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Horse Slaughter Hauler May Be Open Under New Name

Courtesy of WSMV-TV of Nashville, TN

Kill Buyer “Lil Tex” may be attempting to subvert the law, AGAIN!

Three Angel’s Farm June Horse Slaughter Truck Wreck

A Lebanon company that was shut down last month after two accidents involving trailers loaded with horses appears to be up and running again under a new name and in a new location.

A nonprofit group that opposed horse slaughter took a series of pictures on July 21 in Fort Worth, TX. The pictures show a truck loaded with horses, presumably headed to a slaughterhouse in Mexico.

The truck still had markings showing it was from Lebanon, TN, and the door of the truck is marked “Lil Tex,” which is the nickname of the owner of Three Angels Farm, Dorian Ayache.

Three Angels Farms was ordered to cease operations on June 29 after federal investigators documented safety problems with the trucks and trailers. Investigators also said the drivers consistently drove more hours than they were legally allowed to. A January 2012 crash involved a driver who said he fell asleep at the wheel.

The truck photographed in Texas has a DOT number that is listed as belonging to Terri’s Farms in Murfreesboro. The legal owner is Theresa C. Vincent.

Channel 4 paid a visit to Terri’s farm in Murfreesboro; an employee asked us to leave and said Theresa Vincent wasn’t there. We never got a return call, after contacting her several times.

Vincent also runs a business known as “Terri’s Lookout Meadow Farm.” The farm had at least 20 horses. Her website indicates she raises and breeds Appaloosa horses.

When a trucking company has a bad record and reopens under a new name, federal authorities call that a “chameleon” carrier. Ayache has admitted before to opening a new company under a new DOT number. He told federal investigators after his January horse trailer wreck that he opened a company using his brother’s name because his own record was so bad.

The name on the truck photographed in Texas is spelled “Teri’s Farms,” although she spells her name with two R’s elsewhere.

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  1. This is an example of the “shell game” that hucksters used to play. Now you see it – now you don’t. The BLM plays this too.


  2. Another sad story affecting our poor horses. How do these people keep getting away with all of this….all they need to do is just file under another name and they’re back in business again??!! What kind of laws do we have anyway? He shouldn’t be allowed to haul anything!


  3. When there’s a sneaky snake around, it’s hard to find them or figure out what they are up to.
    Bet this “new” company is not the last we’ll read about the tradgedies caused by these “ladies”.


  4. I have no personal knowledge or verification if this linked list is accurate – just something I ran across in my reading. I do know that there are also “middle-men” (and women) that are just as guilty or more so who help the kill-buyers aquire the horses and burros to be hauled off to hell. Many of you readers know the names of some of THOSE people…

    Click to access killbuyers.pdf


  5. It never ends! PEOPLE DON’T GIVE UP AND ALWAYS FIND AWAY OF GETTING AROUND THINGS! it is disgusting and i hope it can be stopped!


  6. Call the DOT and tell them these facts. Let this government branch do it job. Nag them repeatedly until they do.


  7. When is enough enough. How many names and sneaky behind the back ways of getting lousy dirty deeds done is going to be enough. I wish we could line up and slaughter these people. Smile at them and say…well there is just too too many of you . Can’t afford you. Too many kids…hmph. Too many problems of where you………………what the hell. Lets rid of your butts and slaughter the hell out of you. I mean, wouldn’t those people trying to pass this be happy. TO have the nice thing of Slaughter happen to them. I am so damn disgusted in these pieces of ruthless uncaring garbage in positions doing horrid things to animals. I just cannot understand at all………….how they continue to slide through the cracks and do their crap. Their dirty rotten stinking crap to the dear defenseless loving good horses. Seems like they are just in the way by being here by GOD. These killers must be………………….STOPPED> This is UNACCEPTABLE.


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