Equine Rescue

Tedisco, Knowlton to be honored by Equine Advocates

Source: By David Lombardo as published in the Daily Gazette

Equine AdvocatesHorseman Jack Knowlton and Assemblyman James Tedisco, R-Glennville, will be the guests of honor at the 12th annual Equine Advocates Awards Dinner & Charity Auction at the Saratoga Springs City Center on Aug. 1.

“It has been ten years since Jack Knowlton and Sackatoga Stable‘s Funny Cide became the first New York Bred to win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes,” said
Equine Advocates President Susan Wagner in a statement. “Since then, Jack Knowlton has become a strong voice against equine abuse and slaughter.”

She added, “Assemblyman Jim Tedisco has dedicated his life to the protection of animals and now is fighting for the passage of legislation to ban the slaughter of equines in New York State, which will have national implications as we move forward in passing a federal ban.”

Knowlton, who will receive the 2013 Safe Home Equine Protection Award, said in a statement that he was honored for the recognition and was dedicated the prevention of horse slaughter. Tedisco, who will be awarded the Ellen & Herbert Moelis Equine Savior Award, called horse slaughter unpatriotic in a statement.

General tickets for the event at $250 and tickets at the front-tier tables are $500. The event will be chaired by Emmy and Tony Award-winning actress Bebe Neuwirth and Bonacio construction co-owner Julie Bonacio.

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  1. Thank You !!!!!!! I also would like to thank every advocate for all they do to help Our Mustangs there are many up front and many behind the scenes that every day is spent to give our Mustangs the Freedom to Roam Free as intended all along , some days are not easy to do this every step of the way has been filled with tears, , but reward will be spectacular; one no one here will be able to measure ,one so worth every effort made , Please everyone here is so needed , remember everyone its all about the horse !!!!!!! The photos behind our posts here are what we intend to give back to our Mustangs !!!!!!! I always have a hard time posting , I am always looking at the back round photos , they mesmerize me, this is what are Mustangs long for and we here intend to make this real for the \Mustangs….What a No more Dreams of this for the Mustangs, will will give to the Mustangs REALITY !!!!!!!!! We can do this I know we can, I have dreamed of this as all of us have ….. I will be there standing PROUD to see the Gates Open and the Mustangs run FREE once AGAIN, running FREE to the Land that is THERES>>>>>> I and You see the wind , the rain the LAND AND ALL OF WILDLIFE BALANCE AGAIN !!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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