BLM to Attack Antelope Valley Wild Horse Herd, AGAIN!

Unedited BLM Press Release (less headline and intro)

Called off Stampede early in Jan 11 due to lack of horses found, whats this!?!?

Infamous Antelope Valley Stampede of Jan/Feb 2011 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Ely, Nev. – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Elko District, Wells Field Office and Ely District, Schell Field Office are scheduled to begin on or about Monday, Oct. 1, the gather and removal of 200 excess wild horses from the Antelope and Antelope Valley Herd Management Areas (HMAs), located about 60 miles south of Wells and 50 miles north of Ely, Nevada. The helicopter gather is necessary to prevent a further decline in animal condition caused by minimal forage growth and reduced water availability due to severe drought conditions.

Appropriate Management Level (AML) for the Antelope HMA is 150-324 wild horses. The current population is 468 wild horses. AML for the Antelope Valley HMA is 115-259 wild horses. The current population is 641 wild horses.

BLM has been monitoring the condition of the wild horses due to the on-going drought conditions. Wild horses in the Antelope and Antelope Valley HMAs are in moderately thin to very thin body condition with further declines beyond the point of recovery anticipated if actions are not taken.

The affected parts of the HMAs are within the Boone Springs, Valley Mtn., Antelope Valley, West White Horse, White Horse, Sugarloaf, Ferber Flat, Utah Nevada South, Badlands, Goshute Mtn., Deep Creek and Chin Creek Allotments.

Wild horses removed from the range will be shipped either to Palomino Valley near Reno, Nevada, or the Gunnison Correctional Facility in Gunnison, Utah, to be prepared for the BLM wild horse adoption program or for long-term pastures.

The potential impacts of the actions that will be taken during the gather operations have been analyzed in the Antelope Complex Capture Plan and Environmental Assessment signed in December 2010.

The public is welcome to attend the gather and is encouraged to check the gather hotline nightly (775-289-1880) for departure times and other pertinent information. For additional gather information, including what you need to know before attending the gather and visitation protocols and ground rules, go to

For more information, contact Chris Hanefeld, BLM Ely District public affairs specialist, at (775) 289-1842 or

21 comments on “BLM to Attack Antelope Valley Wild Horse Herd, AGAIN!

  1. So I assume the comments submitted were ignored. And if they called off the roundup in January because of no horses being found and now they find a surplus of 800! And then the analysis of “potential” impacts was signed in December 2010. Is it possible there could be different “potential” impacts now in 2012? I wish there was more I could do besides plead for their freedom to a deaf ear.


    • Can you tell me when any of our comments made a difference? NEVER!!!! They just blow us, (the taxpaying public), off all the time. They don’t even care if any of the comments make sense. They have their agenda and they know how to get around the law. We have to figure out some way to get rid of the BLM. We can’t vote them out. But there has to be a way.


  2. The public is “welcome to attend the gather”??? Since when?
    Went to the site for “information”. And there was nothing regarding anyone attending the gather.
    So what else is new?
    Sounds like more of the same old thing.
    Seriously, how could this HMA suddenly balloon into 600 horses when a year & a half ago, they couldnt find any? Certainly other herds wouldnt move to this area if its as drought striken as they say, right?


  3. So, Where -EXACTLY, PRECISELY – Are these “population DATA” that have Counted 1,109 actual horses??? N0t “extrapolations” …. N0t “historical figures” … But rather = *living, breathing, Free-roaming HORSES*!
    ((doesn’t BLM have to publish such “data & methods”, too?))
    -and- WHAT is the explanation of HOW virtually 0000.00 HORSEs-to-be-Found, anywhere –» [and I’m certain “Greedy SUN-J” searched much Harder than *most.]. –» so # 00.0 equines, WHILST have nearly N0 food or water, (mind you) …..have somehow magically “REPLICATE” into # 1109* …..within Less than 17 months?!? *this is n0t* “having litters” — *this is CREATION !! (which is God’s job, last I heard?? …n0t even Sala-CZAR – be he “ever-so~mighty”)
    Presumably, BLM helicopters have managed to locate* a Few DABS of Horses -here & there- in 3-4 of REmotest sites –» then BLM has *extrapolated this # of horses/acre TO be covering the entirety of each HMA?!? /// if n0t, then WH0 is this talented & eagle-eyed PILOT & COUNTER –that documented these 1109 Horses?? And WHY isN’t he/she FLYING so competently* FOR the BLM stampedes?????


  4. You are allowed to attend and I urge everyone who can to do so. Look up this HMA and look for the What to Bring and where to meet info and you call and make a reservation. Then you meet them where they say, they talk to you about what they expect of you and you go.


  5. Maybe BLM stored a few horses there while they have been experiencing a “Holding Shortage”? How many times do people ask “Where were those horses taken?” after a roundup. How often do you get a straight answer?

    Because horses are not kept track of in any of the ways they can be, take your pick from tatoos to radio chips, we never know the bottom line. Too often horses have been hauled off in unidentified vehicles or there is no proof they reached the destination claimed because none of the horses are cataloged.

    Time to stop this very aggressive and illegal removal of protected and nationally recognized wild horses and burros. What do we need to do this? More than just lawsuits. We need legislation that no one seems to agree upon. So why have we not had a Legislative Conference yet? When do we all get beyond the armchair politics? So few of us have actually done anything visible. I know every phone call helps, every letter matters. These are not doing enough so we need to move beyond this point and show strength. Unless we don’t have any….

    Without independent census and study we have only the few locals and .orgs and the loosely associated advocates to make a difference. It is not enough.


    • Mar, that SAME thought also occurred to me! WHERE Are all those “removed Horses”?! As U said, N0 One knows*
      • And the “short-term Holding” facilities are SO crowded – no Advocate, or even BLM staff
      could possibly know IF *all horses are actually brought there!
      0r even “branded”?? (now that N0 humane-observers – truly get* to OBSERVE.)
      + “tours” are so Hurried & limited, when such occurs @ all
      ….it’s purely by Luck + repetition
      that even those “celebrity Horses” [usually due to Extremes of mishandling/ injury] can BE “checked-upon” …..
      • plus “funny-how-it-happens” that populations suddenly EXPLODE —
      -at precisely those most Controversial HMAs!, isn’t it? …..
      ((just doesn’t seem to occur* much at smaller, or less controversial, or publicly-CATALOGed Herds!!
      -Despite the “across the board” [untenable!] 20-25% reproduction rate!?)) ….
      HOw maNy of these poor magnificent Souls* are subjected — aGain & aGain — to the abhorrent CRUELTY of BLM stampedes & mishandling?!? {sobering & depressing thought, indeed 😦 ….}
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  6. Ely District Office
    BLM Projects
    • September 2012 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale Final Environmental Assessment
    • BLM Holds Commercial Pine Nut Sale
    • Pan Mine Project
    o Press Release
    • Bald Mountain Mine North and South Operations Area Project
    o Press Release
    NEPA Projects
    All new NEPA Projects are now a part of ePlanning!
    • Click here to visit the National NEPA Register, where you can find all new NEPA documentaion.
    Older NEPA Project documentation is still available!
    • Click here to view the NEPA Archives.

    Current Federal Register Notices
    FRN 2012-9089 Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Bald Mountain Mine North and South Operations Area Projects, White Pine County, NV.
    FRN 2012-9091 Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Pan Project, White Pine County, NV


    The BLM Nevada State Director established the Nevada Groundwater Projects Office to facilitate the preparation of environmental impact statements (EIS) for three rights-of-way applications. The applications are for the placement of surface facilities (wells, roads, pipelines, and power lines) to develop and transport water across public lands. The links below provide detailed information for each of the three projects.

    The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) submitted a right-of-way application to the BLM for construction and operation of a groundwater development project that would allow them to develop and transport water from Clark, Lincoln, and White Pine counties to Southern Nevada. The proposed project consists of approximately 306 miles of buried pipelines, five pumping stations, six regulating tanks, three pressure reducing stations, one buried storage reservoir, one water treatment facility, and approximately 323 miles of power lines with seven electrical substations. Construction is anticipated to take place between 2011 and 2022, depending on approvals and phasing.


  8. Isn’t Antelope Complex a part of Madeleine’s public lands? Why round up? I don’t want a title transfer happening or anything but why can’t they just simply COUNT the actual number of horses out there and consider that a part of Madeleine’s total number of horses? No gelding, no rounding up per se–but come spring train employees on darting methods for PZP to use on the mares…

    Sure seems to me that Madeleine and Co. would keep better records on which mare was darted when than BLM who will simply say oops.


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