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U.K. to Announce Review of Food Safety Over Horsemeat

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Last week, the Dutch government announced a recall of 50,000 metric tons of beef.

Eat Like a ManU.K. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson will order a review of food safety following the horsemeat scandal, one of his deputies said.

In written statement to Parliament in London today, Agriculture and Food Minister David Heath said Paterson would “announce a strategic review of the incident and its implications for the food chain.”

The investigation will be “wide-ranging, to restore and maintain consumer confidence in the food chain and the responsibilities of food business and practice through the wider food chain, including: audit, testing, food authenticity, food safety and health issues,” Heath said.

European authorities are continuing to investigate concerns that foods advertised as containing beef contained undeclared horsemeat…(CONTINUED)

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  1. Just looking at that picture is enough to make you sick!!! With it happening in Europe, who’s to say it couldn’t happen here?! I believe it’s going to have a devasting effect on the beef industry for quite sometime, before the public regains confidence in the quality of their products again. It’s really sad and very unfortunate there are those GREEDY few who promotes and allows the barbaric slaughter of our American horses, while jeopordizing and deceiving the public’s welfare. It’s going to take more than an investigation to restore and maintain consumer confidence again.


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