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No Progress on Horse Slaughter Plant in Rockville, MO

By DONALD BRADLEY of the Kansas City Star

Slaughterhouse $ue Caught in Plethora of Lies and Misinformation

Slaughterhouse $ue Wallis

Sue Wallis can’t stand the thought of hundreds of pounds of good horse meat rotting in the sun.

She loves horses. Somebody ought to be eating that meat so their lives are not wasted, she said last week.

Wallis, 53, grew up on a ranch in Wyoming, writes poetry about riding across the prairie and now is the country’s leading voice for a return to slaughtering horses for meat production.

Closing the plants, which Congress did in 2006, led to horses being abandoned and left to die in a ditch, she and other slaughter supporters say. It also knocked the bottom out of the horse market, they add.

A Wyoming state legislator, Wallis tried unsuccessfully to get processing plants going in her home state. Now she’s decided that the southern Midwest, specifically Missouri, would be the ideal place to return horse slaughter to America.

Wallis has announced plans to open slaughter plants in several cities, including Rockville, Mo., about a hundred miles south of Kansas City. A news release she put out in June said a former beef processing plant there was in the process of being retrofitted for horses.

That was not true. No work had been done and still hasn’t. Wallis’ company, Unified Equine, had not even acquired the building and again, still hasn’t.

Wallis’ critics, of whom there are many, say Rockville is typical of the woman they call “Slaughterhouse Sue.” They say she spreads misinformation; that she’s a regular Harold Hill when it comes to telling folks how horse slaughter is good for horses, good for horse owners and good for towns that allow it.

Wallis has since announced plans to open a slaughter plant in Oklahoma.

“She goes around to all these places with the promise of jobs and people get all excited and nothing ever comes of it,” said Pat Fazio, who works to protect wild horses in Wyoming and has clashed with Wallis over the years.

Which is fine with slaughter opponents. They say Wallis and her allies have done their best to make the most out of a 2011 Government Accountability Office report that concluded that closing the slaughter plants not only hurt horses but also damaged the horse industry by taking the bedrock out of the market: Slaughter at least provided a salvage rate.

Shortly after the GAO report came out, Congress restored funding for plant inspections by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri was one of three members of Congress to push for the reversal.

But anti-slaughter activists say the report overlooked that increased abandonments and falling horse prices coincided with the Great Recession. Owners and would-be owners lost jobs, farms and homes. Prices for hay and feed tripled. Fuel costs rose.

“What’s happened to the horse market had everything to do with a down economy and nothing to do with closing the slaughterhouses,” said Shelly Dunn, a Kansas City horse owner and slaughter opponent.

John Holland, president of the Virginia-based Equine Welfare Alliance, adds that recreational horse owners typically didn’t use slaughter anyway because the animals were too old. Slaughter horses tend to be about 5 years old.

“They (Wallis and other slaughter advocates) like to pretend this is about Ma and Pa Kettle and an old mare, but this really is about the performance horse industry looking to make money off horses they don’t need anymore,” Holland said.

Wallis doesn’t hide her disdain for animal-welfare activists.

“No, I don’t like them,” she said. “They put animals on the same plane as mentally challenged children. It’s completely unnatural. And they’re out to destroy animal agriculture.”………….


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  1. What can anyone say about her? WTF is congress waiting for? I asked Bernie Sanders why bills such as the Anti-slaughter bills in the house and senate seemed to go nowhere fast. He said it is because there is so much money being thrown around. Pro-slaughter lobbyists troll the halls of the senate and house spreading money and lies. Seems if you are not on a donor list, few politicians will even talk to you about issues. Time to change that attitude.


  2. “That sent her on a mission to get horse slaughter back up and running. Doing so, in her thinking, would set a minimum price for a horse.”

    Too bad she’s wrong. That poor old mare of her grandfather’s went for slaughter. He deserved to lose money.

    “Disrupt the food chain, and all hell breaks loose,” she wrote. “The wise man was right; the difference between civilization and savagery is about three days. When available food in cities can be measured in days and not weeks, what happens when food doesn’t arrive?

    “We see it around the world already. Riots erupt. People panic, and people die. Some die of territorial violence. More die of slow starvation. Either way it is brutal.

    “This is my nightmare.”

    HUH??? She’s delusional. If her nightmare scenario happens in this country, it will have absolutely NOTHING to do with horse slaughter. She doesn’t want horse slaughter for the good of this nation, nor to feed needy, starving people. If we slaughtered every horse in this country it wouldn’t solve our problems, or the problems of the world. It would only line her pockets (she hopes) and the pockets of the lobbyists who are paying her.

    The truth needs to be told everywhere her name is mentioned: She is a PAID advocate for foreign horse slaughter interests. She is a LIAR.

    I will continue to believe she is part of an unholy alliance who won’t discuss the health aspects of eating companion/performance animals, and don’t see the end in sight when the EU requires passports next year. Is she stupid? Or is she lying?


    • EXCELLENT POINTS (especially your first point) and I was thinking the very same thing.

      Looks like SS needs a jackhammer approach to basic economics, or maybe even a CBG?

      What a twit she is…..dumber than a box of rocks that unfortunately has a ton of money behind her.

      Every time she opens her mouth (to let the flies out) and speaks, she just gets more stupid. This is what happens when a person doesn’t have an ethical bone in their body and a moral leg to stand on.


  3. $4 what last time I saw that it was $14 and they had slaughter at that time so what a blatant lie!

    Rockville could be in the courts for years and hope so. There was no jobs, she wants the biggest killer house she can get her greedy rancher hands on I think she used them to get her cloven hoof in the door.

    These people would sell their dead grandmother’s if they could create a market for it.

    Slaughter takes away the responsibility of the owner period, if you can’t barter with someone who can shoot and bury your horse fork over the money by selling something of value period.

    Let em have it Shelly!


  4. I see she got her compassion from her father! What did she ride across the prairie in her poetry? A horse eating t-rex? Animals and mentally challenged children? What the hay? I definitely question her sanity.


  5. She’s also been in hiding since the news on the Rockville plant broke other than to `post from her phone’ that it was all lies and they were full steam ahead. They can’t even afford to refund the Summit of the Horse fees, how the hell are they going to afford to get any plant up and running, let alone buy horses to torture?


  6. Let her keep talking….its so obvious that her material is way out of wack, The sad thing about this is that there are hose people out there that don’t bother to get the facts right. What an idiot!
    Sorry, it was 8 years of a bad economy that put us where we are at – NOT the Lack of Horse Slaughter Plants! Thank God, we persevered in Illinois to get Cavel closed and keep it closed!
    I’ve always been told what goes around comes around so at some point her’s is coming..Who in
    the heck elected her any way? They must have been pretty hard up for someone to run…I certainly hope in this next election cycle she has a challenger.


  7. It is becoming more and more apparent to the people there, I think because it is pretty rural there that would be the reason, but I am sure the people there are now informed to what kind of garbage they elected, her rein of terror reaching the end !!!!!


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