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Obama’s BLM Cruelty Continues at Wild Horse Massacre

Video/Story by Laura Leigh ~ VP of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM Contractor Destroying Wild Horse Families, AGAIN!

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  1. This contractor doesn’t have a clue as to how to move animals in a group. He has proved over and over again that he can’t keep a group of animals together.

    Or are his corals so small that he can’t bring in more than a few at a time?


  2. Isn’t John Sheppard (sp?) the head BLM guy for this roundup? It’s not just the chopper pilot….it’s who gives him his directives. If that is, ‘run ’em to death (or over a cliff..or down an arroyo…) – that’s what he does. If it’s ‘forget about the little ones’….it’s what he does. What does John do when he’s not taking out his frustration on foals and wild horses? Is he a desk jockey? Does he oversee, PV? Is he a cattle rancher? Did he lose his ranch?


  3. they couldn’t just leave the baby out there? WTF, they just have to get all they can @$500 a horse don’t they! I’m sure the baby would find it’s mom, or the mom would have found the baby. Sick.


  4. Sick,evil,stupid,and unnecessary.How can anyone work for the BLM they belong to a club Bastards loving massacre!!!
    What do people have to do to get the courts to stop this senseless torture of innocent non aggressive animlas


  5. Dr Grandin always insisted that it was important to deduct funds from suppliers and shippers of livestock if livestock were mishandled, injured and/or died. Gotta hit their pocketbooks and they will be more careful. It would appear that in these contracts for our wild equines, no such incentive exists; which supports the argument that they are there to exterminate…not manage or care for our wild equines.


    • Maybe a FINE of $500 per horse death OR injury? The sad and fearful side of imposing penalties is… they would just try (even) harder to hide the deaths.


      • Not if they are working on removal numbers as their only part of their contract incentive. I suggest that DOI/USDA pays for dead equines regardless….therein lies the problem of poor roundup techniques and high injury and mortality rates…they get paid regardless. Let’s not even begin to discuss LTH disease, disappearances and deaths.


  6. God the BLM are real cruel bastards – we can see in England (United Kingdom) what is going on – when we have enough money we will help sue them/Salazar/Abbey for corruption or whatever it is that keeps them doing these round-ups.


    • Yes Caroline I’m watching from the UK also. I wish I could do more but it’s impossible but I sure would if I lived in US. These roundups are sickeningly cruel and it’s hard to watch but these innocent horses are having to go through it and my heart bleeds for them. It is very sad what is happening.


  7. This is a disgusting situation leaving behind a baby. Can we do anything to follow these creepy bast__ds and roundup the babies? Someone with monies that love horses could help with this endeavor I’m sure. Since I work I couldn’t help during the week, but I would love to do what I could to ensure the babies survive. I work at a sanctuary and I’m sure she would consider to take care of them if funds to keep them feed would be able to be found. I know I would be out there every weekend to help. Any suggestions for us to complete this life saving situation.


  8. Can I chase that pilot like he’s doing to that baby? Without fear of being arrested? What a cow’s rear end he is!


  9. They get paid for the horses they deliver and the horses they KILL!!!

    Being nice and respectful is not going to STOP the BLM.


  10. Checked the archives….is this the pilot?

    Mar 07, 2011 @ 11:57:35

    Thanks to Debbie Coffey’s investigative research
    this was the helicopter pilot:

    Josh Hellyer listed as a Sky Aviation pilot

    Josh Hellyer hauled equipment for the BLM in June, 2010 at Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range


  11. My representative’s office empathized with the role advocates must play…what a battle we have. She said that you just have to keep throwing it (information) out there until you finally find a place it will stick.

    Laura said FBI in a couple of places, so I sent in several reports last week. I did not get the response I had hoped for, but I do find it oddly comforting that they were involved in this so called sting. The law allows for either the Secretaries of Interior or Agriculture to call for the assistance of the FBI, which is a PR scam (see how cynical the BLM’s duplicity has made us) to make it appear as if the BLM is actually doing something to protect horses—probably all geldings or PZP’d mares.


  12. So, who is in charge of the feed and water? Does BLM just turn the whole thing over to the contractors? What do they do….just stand and watch? The District Manager…the Field Manager…WHAT DO THEY DO at those round-ups? Does anyone have any control over that pilot?


  13. My representative serves on the House Committee for Science, Technology, and Space. One of the subcommittees provides oversight of governmental fraud, waste, and abuse relating to science. They seem to be doing some serious work here…including investigating the altered Peer Reviewed Deep Water Moratorium report that involved Secretary Salazar and one of O’bama’s czars.

    They have been working on other Big Deal items. I think it would be worth our while to send them our concerns about the BLM’s failure to follow principles of scientific integrity and anything else related to best management practices of land management, wild horse and burro welfare, equine welfare. My representative told me that wherever possible to cite the codes, so they can be more easily found by others.


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