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Wild Mustang Robin: “Merry Christmas Mr. President”

11 year-old “Wild Mustang Robin” presents a presidential proposal to save America’s wild horses

R.T. Fitch, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and Wild Mustang Robin at the second, annual International Equine Conference in Las Vegas, Sept. 2012 ~ photo by Terry Fitch

LAS VEGAS — (November 28, 2012) The BLM isn’t the only government organization putting wild horses in danger of slaughter. Today eight horses captured in Lyon County are in danger of being auctioned to people who can sell them to slaughter bringing the total to over 125 auctioned since July!

Thousands of people including 11 year old Robin Warren have petitioned the Governor Brian Sandoval, but the governor refers calls back to a Department of Agriculture representative.  The “livestock auction sale yard [will] not differentiate whether a person is a horse lover or a kill buyer that’s the unfortunate part of this,” department spokesperson Ed Foster said to a News 4 Reno broadcast.

Warren and her mother launched a petition on in October in response to a Pro Publica expose on Tom Davis purchasing wild horses in bulk. The petition asks the BLM to stop selling wild horses to people who can slaughter them.  Over 127,000 people have signed Warren’s petition.

Many people are unaware that states, like Nevada, where the largest population of wild horses live, have the power to circumvent the BLM adoption process.  With a simple newspaper announcement, Nevada sends horses captured by the Department of Agriculture to livestock auctioning.

Desperate to stop the sale of wild horses in her home state Robin has a great idea that will help save at least 2 horses – possible many more. In a video message Robin presents her proposal to the President to pardon two wild horses from slaughter for Christmas like he did for two turkeys on Thanksgiving.

Robin wants the roundups stopped. She doesn’t think it is fair that the BLM or the Department of Agriculture or any person or organization to have an exemption to the laws that protects wild horses.  Selling wild horses to slaughter is “very wrong and illegal in my mind – I may be young but I am still very smart,” says Warren.

A recent announcement by the BLM revealed that thousands of letters received from an animal advocacy group opposing a gather were counted as one group comment.  “Every person is an individual,” explains Robin, “and I want all of my supporters to be counted; the horses belong to all of us.”  Overwhelming public support for Robin’s mission to save the wild horses shows that Americans don’t want wild horses going to slaughter.

Wild Mustang Robin began the petition “Save Wild Horses from Slaughter” October of 2012. The petition asks for the roundups and sale of wild horses by the BLM be suspended until investigated by an independent third party. Robin has collected over 127,000 signatures.

If you would like more information on this topic, or to schedule an interview with Robin Warren, please contact Denise DeLucia at (702) 624‑5927 or

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Robin’s Video Message to the President

Robin’s video message to the Governor

Link to Robin’s petition to Save Wild Horses from Slaughter (on

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Announcement of auction:


AS PER N.R.S. 569.070 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the following described animal(s) have been taken up as an Estray Animal(s) VRE Horses #1946, #1947, #1948, #1949, #1950, #1951,#1952, and #1953. The Estray Horses were captured near Stage Coach, in Lyon County.

The described animals are being held at The Nevada Prison Ranch, 5500 Synder Ave., Carson City, Nv. The Estray Stallions 1 year and older will be gelded prior to sale…

AS PER N.R.S. 569.080, if an estray animal is not claimed within 5 working days after the last publication of the advertisement, as required before sale or placement, said animal (s) will be available for sale or placement by the Division of Livestock Identification on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, at the Nevada Livestock Market, Fallon, NV.

4780 East Idaho Street
Elko, Nevada 89801

Today’s Date: November 2, 2012.
To: Mason Valley News
Please Publish in the Legal Section, (Estray Animal)
Publish on: November 7, 2012.

4780 East Idaho Street
Elko, Nevada 89801

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  1. I am so happy that there are people all over the world who want to save the wild horses. I want to thank everyone for working hard and strong on such an important issue. Thank you (all of you) so much. Remember “One can make a difference, but everyone together can make a change.” – Wild Mustang Robin


  2. The wild horses going through the sale tonight are actually State horses, not BLM, so the BLM has nothing to do with this……I’m on my way to the sale yard right now to help bid on them and rescue them again……this is a whole nother racket geared toward eradicating ALL of the wild horses and we definetely need help with it…..


    • Thank you Laura for going to the sale, hopefully to be able to rescue these poor horses. Please let us know how you made out. Our horses, domestic or wild should not have to face the horror of slaughter. We are all going to pay a severe price, in the end, if we continue to allow the elimination of these majestic creatures, from our lands. This is so wrong and the powers to be know it.


  3. Thank you Robin…. I hope your plan works… the President ignores 52 year old California women….. I hope you have a better effect… “)


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