Day: May 21, 2011

Wild Horse & Burro Advocates Win One in Nevada

We can celebrate. Unexpected and confusing news here, but certainly welcome. The Senate Committee covered their tails politically from all directions with their decision, but the result was good. Senator Manendo wrote a letter of his own and had it read into the record. The basics of his letter stated that he is concerned about unintended consequences, conflicting testimonies and confusion. He suggested sending this on to the Public Lands Counsel or other appropriate interim committee. Sen. Rhodes spoke up saying that it belongs in Public Land Counsel. Manendo directed the Legal Counsel Bureau to investigate fully. He also directed the PLC to work with all sides – work together and come to an agreement. If that doesn’t work, they can bring it up again in the 2013 legislative session. The Committee voted to accept Manendo’s recommendation.

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