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Now 100% Horse Meat Found In UK Frozen “Beef” Lasagnas

Adam Taylor of the Business Insider

“There are concerns that the horse meat used in the lasagna contained the drug bute, which is a known human health risk.”

findus-beef-lasagna-with-horsemeatIn January, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) made a horrifying discovery — horse meat had been found in beef burgers that were then sold in supermarket chains in the UK and Ireland.

Since then the UK’s Food Safety Authority has admitted they had never tested beef for horse meat, and even Burger King were forced to admit that their Whoppers may have been contaminated with horse meat.

While the scandal has received a lot of attention, so far we’ve mostly been talking about contamination rather than full on “horseburgers” — though one burger from the British supermarket chain Tesco was found to contain 29% horsemeat.

But now we have a new problem — “horselasagna”.

The Daily Mail reports that a popular brand that sells frozen beef lasagnas in the UK has admitted their products may contain between “60 to 100 per cent” horsemeat.

According to the BBC, those percentages were found in 11 out of the 18 lasagnas tested.

It gets worse:

There are concerns that the horse meat used in the lasagna contained the drug bute, which is a known human health risk.

The company behind the lasagna, Findus, say the meat came from a French company, Comigel, at a plant in Metz. Comigel makes frozen beef foods for a variety of British supermarkets — the Mail reports that Tesco and Aldi have removed the products from their shelves.

There’s another twist. So far most investigations have pointed to a meat processing plant in Poland as the source of the horse meat, despite an official Polish denial.

The lasagna news may mean that Poland was a red herring — or it may show that illicit horsemeat is worryingly widespread.

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  1. I’m waiting fire the ball to drop. When is it going to surface here? Do ALL of the mustangs going into the prison come out of the prison alive and in one piece? Surrounded by horse slaughtering countries, who is to say that our good isn’t contaminated too? Can any of the authorities be trusted? Makes ya wonder doesn’t it?


  2. I hope no one gets sick, but I am SO EXCITED that this catastrophe could cut the market for horse meat in Europe so much so that the pipeline collapses..It does appear that our prayers are being answered – just in a way I never would have imagined. I hope the slaughterhouses have made huge investments just in time to have to shut down due to lack of a market for their evil products ….I’m gonna celebrate….and then get to work making it clear to those in DC that their nomination for Sec of Int is unsatisfactory to me and the tens of thousands who signed all those petitions…


  3. Criminals throughout the horse slaughter trade – start to finish. How many children will suffer from aplastic anemia and the parents will never know why?


    • You are SO right! There is nothing even resembling honesty in the international horse meat trade. Now, maybe people will LISTEN when we tell them what we have known for years. I certainly hope so. This is about as criminal as it gets!

      Horses are NOT food animals and bute is everywhere! How can people be so careless when children are the ones who will most likely suffer? I will NEVER understand such ruthlessness.


      • And let us not forget – it is not only Bute in horse meat, there is a list of many dozens of banned chemicals and drugs in virtually all US horse flesh from wormers to fly sprays to hoof treatments to antibiotics to bronco-dilators to steroids to diuretics to snake venom and worse. This is a horror for those consumers but it is also a great time to educate the world which will only help our efforts to ban slaughter. For those commenting on the multiple articles all over the web, it might be a good idea to share this list of just a very few of the OTHER potentially fatal contaminants in US horse meat and their adverse effects:

        *NSAID, phenylBUTE-azone – blood dyscrasias, including aplastic
        anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia, death, childhood leukemia, liver failure, cancers;
        *NSAID, Banamine – ulceration or bleeding from stomach, behavior (ataxia, incoordination, hysteria), kidneys, liver, and respiration(hyperventilation), muscle
        weakness, not fully investigated
        *Hormones/Anabolic steroids, several female & male hormones – hormonal issues, sex organ-feature changes, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility, hypertension, psychiatric problems (aggression, rage, psychosis), enlarged heart, elevated cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, liver disease, death, banned for animals intended for human consumption by FDA;
        *Anabolic Steroid, Winstrol – see above summary steroids/hormones
        *Anabolic Steroid Growth Hormone, Equipoise – see above summary steroids/hormones
        *DMSO – shown to cause brain degeneration in developing mouse brains, neurotoxicity in children’s brains, used as delivery agent in some medications but ingesting via horse flesh could overdose since it’s not quantifiable until too much consumed and effects set in;
        *Wormer, ivermectin – neurotoxicity to point of central nervous system depression, ataxia;
        *Wormer, Fenbendazole – toxicity associated with bone marrow suppression, intestinal crypt cell necrosis and distal villi sloughing. Abortions in domestic ruminants associated with concurrent use of anti-trematode therapeutic agents (i.e. use of another vet med)
        *Wormer, Pyrantel Pamoate – pinworm remedy used mainly for animals but also humans although NOT for pregnant women, animal reproduction studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in humans
        *Wormer, Pyrantel Tartrate – AKA Strongid daily dose wormer, also used for human pinworms, worsens liver disease, manufacturers recommend not for use while breastfeeding or while pregnant


  4. I am outraged yet again at this. This has to stop. This makes me wonder how reputable of a company Tesco is if this has happen yet again a second time. We cannot eat horsemeat for moral and health reasons. Bute causes causes cancer period. And it is just wrong to eat horses. It infuriates me and saddens me to no end that our beloved horses are being slaughtered. It is something that is near and dear to my heart, that I am quite passionate about, and that is quite a heavy burden on my heart. It was mentioned in some of the articles that the meat is sold at Aldis. We have Aldis over here and one here in Olean and I fear it it has gotten into our food supply as well. Just like with Burger King. We have a Burger King too. You never know with those fast food places, and so my fiancee and I have boycotted Burger King. It is really coming down to the fact that you cannot trust what is on the label these days.


  5. Bottom line is this….NOBODY can trust any product they consume to be contaminant free, if it was COMMERCIALLY made, in ANY country!!!

    The USDA and the FDA in the USA is not reliable or trustworthy. So there’s no doubt in my mind that the governing orgs of food in the other countries are not any better!

    This whole ordeal shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. This kind of crap has been happening for eons…..

    Now….all those animals who were brutally killed to make those specific products, their meat is being recalled, tested, and thrown away!!! MORE unnecessary deaths!

    Oh, but wait! They continue to brutally kill animals by the thousands because some MORON out there is on a power kick, and thinks everyone should eat what they believe is good for them. smh


    • Shelly, horses are NOT food animals, so the danger of contamination is astronomical compared to food animals which ARE regulated. They may not be perfect, but the are in comparison to horses.

      Not everyone can or even wants to be a Vegan. Humans have always been Omnivores and always will be. Your personal preferences are your own and you certainly have a right to them, but so do others. It would be SO much nicer if we stayed on topic – horse slaughter.


      • Suzanne:

        Unfortunately, equines used to be food animals…..some people haven’t moved on, especially since the current, accepted protocol of drugs we’ve been giving our equines since the 40’s and accelerated in the 70’s to present.

        And you are correct, this is about current HCHS. But an argument could be made about our current livestock system as to safety, quality and most importantly cruelty.

        I believe cattle, swine, poultry and sheep can be raised ethically and slaughtered humanely. I don’t believe Cargill would like my proposal….too slow for them.

        Equines can’t.


  6. I might also add that this is what everyone gets who buys pre-fab, pre-made frozen foods. The crap isn’t healthy for you, and they’ve just given you one more reason as to why!!! WHEN will the human species wake the hell up and realize life isn’t about convenience????


  7. Hey, good point. We should all take these articles into our Aldis and Burger Kings and tell them why we are not chosing to frequent their businesses. I’m sure calls will be made. We can use this tragedy to once again support the position of not slaughtering horses. But you are all right. How do
    we know what is in the meat people are eatting. Like I said before, get one disgrunted employee in the inspector line and there you go. It could go the other way too. Money goes along way to to make people look the other way. A friend of mine is from Italy where they consumed horse steaks. When Dan went to Italy on one of his last visits, they went to dinner and this was on the menu. He couldn’t believe it. When they wanted to order the steaks, he told them about the chemicals in the meat and how sick they could get from eatting the meat. It was a done deal and they spread the word. So who knows where horse meat could show up again…Ick, I haven’t any meat for so long and I surely don’t miss it. If anyone has any good veggy receipes let us know.


    • I wouldn’t doubt it could happen over here if it isn’t already happening. Lord knows we already have the makings for it.


      • Yes we do – the current administration changed the law to restore inspections in the US, would-be suppliers are clamoring for it, and Ag-gag laws are being proposed. Humans s*ck! I’m just appalled at this.


  8. Believing that “meat men” care whether it is horse or cow that they slaughter for profit is naive. Also, they do not care if their “product” is contaminated – as evidenced by the widespread antibiotics used to mask their filthy conditions. Also, if they cared about carcinogens in their “product” they would not use unethical levels of growth hormones linked to many caancers. No, the most powerful voice anyone against horse slaughter has is to boycott the entire dirty slaughter business. Save yourself, save tortured animals, save starving people, and save the planet. Or not – and just know you are complicitous by your demand for fast, cheap, and easy processed food (gag).


  9. Denise – yes, I read “The Jungle” in my youth and am now reading Will Tuttle’s “World Peace Diet” (best seller, 2005). The industry responds to consumer demand – as do all industries. We don’t need their nasty “product” at all to live – and are better off without it. Radical, maybe, but not nearly as radical as a triple by-pass.


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