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11 Year Old on a Mission to Save America’s Wild Horses

Information courtesy of Protect

Robin Warren leads youth campaign for Protect Mustangs

“It is always a pleasure to post something positive and uplifting on “Feel Good Sundays” and this week we most assuredly missed that boat.  But we thought we could sneak in a few good vibes, while you slept, so that you could get a jump start to your back to work Monday.  “Feel Good Sundays” is always a great place to highlight our youthful advocates like Declan Gregg, Chey Little and many others but today it is our pleasure to introduce yet another hope for a brighter future, young Robin Warren.  Many thanks to Anne Novak for forwarding this information to us.  Keep the faith.”  ~ R.T.


Wild Mustang Robin Warren at recent rally ~ photo by Cat Kindsfather

SAN FRANCISCO–Since joining Protect Mustangs in June as their new youth campaign director, Robin Warren, age 11, has met with a Nevada State Senator, documented wild horses on the range, was a featured speaker at the Stop the Roundups rally in California’s capitol and gave oral comments at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) helicopter hearing also in the golden state. At the hearing, Warren presented the BLM representative with her Petition to Save Wild Mustangs asking the BLM to stop helicopter roundups.

“It’s not fair that the Bureau of Land Management has an exemption to the law that protects wild horses and burros,” states Robin Warren, youth campaign director for Protect Mustangs. “We want cruel helicopter roundups to stop and we want to make sure they always have access to clean water.”

The petition reads:

“We, the undersigned, do respectfully request that the Bureau of Land Management adhere to the same rules and regulations as the general public in regards to the humane treatment of wild horses and burros. We find it unreasonable that the Secretary of the Interior, the Bureau of Land Management, or any person or organization, is found to be exempt from our collective responsibility as humans to treat animals humanely. We further find it unreasonable that the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture are permitted to define “humane” as it pertains to their own areas of command. We respectfully request that the Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 be restored to its original intent, that no person or organization would be permitted to capture wild horses and burros by means of motorized vehicles, or by polluting or closing off watering holes, as these methods have been proven inhumane.”

Warren started the petition 3 years ago under her pen name Wild MustangRobin–to stop the wild horse roundups. She was inspired to co-author the petition after reading “Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West” by Marguerite Henry.

She has been active in her hometown, Las Vegas, and over the internet to get signatures. After posting the petition online at she received signatures from 50 States, DC, Puerto Rico & and more than 30 countries.

At last week’s helicopter use hearing in Sacramento, Warren presented 2770 signatures from her petition to Amy Dumas, the BLM representative.

“Kids don’t want to see wild horses in zoos,” states Warren. “We want to observe them roaming on the open range with their families.”

Warren’s speech at the BLM helicopter use hearing received a standing ovation from the audience.

”Robin speaks for the youth of America and touches people’s hearts across the nation,” says Anne Novak, executive director for Protect Mustangs. “She wants the wild horses to be protected–not harassed and torn from their families forever.”

Copy of Robin’s speech to BLM delivered as a letter at the hearing:

Robin Warren

Director of the Youth Program Protect Mustangs P.O. Box 5661 Berkley, CA 94705

Mike Pool
Acting Director of the Bureau of Land Management
1849 C Street NW, Rm. 5665
Washington DC 20240

James G. Kenna & Amy Dumas
BLM Wild Horse and Burro State Director, and Program
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W1834

Sacramento, CA 95825

July 10th, 2012

Re: Helicopter Roundups

Dear Messrs. Mike Pool and James Kenna and Ms. Amy Dumas;

Hi I am Wild Mustang Robin, Director of the Youth Campaign at Protect Mustangs; I came here today to talk about the mustangs.  I am happy see there are many people here who could come today to say no to the roundups.  First of all I would like to say the roundups are inhumane.  There is a law made by Wild Horse Annie saying you cannot use motorized vehicles to round up the wild horses.  If I – or even the President – was to round them up I would get arrested.  Now there is one interesting thing: the BLM gets an exemption even though it is a law not to use motorized vehicles.

Helicopters are like monsters to the mustangs; children do not want America’s animals to be scared or hurt in anyway. This makes kids feel unsafe because they don’t want to have monsters in their life and children are like animals (they don’t have a voice really). The helicopters are so scary that the mustangs remember the noise for the rest of their lives.  I went to the BLM holding facility in Sparks, NV and when we were walking a slow pace the horses got scared and ran away. They were scared of people walking – how do you think they feel about helicopters?

Another reason the roundups are inhumane is because they separate the families apart – the foals from the mothers and the mothers from the fathers. They might spend the rest of their lives behind gates and never see each other again.  Their ability to have families is a gift because many creatures have to let their babies live on their own after a few weeks of them taking care of them.  I know how it feels because I lost my whole family. I have found a new home and happiness but the mustangs may never get to be in a herd again – and they long for family. It is not humane to separate families from each other.  How would you feel if you lost your family?

A much more humane idea is to keep the family bands whole and send them all together to sanctuaries. It is an idea that would save money and make money as a tourist attraction – a business like a hotel near where the mustangs and burros live. This is a great idea and it can cost less than feeding, watering, and taking care of them when they can take care of themselves.  It could make money for all the states where mustangs still live – both yours and mine.

The mustangs and burros deserve to be treated right.  I know that and a numerous amount of others do too.  Many people care about the wild horses and burros and do not want any of them rounded up or eaten. There are the big names you know, that spoke before me, and then there are the “little names” you don’t know yet, like mine. I represent the voices of many children.

Please do not use helicopters or motorized vehicles for roundups or management. Please reconsider your roundup plans and let them live in freedom.


Wild Mustang Robin (Robin Warren)

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  1. Listening to, and talking to Robin is truly an experience. She has such a clear understanding of what is going on and presentation showed every aspect of that. Robin has super clear career ahead of her in anything that she chooses to pursue.

    And if you knew her own story you would be that much more inspired. I choose not to say anything here. I leave that to her to tell if she so chooses.


  2. What a beautiful, pure-of-heart, touching speech by Wild Mustang Robin!!!

    I’m sure Wild Horse Annie and Marguerite Henry would be thrilled to hear her and know she is following in their mustang-and-burro-loving footsteps.

    I have that beautiful book, “Mustang, Wild Spirit of the West,” on my shelf two steps away, lined up next to “Brighty of the Grand Canyon” and all of Henry’s other treasured horse tales.

    Bless you, Robin Warren. You and Declan and Chey are my heroes — and the horses’ heroes, and among all humanity’s heroes. 🙂


  3. Good for you, Robin!!! Continue your efforts, reaching out to all officials!!! A concentrated effort to return Cloud’s “removed Herd members,” to their home range, is a worthy cause!!!


  4. I appreciate the effort here, but I still don’t understand why people bother to plead with the USDA or DOI/BLM.

    I understand sending courtesy copies of outrage and/or concern to them, and definitely agree sending comments during comment periods prior to removal and fallacious EAs, etc…..but the letters need to go to your rep in Congress, the members of these appropriations committees that fund these murderers and the President with the final paragraph clearly stating that these are rogue agencies, you want them unfunded (except care and feeding of LTH equines) until this mess is cleaned up and corrected (including leases with a shorter lease period [5 year max and everyone here knows they are increasing to 20 years, right?])….until then, NO ROUNDUPS.


  5. “So shines a good deed in a weary world”. … Willy Wonka.
    Our young people are our future and the future of our Wild Ones so learning about Robin is an inspiration for us all. Thank you to Robin and her family.


  6. Very impressive and what makes it so wonderful is her love and devotion for these magnificent animals, along with her clear sense of the whole situation. Thank you Robin…much is said, when it comes from the heart! (-: Never give up honey, for what you believe in.


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