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Arrests, Culprit Named in World-Wide Horsemeat Scandal

Source: Vancouver Sun

Illegal and Criminal Activity Engross Horse Slaughter Scandal

Europe’s mushrooming horsemeat scandal saw its first arrests Thursday  and saw French authorities name a French wholesaler as the main culprit in disguising cheap horsemeat as ground beef for frozen foods sold around the continent.

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  1. No matter how you look at it, they deceived the public with toxic horsemeat! Who knows how many drugs and chemicals were given to the horses in the past, then brutally slaughtered! Those responsible should be held accountable! It’s certainly a good wake-up call for everyone and it’s about time!


  2. This scandal scared the daylights outta me. I chose to take action in the only way I could. I immediately went off red meat, don’t eat fast food anymore, and now a few months later I’m finding that I like being a vegetarian. I still have a long ways to go to like veggies but it’s actually pretty doable! All my life I wouldn’t touch a veggie and now I seek them out. I look at recipes and see if I can manage them and if I want to try this new food!

    I think I actually have to thank the ranchers for this! There insane selfishness, their unwillingness to share resources and BLM’s out of control round ups started me on this path. I wonder how many others are seeking the same path started from the same source?


    • I am heading down that path myself. Not only will it put a hurt on the meat industry, it will be so much better for my health.


  3. What I really don’t get is how these spokes person’s come out and make some extraordinary comments about what huge amounts of horse meat you would have to eat before you would be affected from the bute (of course, they didn’t say that was what the pain killer was, but for argument’s sake) when one of the reasons that it was taken off the drug market is that there was so much individual variation in the amount it took to become ill. Horses are much larger animals than cows, and they are given drugs in higher amounts when a drug is given. Plus, the drug changes form once it is metabolized. The bond is at the molecular level, so I find it reallly unlikely that there is any real specific knowledge about whether is any known to be safe amount.


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