UK Burger King Drops Firm That Supplied Horse Meat

“This is a voluntary and precautionary measure…”

London Burger KingBurger King, one of the most popular fast-food chains in Britain, said on Thursday it had stopped using one of the firms caught up in the scandal of supplying grocers with beef that contained horse meat.

The British food industry has been rocked by the revelation last week that retailers including market leader Tesco and smaller chains Aldi, Lidl and Iceland had sold beef products that contained horse meat.

Food safety experts say the horse meat discovery has raised concerns about the food supply chain and the ability to trace meat ingredients.On its website, Burger King said it had decided to replace all Silvercrest products in Britain and Ireland with products from another approved Burger King supplier.

“This is a voluntary and precautionary measure,” Burger King, famed for its flame-grilled burgers, said. “We are working diligently to identify suppliers that can produce 100 percent pure Irish and British beef products that meet our high quality standards.”

The beef burger products from the grocers, which were revealed last week to have tested positive for horse DNA, were produced by Liffey Meats and Silvercrest Foods in Ireland and Dalepak Hambleton in Britain.

Tesco, Britain’s biggest retailer, immediately withdrew from sale all products from its supplier, Silvercrest, which is owned by ABP Food Group, saying it was working with authorities and the supplier to urgently understand how horse meat came to be in the product.

ABP Foods said at the time that the source of the contamination was a beef based product bought from two third-party suppliers outside of Ireland.

The discovery of horse meat could be both embarrassing and damaging for the retailers involved. The mass-selling Sun newspaper carried the Burger King announcement on its front page on Thursday with the headline “Shergar King”, in reference to a famous racehorse that was kidnapped and never seen again.

10 comments on “UK Burger King Drops Firm That Supplied Horse Meat

  1. Yes, good decision’, thanks Burger King,, ”; no Horse meat in my restaurants” by the way, the Veggi Burgers at Burger Kiing are so good, it makes me come back, taking friends with me. Again ‘thanks’.


  2. One day those who profit on the death and butchering of our horses will be stopped in their tracks.

    It will take many more revelations to the public that they have been lied to and their health intentionally placed in danger so a few may profit. There is no reason for commercial slaughter of equines, none that can’t easily be fixed by responsible management of ourselves as a member of this Earth.


  3. Hamburger is the most likely product to contain spinal or brain tissue related to brain diseases which always result in a horrible death. meat packing plants ship out boxes of “hamburger meat” which is leftover parts scraped from tables and floors and chunks of “trimmings”…if you ask grocery stores do you make your own hamburger? it is probably made from those boxes coming frm the meat plant


  4. Thank you Burger King for doing “the right thing”. But, now you need to make sure that any hamburger you receive from ANY SUPPLIER does not have slaughtered horse products in it. I, for one will never buy from a company that deals in horse meat. IF NOONE WILL BUY THIS HORRIBLE PRODUCT, MAYBE THE HORSE SLAUGHTER INDUSTRY WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS. How I wish this would happen. Our eqines are our icons and companions – not eating products. And to the horse slaughter operations and killer buyers SHAME ON YOU — YOU ARE NOT HUMAN YOUR ARE DISGUSTING PEOPLE THAT WILL GET WHAT IS COMING TO YOU IN THE END. And,I hope to see it as it is way past due.


  5. This has less to do with Birger King but how in bleep do we in the US tell if our hamburger has been contaminated with horse? We may not be allowed legally to slaughter horse but if it made it into the food chain in Europe how do we know it hasn’t here?

    Is there a home kit we can buy to ensure beef and not horse?


  6. I went across Nevada today (through the middle) and only saw 3 wild horses. I went to Burger King in Tonopah and ordered a Whopper meal. I thought about all of this and took out the patty. I couldn’t eat it, so I can imagine how the Europeans feel. What is this world coming too? It is pretty sad.


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