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Toxic Irish Horse Meat Ending Up In European Restaurants

Update from the Belfast Telegraph

Poison Horse Meat Enters EU Food Supply

The meat of unwanted pet ponies and even former racehorses is being sent from Ireland to end up in restaurants across Europe despite being unfit for human consumption.

It has been claimed that every week, up to 1,000 old, sick and crippled horses are ending up on the plates of diners in France and Italy despite much of the meat being toxic to humans.

Animal investigators have said criminal gangs, who advertise on the internet for unwanted horses, are shipping the Irish horsemeat across the channel making millions out of the dangerous operation.

“None of these animals is fit for human consumption,” a source told the Daily Mirror. “Most of them have been medicated with phenylbutazone for pain and inflammation and their flesh is effectively toxic.

“This drug has been found to cause leukemia in children.”

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  1. The Photo above sure sends chills up my spine, and makes me want to barf, this sickening that anyone would do this to a precious horse , especially a crippled or old horse, euthanasia should be used in these cases, for a life of giving and service ….. it saddens me to think that anyone would end a horses life in this manner, what have some of us become ??????


    • So very sad, sick, disgusting & gross!! That picture made me want to barf as well! What I would really like to know is since horses are highly toxic, & full of illegal, poisonous drugs, & unfit for consumption, why aren’t these people getting arrested?, why isn’t selling horse “meat” illegal? Just don’t get it! It’s no different than someone being arrested & charged with pre-meditated murder!! It’s not just for those countries in Europe, but it should also apply to ANY horse, anywhere, North America, The United States, Canada, Mexico, Asia, period! Regardless of anyone’s reasons or excuses, how can this go on? We can’t sell tainted meat from any other animal for human consumption, at least “not knowingly”, so why are horses even being killed for food?? I hope all people involved in this disgusting “business” either die a slow, painful death, or, get trampled to death by one of their equine victims! And, what about the consumers, the ones eating horses? Are they really that stupid, they really don’t know what they’re eating, putting into their bodies, or into their families?? That it can eventually kill them?


  2. This just goes to show how wide spread the greed is. Horse slaughter no longer is a country thing. It goes far beyond our states issue. It is disgusting to look at these horses and to think that they could possibly been someone’s close companion. Rt, thank you for bringing this information to us because we can forward it to those who are in a position to make changes in our country. How could anyone sleep at night thinking that they could be contributing to a cancer causing agent for some child or person. Just unreal…and the fight goes on until we at least in the United States stop the practice of horse slaughter for humane consumption and the transportation of our horses and other equines to other countries.


  3. no words…just unfathomable sadness, have we slipped this far back into depravity that this is what has become of what is supposed to be a conscious race of beings? What happened to being ” educated ,thoughtful and compassionate ” ? We’ve seemed to be loosing that.
    I would like to remind those of us who haven’t let ourselves be swayed to remember that WE are the STEWARDS of the creatures on this planet…not the executioners and that the fight is still warring over the injustices that men commit on all fronts….. to keep fighting and to keep doing all that we can as individuals and to come together as one force to be heard and seen as much as possible on every platform that’s available to STOP this travesty in its tracks!


  4. One of my many questions about this abhorent practice is why on this earth would anyone want to eat an old sick animal??? What other meat animal do humans consume that is slaughtered when it is old (except dairy cows who become burger meat when they are used up and useless for producing milk) There is so much wrong on every level with this issue 😦 These people who eat horses deserve what they get.


  5. I have been to Italy, I hope I did not cosume any horse meat? Is it called something else on the menu? Geez what is wrong with people! Horses are NOT food animals…


  6. Well whoever eats it, gets what they deserve. Pathetic race we have become when all that matters is money. We have too much of everything already, we don’t need horse meat. We don’t need a lot of things including the choice of food we have. People and animals are starving to death in parts of the world and we have too much.


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