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Where’s The Beef! Horsemeat Scandal Reveals U.S. Illegally Exports Horses & European Meat Tainted With Drugs

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“…horsemeat scandal might prompt us to take a better look at the “beef” in our own supermarkets”

horse-meatWhen traces of horsemeat were discovered in European beef supplies, Americans were shocked. But new developments in the horsemeat scandal might prompt us to take a better look at the “beef” in our own supermarkets.

DETAILS: Not Again! Horsemeat Now Found In 16 Different Countries! 

Most Americans don’t eat horsemeat, but they are unaware that the U.S. routinely exports the beef look-alike to Canada and Mexico. Horsemeat was previously banned in the U.S, but the U.S. ban on slaughtering horses for human consumption was lifted in 2011.

In California the ban is still in effect, but an undercover investigation revealed that it does little to protect the animals.

Livestock auctions are where horse traders known as “killer buyers” go to snap up horses for pennies on the dollar. “It’s highly likely that kill buyers are going to scoop up horses that show up at auction,” said Cheryl Jacobson, who heads up equine protection for the Humane Society of the United States.

Jacobson said the auction process is known as the slaughter pipeline. From auction houses, the horses are then trucked to feedlots, and from there to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.

“They are packed in there. They have long transportation times without food or water or rest,” Jacobson said.

So far, the meat has not made it into American meat supply, but in Europe an investigation is currently underway for the recalled “beef” products that turned out to be horsemeat.

DETAILS: Ewww! Burger King Admits That Their Burgers Are Made Of Horsemeat! 

On Thursday, French authorities confirmed that Britain’s food regulator found six horse carcasses that tested positive for an equine painkiller may have entered the human food chain in France and that horsemeat tainted with the medicine may have been sold to consumers “for some time.”

The horsemeat scandal in Europe spread from Britain to Ireland and suppliers are now being forced to pull their products off the shelf.

Is it just a matter of time before we find horse parts in our meat as well?

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    • The way this country is going (allowing kill buyers to have horses slaughtered), they will probably get our cats and dogs next. This country is going down the toilet fast.


  1. This all is beyond disgusting , it is insane , I have no tolerance for tampering with anyones food supply, and believe authorities should have none also !!!!!! To me this is major, and the quicker the responsible people go to Jail the Better !!!!!! It is a breach and must be dealt with immediately !!!!!!


  2. Next time you buy a pound of ground beef, take a look at the Country Of Origin Labeling (COO/COOL)….if it is there (sometimes it is not, especially highly processed foods like frozen meals/food. 90% of the ones I read say US/CAN/MEX. Yeah, right….that’s a traceable product!

    If people think this can’t happen here, I have a bridge for sale in New York for you to buy….cheap too.


    • p.s. take a look at the frozen vegetables these days…seriously…China, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam and on and on. Yeah…globalization is just peachy keen for corporations…not so much for consumers or animals.


  3. We need an online petition to the FDA and to Obama to start testing our meat in America asap. Especially from those stores, fast food chains an companies distributing it overseas.

    If toxic bute is in our meat, we need to know ASAP.


    • It is more than bute, Marjorie….it is the entire system, especially front end production and inspection.

      The best petition site is “We the People”:

      Bear in mind that the threshold of signatures has been dramatically increased.

      However, with an intelligent, precise and succinct wording, all persons with a soul will sign across the board. Everything is connected. … should join our cause.

      WORD IT PROPERLY! Test the wording here and at other advocate (equine, environment and food safety) sites first, before posting on WTP.

      We have the network and contacts to do this.


  4. If it’s there, it’s probably here too. Unless somebody tests for it there’s no way of knowing. And until people die, they won’t do any testing of the meats. Our food supply has been compromised by the pro slaughter faction and corrupt government officials, not to mention big business.


  5. You know, I vehemently oppose horse slaughter and always look forward to the articles posted by this author, but I have to say I’m really a bit choked reading this story this morning and the comment about routinely shipping horsemeat to Canada. That’s a load of quack. As a Canadian I think I am within my right to speak to this issue. There is a VERY small number of backwoods Quebeckers who eat horsemeat. Other than that, there is no other province in Canada that would eat horsemeat (knowingly). And the majority of Quebeckers do not either. So please refrain from making sweeping statements about Canadians, the vast majority of whom abhor the idea of eating horse.


    • The key word here is knowingly, to slip horsemeat in as a filler and i am sure that was the idea, is CRIMINAL>>>>>>>>> I cannot imagine how horrible i would feel knowing that i had eaten a horse ???????? Totally against my will……………………When I purchase beef i expect it to be beef !!!!!


    • Karen:

      You need to do some serious homework. You can start at Canadian Horse Defence Council.

      And this isn’t about people in Canada legally eating horsemeat. It is legal in Canada.

      This is about our country (US), with the cooperation of Canada, Mexico and other Nation’s shipping and slipping possibly contaminated horsemeat to consumers that didn’t buy horsemeat.

      You are actually missing the entire point of the scandal in the EU.

      And your government, just like mine doesn’t seem to “abhor” very much about the Human Consumption Horse Slaughter (HCHS) industry…err, cesspool of food making.


  6. From what I found out from Sam’s Club more than a year ago they source beef from all over the world. From what customer service said, that the cattlemen can’t keep up with the demand so what they can’t raise here is imported. Sam’s is another big box store but it is still Wal Mart. All big boxes like Costco do the same.


  7. If you need to buy beef try to find a local source–particularly ground beef. Years ago my brother worked in the meat department of a grocery store. His job was to grind the beef and they added a “red colored” meat (they were told it was Brahma beef) to the beef to make it leaner. Sure makes you wonder if it was “Brahma” beef since horse slaughter was legal at the time! I don’t believe that all the meat in the US gets tested now–and the National Cattleman’s group and other Farm lobbies didn’t and don’t want a national identification system to track animals. I wonder why!


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