NJ Governor Christie: Eat No Horse Meat

story by of Global Animal

State wants NOTHING to do with Horse Slaughter

NOT in New Jersey!!!

NEW JERSEY — Governor Christie of New Jersey thanked Assemblyman Ronald Dancer and animal advocates for proposing the bill that makes horse slaughter illegal. After the proposal was favored 72-3 in the state assembly, Christie signed the bill on Friday, September 21 which disallows the slaughter of horses within the state of New Jersey and prohibits the use of New Jersey highways for the transport of horses intended for slaughter or human consumption. 

The horse is New Jersey’s state animal and according to Dancer, the state “appreciate(s) these magnificent animals for their grace and beauty.” Dancer expresses on behalf of the state that their horses “will not be taken from stable to a table.”

Under the new law, anyone convicted of horse slaughter will receive a fine of $100 and be imprisoned for 30 days. A civil fine of $500-$1000 per slaughtered horse will also be imposed.

Animal activists countrywide are hoping the next step is to pass the American Horse Slaughter Act of 2011. Although no horses are currently slaughtered in the states, over 100,000 are exported to neighboring countries for that purpose. The state of New Mexico recently applied for government approval to slaughter horses.

A poll conducted by Lake Research Partners revealed that 80% of Americans are against horse slaughter and the consumption of horse meat. Before horse slaughter becomes a United States’ pass time, animal welfare advocates need to band together to influence preventative measures for the safety of our country’s horses. Sign the petition below to help outlaw the slaughter of these regal creatures.

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6 comments on “NJ Governor Christie: Eat No Horse Meat

  1. Great News, RT!!! Finally, New Jersey has made a commonsense and ethical decision to protect it’s horses and those that may be transported through their state. It feels good to see justice shown for these magnificent and innocent creatures. Thank you to Governor Christie, Ronald Dancer and all those involved in making this possible. That’s what I call leading and doing right by the people’s wishes.


  2. I tried to get the Springsteens involved in the National effort . Maybe R.J. Would have more access to them and success . I think that it would be phenomenal if Bruce and his daughter Jennifer were on our side in the big picture.


  3. I hope that the rest of the States follow the New Jersey ruling. Thank you Governor Christie and Ronald Dancer and for all of the hardworking good people on your team to make this happen for the horses. The United States needs more Governors’ like Christie to follow the will of their people, and not corporate payoffs. Stand by what is right in God’s eyes.


  4. As far as I know the Governor of New Mexico said there will be no horse slaughter plants in her state, unless something has changed in the last few months. I know the guy running the cattle slaughter plant was thinking about it because of the cattle business drying up. He was shut down because inspectors found inhumane treatment to the cows going on there plus other trouble the owner was in financially.


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