are myriad. The majority of U.S. citizens support a ban on horse slaughter. Easily disproved and fallacious claims that without it there will be an increase in horse abandonment is nothing less than an attempt to use fear tactics to coerce responsible public servants into making poor decisions.

    I hope you will find out more about what you are getting into. I am aware that there are other issues related to the medications horses receive regularly in this country, known carcinogens linked to ovarian and uterine cancer when ingested in the meat. European Union regulations address the issue and their EU inspectors are finding the tainted meat.

    Please contact me if I can be of assistance. Thank you for your public service and leadership; your wise counsel is appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Paula Bacon
    Former Mayor, Kaufman, TX
    972 782 2774


  7. Bravo Suzanne and all the horse warriors that have made this happen. We are so proud of your efforts. We as a huge group of horse warriors will continue to do work and be advocates for our beloved wild horses, burros and domestic horses across this nation. We will continue the fight to save every equine we can. A special thank you to all of you going the extra mile. I know we can do this. We have a lot of work to do in our states.
    To the Honorable Governor Lynch and all Honorable members in New Hampshire we are proud of you making a decision that protect our horses and burros, wild horses and domestic from the horrible abuse of slaughter. We must stop this horrible demise. WE AS HORSE WARRIORS SAY NO TO HORSE SLAUGHTER, FLORIDA I SAY NO TO HORSE SLAUGHTER, ALL OTHER STATES YOU NEED TO READ THIS TOO. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK EVERYONE. THANK YOU AGAIN SUZANNE. WE HAVE HOPE FOR OUR EQUINES, WE HAVE VISION FOR THEM. GIVE THEM A VOICE AND A LIFE. ALL HORSES WILD AND DOMESTIC, AND OUR BURROS ARE BEAUTIFUL, PROTECT THEM ALWAYS.


  8. We have United Horsemen to thank! Imagine my surprise when I clicked onto their website, as I do several times a week – just to see what they’re up to, and saw my very own state in the headlines of a very disturbing post. Well, I have no idea how this bill slipped by, but we went immediately to work to fix it. Two short (and very LONG) weeks later, and we’re in a great position to unite the lawmakers of New Hampshire, the Dept. of Agriculture, Markets and Food as well as the NH Farm Bureau to correct HB339.

    When I first spoke with Rep. Laurie Harding, the prime sponsor of this bill, she truly had no idea of the filth that would soon be unleashed upon our state if equines were included in this legislation. It’s a good bill with some very ugly language. The state has been cooperative and responsive. We will continue to inform and educate the legislature and citizens in the hopes of creating the language of a new state managed meat inspection bill, and seeing that it becomes law, in order to protect our equines while allowing the farmers to have what they need to operate and advance into the “localvore” marketplace.

    It’s a long way from said and done, but I’m confident that we’ll get it!! Sorry Sue Wallis, no dumping ground for the Doink’s culls in New Hampshire!! Nice try though… Many thanks go out to the NH House of Representatives, Julie C. of Animals Angels, Laura Allen of Animal Law Coalition, Paula Bacon, HSUS, and the NH SPCA along with the NH rescue and equine community and all the good citizens who can see horse slaughter for the disgusting and horrific industry that it is and SAY NO HORSE SLAUGHTER IN NEW HAMPSHIRE!! It takes a village, I just called the village out!! Thanks RT for helping to spread the word. Our facebook page is!/pages/New-Hampshire-Against-Horse-Slaughter/209561675731518 If you’d like to keep informed on our progress, that’s the place to do it! We can ALL do this, one state at time until it’s eradicated once and for all!! Thanks again. 🙂


  9. NH advocates on behalf of horses and all other equines have WON the first great step in protecting NH horses/equines and abroad from the cruel horrors of horse slaughter.
    I first became aware of HB 339 because of a phone call from a reporter from Lexington CT, just days before the Kentucky Derby wanting to know what I thought of the passing of HB 339, I went to work to find out more about this bill and responded; “It’s outrageous and will be fought and beat because NH is a great state and does not want such cruel and criminal activities in our great state”.
    Not only is the horse been mans great friend and companion, so its like shooting your best friend in the back, but the meat is most generally poisonous from drugs such as bute, wormers along with the many vaccines administered to equines.

    Equines/horses are in a category of their own as they remain animals of Agriculture and the great symbol of what has made our country what it is today, but also is a best friend and companion to many and a work animal along with being involved in many great sports from the US Olympics to Equine Therapy. In the saddle or on the ground, horses are the most spiritual of all animals and must be protected from the cruel hands of slaughter.

    It must be realized that it is not the lack of slaughter but is the challenging economic times that have attributed to many unhomed horses and other animals.
    We can fix this with responsible breeding and horse ownership and by supporting our local horse rescues and sanctuaries..Everyone can make a difference, to find out more please go to the Live and Let Live Farm Rescue website at and read ” A WHITE PAPER ON ELIMINATING EQUINE SLAUGHTER” by Allen Warren.

    If you have a neighbor who can’t care and feed for their highly loved horses and other animals, REACH OUT, find out what you can do to help, many are in challenging and financial distress..lets keep these animals from the horror of auctions with chances of being bought by slaughter house dealers.

    Together WE CAN ALL make a difference in the lives of our loved equine friends.
    Thank you Rep. Laurie Harding for understanding and working to fix this mistake and all the other equine advocates that joined me at the legislature building on May 19, 2011 in support of all our equine friends and companions.
    Teresa Paradis, Executive Director/Founder Live and Let Live Farm Rescue.


  10. Theresa, well said. I couldn’t have said it better. Thanks for your work and all who struggle each day to fight those humans that don’t see the value our four legged horses do and have done for us for so long. If anyone sees a neighbor having a hard time to feed their horse, dog, or cat, or whatever, and they can help, please do so. We want to stop all people bringing their horses to auctions and their dogs and cats to animal care. These animals need help and new homes. Let’s all work to keep them in loving homes, by helping keep them where they are until new homes can be found. We need to disgrace all killer buyers so everyone knows who they are and they are made to feel, they are the slime that they are. GOd Bless all who help to keep our horses alive from one day to the next, away from auctions, in sanctuaries, rescues, and sponsoring even in their old homes, until new ones can be found. God, I know, will reward all who help these beautiful animals. And, New Hampshire, make sure this bill excludes horses. Maybe, this will wake up all the states — oh, if only that will be.


  11. Thank you, & Amen!! I am among the many who pray that EACH & EVERY state in this country also follow the example set by the state of New Hampshire. It’s the only honorable & right thing to do!


  12. P.S. Someone needs to have a talk with my senator here in Missouri. I’ve written to him concerning horse slaughter, &, to my horror, he sees nothing wrong with it. As he sees it, it’s “more humane” than having the horses being abused, neglected, abandoned, or starved!!?? And, this same man, Sen. Roy Blunt, grew up on a family farm!! HELP!! How can he (or anyone else) actually think the act of horse slaughter is “humane”, much less, for consumption!!


  13. Valerie, don’t talk to him. Why bother? He’s clearly beastly and you won’t change his mind. Get all your like minded buddies together, beat the streets and campaign against him. Find someone with some morality and common sense to vote IN and get him OUT! The vote is up to us, we have got to get the right people in office. Ask the candidates how they feel, get it in writing and then get them onboard.

    Many of our local reps and senators are WAY more communicative and helpful than those in Congress. So, I think we’ve been going about this all wrong, expecting the feds to come in and save the day. We need to get the states on board. We only need 26 states to have more than half the nation. When that happens, perhaps the Feds will be compelled to respond, and more easily swayed. Sure, some states won’t get on the band wagon, but we don’t need them all… Get out and get involved in your local legislatures. It’s actually kind of fun! They’re just people, talk to them.

    It is unimaginable that with all the info. out there, people still connecting slaughter and adandonment and/or neglect. If the people doing this to their horses wanted their horses slaughtered, wouldn’t they get them to the auction? There’s a clue, there’s no link!


    • Thanks for the advice Suzanne! I do know my district’s state rep.( I really don’t know much about politics!) IS an animal lover, & has spoken out against puppy mills, plus, he’s very active in our community, & our school district! Maybe, he can help? I surely will NOT be voting for Sen. Blunt, that’s for sure, &, I WILL tell everyone I know that cares about animals not to vote for him either.


  14. Horses are for LOVING not for EATING!
    And it’s not like your talking drug free animals raised for food going to the starving. It’s horses raised for companionship or sport going to feed the rich and novelty seekers. I’m glad some states see the betrayal this is to a faithful servant.


  15. Suzanne – You have set a wonderful example of diligence and communication that all advocates can learn from. I appreciate your willingness to share with us your progress and your untiring connection and discussion with all us.


  16. Thanks Jan. I just had to get pissed off enough, seeing New Hampshire on Sue Wallis’s website did the trick! LOL It’s time to take our country back!! It’s easy and fun to get involved. You can do it from your computer and your phone these days, easy peasy. Just google your state plus government and all the information you need will be laid out before you. It’s truly amazing, everything we can find out, right there at our fingertips…


    • “It’s time to take our Country BACK!” How true Suzanne.

      I am tired of living under the thumb of a government that is running out control. I am full up to my eyeballs with special interests pulling all of the strings in society and I am ticked beyond compare with low life sickos being elected into office, garnering publicity and attempting to speak for the majority, it’s all a lie and it is time to dig our heels in. RAISE THE VOLUME!!! We have had enough!


  17. Just had to point out one huge flaw with this hoopalau… the corral gate is still open for their horses to be shipped to slaughter; so they mite just as well have them plants in their state.. Help clean some mud off us Canadian’s faces..”AS” we still see 50,000 of the USA’s horses shipped to us for the dirty deed of feeding cancerous meat to children of other countries..WOO HOOO !!! You stopped some of one issue; now get the rest of the story stopped and ended with an AMEN.. When it’s no longer allowed to ship any horse for slaughter from any state .. THEN I’ll join you’s in a big hurrray .. EH??


    • You are right, Jim…and we are trying. We just took a look at the horse slaughter statistics for last year and they are UP, not down. More information to follow.


  18. Jim,
    Little steps can lead to large ones. We not only want to stop horse transport into other states for the purpose of human consumption but also stop it into other countries. Baby steps can grow into larger steps taken.

    Its amazing what you don’t have to have if the animals are intended for human consumption. I was told they don’t even need a coggins to be transported for human consumption, so my question is, how do we know what horses may carry a disease that can be passed into humans intending to eat the horse meat? How do we know their trail of where they came from if they don’t need a coggins or vet inspection to be transported across the country for human consumption? And is their no mosquito’s on the way when transported for human consumption that could drink blood from an infected horse being trucked through our state, than as they pass on by the mosquito than lands on our own horses from whatever state they are passing through from? A reasonable and sensible person would think that there should be MORE tests if an animal is going for slaughter for human consumption, not less ??? This seems very out of context to me……


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