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Two Pryor Mountain Mustangs Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver

Information supplied by multiple sources

Tennessee Man Mows Down Wild Mustangs

Pryor Mountain Wild Horses ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

Two Pryor Mountain wild horses, said to be named Admiral and Kaptain/Climbs High, were killed on U.S. 37 in the Big Horn Canyon National Recreation around 2 am last Sunday.  Law enforcement officials took one Adam Finn, 26, of German Town Tennessee into custody when they found him in his disabled vehicle not far from the scene of the accident.  Finn was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and also issued citations for driving a vehicle with a breath concentration of .08 percent or greater, unsafe operation-failure to maintain control, destruction of natural resources and for moving a vehicle from an accident scene.

Finn will appear before a U.S. magistrate judge in Lander, Wyo., to answer the charges.

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  1. Destructin of natural rescources ??? Got that right !!! The system knows just exactly what is done at times, don’t they ??? But when it is “them” who is doing it, no one seems to acknowledge that they do just that, with their brutal horse cullings – destruction of natural and federally protected resources !!!!


    • You took the words right outta my mouth. I was headed here to make the same comment . The driver will be punished for the destruction of Natural resources so WHY is he the only one who is being charged I can think of so many government officials who deserve the same and MORE!


  2. I’m curious to see how this plays out. I wonder if the driver will be charged with any thing other than a DUI. ie: the actual act of the horses’ deaths. We’ll have to watch this closely.


  3. What a waste!…as others have said, let’s just see what the Feds do.

    After all, aren’t the Feds the only ones entitled to run protected mustangs and burros into the ground? Cattoor and Sun J will probably claim the victim(s) in their next roundup count for their bounty/booty.


  4. Is a helicopter a vehicle? If a helli-wrangler drives horses into a trap and one dies, it’s an excusable accident–or the horse was deformed. If a car driver kills a horse, he has destroyed natural resources. Of course the driver is a taxpayer–and basically owns the horses…… confusing…..

    I am sorry for the horses.


    • When “poop” happens during a roundup, no one gets a ticket or breathalyzer tested. In fact, I’d guess they not only get paid, the dead equine is still counted for payout to the contractor and another subcontractor gets a payout too (unless Sun J and Cattoor have their own backhoes and bulldozers).


  5. Ya know the even Sadder part? [Yeah, unfortunately there’s worse ]: this idiot HIT them @ approx 2 AM, but drove off, didn’t report it (drunk is Bad–but that’s Far worse);
    Because apparently Matt did not FIND them..lying Dead in the Road..until 10 AM—8 hrs later!
    I think it’s fairly likely that they weren’t Instantly killed, and so
    Noble Admiral & teen-son Climbs High/Kapitan…lay there & SUFFERED…all night long!
    ..when perhaps–they Couldve been SAVED ?
    Or given pain meds @ a minimum..even IF initial injuries were Too great to be ‘fixable’ 😦
    It Bleeds my Heart!–to Imagine: both of their Mothers & long-time Mate…standing over their mangled & dying
    ‘Guys’, All night, pacing, scared, unable to DO anything @ all?! 😦
    To me, that’s the Absolute Tragic scene that I can’t stop thinking of…
    {I’ve not heard what the nature of Injuries were, or if Seneca or Hightail were possibly hit or grazed, as well–4
    You know they were likely Close together…&
    I Wonder what type of Vehicle (even if a white pickup?) & how Fast it must have been going??!
    To Hit & KILL 2 pretty darn STOUT Horses, & still drive off, @ least a short ways???}
    —Drunk driving is a Too common, but horribly Risky Mistake—
    & (probably) this guy from TN (whyever he was there) did Not intend…such a thing?
    I dunno…
    I’d just add that a very Good friend, also had a late night DEAD-Drunk accident, panicked & drove off–when a car he hit went over an embankment…
    Thank heavens, he had enough thought & morality Come through…to STOP within minutes…& report it!!
    (My friend–did spend 6 mo in local jail, lost his license for 6-7 more years):::BUT, the 2 people in Other car LIVED!!!&
    *He has “Never Regretted doing the Right thing, after having Done a Wrong mistake”!! (That was ~12yrs ago
    & We ALL learned a lot from it ! )


    • I wasn’t there but if this guy was driving fast enough to cause fatal injuries to the horses they probably died if not immediately fairly quick after that.

      I don’t want to get to graphic as to what happened when they were hit. Suffice it to say that my not horse loving sister explained it in just a few pointed words.

      I know this doesn’t help but the guy is lucky to be alive. If he hit two horses hard enough to kill them then one can only imagine his injuries. Even drunk the impact itself should have caused him some good bumps and bruises.

      Me?, Let their be no mistake on my feelings on this one. I want him charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If that means two strikes–one for each horse–tough beenie boppers. He chose to drink and drive. He chose to be out on the range WHERE HE KNEW the horses would be.

      This is the main reason my WY sister didn’t want me driving at night in WY til I became a lot more familiar with the area. Thank God I happen to have family that is pushy in that way for my own good. Even when I think there being silly an example like this once again proves that my family is just plain smart. WY has lots of animals that roam at night.


  6. They were lovely horses. The young one was very energetic and Cloud Foundation had written about him this past year. This is a terrible way to die.


  7. When I called NPS I was told that this guy wasn’t being charged with a felony because as of then they couldn’t determine the horses worth financially. The horses have to be worth over one thousand dollars for them to bump this from a misdemeanor to felony.

    The issue I have is what in blazes was this guy doing out on the range at 2 am? Lovell isn’t exactly a city or a booming town. I think fate just ran out on this guy and he finally got caught. If all he has to pay is for a new car–that’s nothing. I have no compassion on this man.

    This guy according to the charges I was told on Tues–one of them was leaving the scene of an accident.

    If anyone has adopted or knows how much each horse is worth–even an average please call NPS and/or the US Attorney’s office. They are still investigating this and could press for felony if circumstances are there.


      • Evidently, DOI thinks they ain’t worth squat; we already know that based on their demonstrated roundup, STH, LTH and sales for $25 BUCKS a head when they want to dump ’em.

        And last I checked actually dollar amount doesn’t matter when destroying public property. DOJ and DOI could throw the book at this A**HAT…..they don’t want to do that because that will become the yardstick when we finally win.


      • RT I would never dispute that. Not ever. The problem is the Court’s don’t see that way. They want a dollar figure–for instance how much did Deb Little pay for Image and Ember? This is the kind of stuff the Attorney’s office needs–dollar amounts.

        Like I know TCF paid two thousand dollars for Conquistador but what about the other Freedom Fund horses?

        But heck you already knew all of this anyway cause you’re pretty darn smart!


      • Margaret,

        Destruction of government property is an entirely different situation. They can do quite a bit of charging….depends on how they want handle it. In this case they don’t want to.


    • Margaret, There is a lake that runs along the bottom of this Bighorn Canyon area and several boat loading ramps along there. This guy could have been boating/fishing all day and partying with some others and was heading back to Lovell for his motel. Don’t have proof of what was going on, but that could be one idea. His behavior is quite typical of a drunks action.


      • Jerry this guy was on highway 37. I don’t recall seeing a lake or any kind of recreation area from last year. But he could have been closer to the main highway (the one leading back to Lovell).

        I know the further you could the more remote it is. The accident happened at Crooked Creek Bay. I know that Crooked Creek Rd–making a right to go over BLM lands for about 6 miles and then crossing onto Forest Service lands is way way back on 37. I would guess it took me 30-45 minutes to clear 37 in my little car last year. But then this was during the late afternoon and it was still light out.

        I’m just really steamed that this happened. After going to Rock Springs specifically to see the horses and not seeing one I have many questions…and now horses that come from a brother band of Cloud were killed, it just makes me ill.


  8. These horses withstand the elements and often extremes of the elements; they survive prey that can take them down and have them for dinner, they survive the BLM and that whole catastrophic group of evil and destructiveness and unlawful annihilation. And a drunk driver at 2 a.m. runs them down for no reason and leaves the scene of the “accident”… just does not make any sense.

    This loss is great and so very needless and as R.T. has said, priceless. These precious lives lost are so very dear, innocent and absolutely priceless.


  9. Jill, You words were great. And, yes, these horses lives were PRICELESS. This character wasn’t worth the muck that the horses would leave behind them. He is a worthless bit of garbage that should be held and sentenced to the highest penalty available. God will receive these beautiful animals over the Rainbow Bridge and they will look over all their families and friends below and I hope help us win over the dasterly BLM and its coherts. I just hope they didn’t suffer. Too bad, this idiot, didn’t get what he deserved. It should have been the other way around. The horses ran in front of him but escaped injury but he rolled over and got what was coming to him. Why is it that the human race is forever killing its beautiful animals that God gave us to love and enjoy and all the human race can do is “KILL” them. From the BLM and their coherts to all the animal control agencies killing our dogs and cats. What is this world coming to? I hope it turns around as it is disgusting and our animals don’t deserve all that is happening to them. I have seen the devastation of a horse when its companion dies and it is terrible — they are a long time in recovering the loss. This was preventable — but this idiot was too sheets to the wind to know anything. He had no business behind the wheel of a car. And, I would bet that the value of the horses (their idea – of no value) and this guy will get off without any charges. Damn it, when is it that we will start to gain victory?


  10. What is the penalty for DUI/double homicide out there? I think that he should be sued for pain & suffering on behalf of the horses, with the money going to the surviving/trying to survive family members. Sadly, I am not thinking that they passed quickly…


  11. And the driver probably didn’t get a scratch nor any citation for killing the horses. The BLM will just look at this as someone did their job for them. Maybe he was a BLM employee and this was an excuse? Just road kill to the cops I guess the jerks. He should be hurting but he won’t be because he was sloshed. Jerk.


  12. USC 16, Chapter 30, Section 16, 1331 states that it is illegal to cause the death of a wild free roaming horse—Section 1338 states the penalties for violating this provision is a fine of not more than $2,000 or imprisonment for up to one year or both. According to the law, either the Secretary of Agriculture or the Secretary of Interior has the authority to appoint an employee who can arrest someone who has violated this law….



  13. Each and everyone is Priceless, they are National Treasures, I am hoping that they didnt lay there all nite suffering, This is inexcusable,the man is lucky he didnt lose control and kill himself also………………….Yes I will go to Cloud Foundation, and leave a comment for Ginger and all there………….


  14. While I’m glad this Finn guy got arrested, it will not bring back those two beautiful wild horses. And, isn’t it “ironic”, this guy gets arrested for killing two “federally protected” mustangs(or, is it? Probably just because he was drunk & got caught at or near “the scene”), yet our government does the same everyday, & never gets in trouble for destroying, maiming, removing, or killing those very same wild horses?? So, does this mean if a person works for or in our government, they can do whatever they want, as long as it’s what “everyone else is doing”, & get away with it, be above the law, & not be held accountable?? I think this was just for publicity, to make the BLM somehow, “look good”, to whom I don’t know!!


  15. What was very unfortunate and tragic. The man should not have been driving drunk, he should have stayed in town. NO ONE SHOULD EVER DRIVE IF THEY HAVE BEEN DRINKING!!! I saw the truck after the accident, the damage was incredible. The man is lucky to be alive. Let this incident be a reminder to everyone who reads this post, NEVER drink and drive. Every life around you, be it human or animal, is in danger, even if you think you are a “good” drunk driver. At 2AM, it would have been extremely hard to see these two darkly colored horses even if a person wasn’t intoxicated. My suggestion: don’t drive up there at all at night unless in the case of an emergency. The roads are too winding and there are too many dark-colored horses on the road, as well as mountain lions, bighorn sheep, and black bears.


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