Wild Burros

A Life and Death Plea for HELP from our Braying Buddies

Lots more to learn and little time to do it – our comments are due TODAY – 4/5/2013

In our opinion, this Hickison Wild Burro Complex (USFS/BLM) proposal is a gigantic step toward zeroing out ALL the Wild Burros.  We quote the USFS document: “…the authorized officer should consider setting the AML at zero.”   Yes, it does say ZERO – read it for yourself on the below link.

Per BLM stats, Nevada has lost (zeroed out) over 10 million acres that were legally designated by Congress as Wild Horse and Burro land already and this looks like they plan to add the Hickison Wild Burro Complex to this.

To give us a generalized idea how many burros could be supported by this Hickison Complex, BLM has stated that it could take up to 240 acres to support one horse per year.  The Hickison Complex (USFS/BLM) is 109,845 acres thus it could support over 400 burros.

Livestock grazing uses 1,100 AUMs per year and these AUMs by law belong to the Wild Burro and could support more than 92 MORE burros.

Wild burros are legally DESIGNATED on the Hickison Complex and livestock are PERMITTED.

Definition of the word “designated” is to “set aside for” or “assign” or “authorize”.  Definition of “permit” is to “allow” or “let” or “tolerate”.  The Hickison Complex land is set aside by Congress for the authorized use of Wild Burros whereas the livestock is only allowed or let to use the public range resources.

Any regulation or policy by any agency that does NOT come under the umbrella of the LAW is thus illegal.  The law is the law not only for me to follow but especially for our governmental agencies and their employees to follow.  The Wild Horses and Wild Burros and their legally designated land belongs to YOU and ME.  Please give your voice for our braying buddies.

“Hickison Wild Burro Territory Appropriate Management Levels and Management Actions Project”  … more information:




To provide comments on the Proposed Action, please go to:
(their email form)

USFS District Ranger, Austin Ranger District
100 Midas Canyon Road, P.O. Box 130
Austin, Nevada 89310

More Wild Burro information:

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  1. For anyone who cares about our Burrows/Wild Horses, this reeks of politics!!! An insane, inconsiderate proposal. Will there come a time, when those who are making the decisions, possess any compassion. It seems as though, the State of Nevada, is down the tube!!


    • Dear Jane !!!! It is all about Politics , and Yes Nevada is down the tubes because of it !!!!! They have made there State a Mess, The mustangs were the only they had going for them , they destroyed that !!!!! If they think Gambling will keep them alive they are surely wrong about that many States have it now with more to come , Why would anyone want to go there NOW !!!! The Mustangs were not just the Balance , they were there lives breath !!!!! Anyone want to go see a Cow devastate there Land , I think they have already done that !!!!


      • Seems they are running out of horses to roundup and are turning their sights more on our braying buds.. well this sucks.. =/ mules are smart though.. we may see a rip snortin good time if some of em get smart and get to buckin.. it’s time mother nature got pissed.. like the time that oil spill happened..these horses need to go buck wild and get out of what they are placed it;.. it’s only a matter of time after all.


      • I have been wishing that the horses and burros would get mad and get even !!!!!!!! I know I have been mad enough for a long time !!!!!!


      • Nevada, a state where the people voted to pu the wild mustang on their license plates and then went about getting rid of them. The hypocrites!!


    • I live here in Nevada and what is happening to these wild animals is beyond my comprehension. The sight of helicopters buzzing over our wild horses, our treasures, the obscene crowding of the pens and now this…..
      I wish I’d seen this yesterday instead of being a day late.


  2. The BLM has become so arrogant and brazen they are pushing the envelope to the limits. They say we’ll do what we want because what are the people going to do?

    We as civilians are powerless without Federal Judges and members of Congress. They don’t listen to highly educated and respected experts so why should they listen to us? Something drastic has to happen…something that is going to put a TV Camera on the subject i.e. 1,000 people get arrested at a protest in Washington or a sit down protest blocking the doors of the State BLM field offices.

    Media is the only way our power can grow but the media right now is so bombarded with D.C. budgets, gun control, N. Korea etc. it will have to be a big splash to get some reporters attention.

    Congress is not listening, the President is not listening, and we do not know the future with Sally Jewel. How do you form a million person march when few can afford the trip?


    • Working with rescue organizations to move the wild horses and burros onto private sanctuary lands, and have them managed by qualified and humane nonprofits and private individuals and groups, is the only way to keep these animals safe from state and federal mismanagement. What is required is lifetime commitment and sponsorships from individuals and businesses to support the well being and future of our wild friends on approved private sanctuaries. Not promises. Promises are made by losers. Winners make real commitments and stand by them. If you can give up what you spend for your espresso stand trips en route to the office every day, that money would support a wild one every month at a private sanctuary.

      We can control what we do for our wild horses and burros, no one is powerless unless he/she chooses to give that power and responsibility away. If we give that power and responsibility away, we have no right to complain, so we need to see our part and step up to help the horses and burros with sane and mature solutions. Given the obvious, public lands have proven to be unsafe, so instead of attempting to make the BLM change, which hasn’t worked, and isn’t going to, let’s look at how each of us can contribute to getting these horses and burros to private parties so we can directly share and bear the responsibility we have to them. There are BLM employees who are seeking humane solutions and would be appreciative of help, so let’s please not paint them all with the same brush stroke.


    • You are so right -our government does not care ! We the people DO NOT MATTER. This has all been planned out way before we knew about it and we could not do anything to stop it. If I had the money to go to Washington, I would be there & protesting. People who are able to protest should get together and sit on the steps of our capitol, with horse slaughter pictures, and pictures of these sweet burros. I feel so sorry for these little Burros. I would gladly take 2 of them and give them a home. –Anybody coming to Illinois? I really do mean this, I have a place for them and could feed them. What are they going to do? Dig a hole and just shoot them! I have made calls and sent e-mails–What else can I do? I have 7 horses, and love them like family! I share them with children in the 4-H horse program. I give free leases and teach these wonderful kids who need and love horses to ride. God help these wonderful little burros and horses.


  3. Each BLM office is required to have quarterly “lease sales” of our public lands.

    The BLM is making their money off of us and the remains of our United States of America.


      • Judy-

        As a partial answer to your question look at this map (link below) of the Rock Springs field office that shows upcoming oil/gas lease sales (this upcoming May) and current oil/gas lease sales and then look at the red dots – ALL red dots are current active oil/gas wells… “zillions” of them and this is a part of Wyoming only with more lease sales in other states. The purple blocks are the upcoming lease sales.

        Click to access v1-0513RSFOog.pdf

        Then compare the above map and info with these maps of the HMAs:



        Does anyone doubt that one of the main reasons that these HMAs have been and continue to be on the zero-out and non-reproducing herd and non-viable herd list is … big oil/gas money? These HMAs would be Little Colorado, White Mountain, Great Basin, Adobe Town and Salt Wells.

        More information is available online about BLM lease/sales and just wait till you look at some of those that sold for $1.35 per acre and wait till you see the names of the BIG oil/gas companies who bought the lease/sales. This is not resource usage – it is criminal abuse of our land for the sake of “the few” … IMO.

        And our wild horses and wild burros SUFFER the consequences.


  4. And I saw a post on FB that there are two legged predators that are eliminating the horses, just in case the BLM can’t do it fast enough. What is wrong with people?? OMG!.


    • Sarah-
      Perhaps call them and tell them and ask them to walk you through it or ask them for a direct email or ?

      Austin Ranger District
      Steve Williams, District Ranger
      100 Midas Canyon Road
      P.O. Box 130
      Austin, NV 89310
      (775) 964-2671
      FAX: (775) 964-1451


  5. This just got into my In Box. Today is the last day to comment. Some of you may be able to make the deadline. Please do if you can. Z2z hugs, DMCQ


  6. Come on, folks!! Only 46 emails (according to their ‘reading room’)


    sent so far, and I don’t know how many of those oppose this removal!

    Do you think the populations are B.S.? Say so!
    Do you think burros – weighin’ in at less than 400 pounds – can eat their grass weight comparable to a 800 pound cow? NO?! Holler!
    Do you think less than 3000 wild burros – West-wide – might make them a ‘species of concern’?
    Do you see pictures of those burros in Northern California and those in Southern Nevada and see they might be from different gene pools? Worthy of preservation?

    Our wild horses already take it in the shorts through management; our wild burros are given far less consideration when it comes to resource allocation. Looking through this proposal might take a little time but voicing your objections takes about 15 minutes.

    And you’ll have the sweet satisfaction of the warm and fuzzy feel of righteous indignation. So come on!! It’ll be FUN!!!


    • And let me add that although BLM has aid there is a high demand for burro adoptions, many of our Twin Peaks burros are STILL standing in small corrals at Litchfield since the 1010 summer roundup! Almost three years of just standing. By the way the online Litchfield photos have lied about the burros and say they are from Oregon but I have the Twin Peaks burro ID #s and it is them. At least those were not sold to Tom Davis for $10 as some of our Twin Peaks burros were!


    • Lisa, I don’t comment on government websites because I don’t care to have my email sold by the government to data brokers and politicians, or care to have my inbox slimed with porn spam.


      • horsewelfarenews-

        I completely respect your right to decide and also am concerned about my privacy but personally I think that being part of the voice for our wild horse and burros far outweighs the possibility of government knowledge of my concerns. When I have been fortunate enough to spend precious moments with our few wild ones that ARE left wild … then I have absolutely no doubt I must stand up for them.


      • The precious moments I spent and the sheer awesome pleasure I have received from the Mustangs on the Las Vegas Desert hundreds of time s far out weights and expose of my Name on any Plain……………………………….. I will remain committed to the the Mustangs and their Freedom to Roam !!!!!!!!!!!!! at any cost !!!!!


  7. I ended up going to the (I guess) national website & using the email form there. But it doesn’t show my name on the list – really was a pain getting to a place to comment. And Im not sure that will get it to where it needs to be!


  8. Duh! Managed to get to the right place & comment! Thanks Lisa – probably couldn’t have managed without you!!! Its been a long long week(my only excuse)


  9. The Burrors are cycle of life to be with their brother’s the horses.They so adorable and innocent.The sad thing is the get abused just as their brother’s, slaughtered with the brothers! Really sad ! Got to stop this madness!!


  10. I’m not positive … but per the USFS website I think it said they PREFER to have comments received by today … but perhaps they will also consider any sent to them over the weekend? Better to try late than not at all.


  11. Steve has the right idea..massive march and protest in Washington DC is the only thing that gets any attention these days. The politicians seem to be a bunch of misfits…can’t get bills going, can’t work on anything..and yet we pay and pay our taxes each year so that they can waste them away. The problem is the people that care have limited resources. There must be a way to get people there before it is too late. I am puzzled that I have not had many email blasts regarding the slaughter issue. I sure hope something is in the works. I can’t see why anyone would want to kill the burros. They are such loving little creatures..I believe that they bear a cross along their top line that was given by someone of a much greater power. If this is true, I hope all the Killers are condomned for their actions.If I had a farm, I would not hesitate to take a couple.


    • scifibird – go back up to Lisa LeBlancs email – if you use that link there is a way to get to comment.


  12. It was only a matter of time before these crimes against the Mustangs and all horses, would come to meet Karma , It is now that time , look for more good things to happen for all Horses ………………..


  13. We need to protect all animals. They should be allowed to roam freely. Burros are loving, intelligent equines.


  14. I am sickened to hear that the BLM and USFS and Washington consider the wild burros of America to be pests and rodents. How cruel can a heart be….I don’t even believe they have a heart. I am ‘owned’ by two wonderful, sweet and sensitive little burros. I adopted these two from a wonderful rescue that scooped them up when they were abused and dying, and made them healthy again. They now live with my husband and I. They happily graze on our ranch. They cause no harm to anyone or anything. They are such social little critters, who love to interact with people. ALL burros are precious souls that do not deserve this slaughter! I hope each and every member of the BLM, USFS, and Congress……and THE PRESIDENT, will somehow be haunted by what they are doing to America’s little treasures….the wild horse and wild burro….and that somehow, someway, they will STOP this slaughter! I would love to think that my grandchildren and their grandchildren could enjoy them as I have…but with deaf ears and cold hearts in government, I have my doubts. SAVE these precious creatures who have as much of a right……wait, they have MORE rights to be here than we do! STOP this cruel and heartless extermination of a living, breathing American treasure!!


  15. The Native Americans were robbed of these precious lands and resources and now the bison are all but extinct because of “progress”. Get real Americans…………we need to preserve the open lands and the Native wildlife or future generations will suffer. Let’s restore some of our natural beauties to their original state………….that includes the mountains, deserts, streams, lakes, wildflowers, and especially the animals. Wake up and speak up.


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