Month: November 2012

Native Wild Horses & Burros Misclassified to Push for Massive Removals

Press Release from Protect Conservation group wants error fixed and wild horses used to combat desertification SAN FRANCISCO, Ca. (November 28, 2012)–Native wild horses have been erroneously classified as “feral” horses in the recent publication in the journal Environmental Management. The authors of the report call for wild horse removals […]

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By Katie Chen of Billings’ Shades of Jason Meduna; Horse Abuser James Leachman Faces the Facts BILLINGS – The first day of testimony has ended for a Billings-area rancher accused of abusing his horses. James Leachman is charged with multiple counts of animal abuse for five different horses […]

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The People’s Treasure

A Poem by Michael Leunig They’re privatising things we own together. They’re flogging off the people’s common ground. And though we’re still connected by the weather. They say that sharing things is now unsound. They’re lonelifying all the public spaces. They’re rationalising swags and billabongs. They’re awfulising nature’s lovely […]

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