BLM Decides to Destroy Wild Horse Herds

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Hooked on Mismanaging Wild Equines into Extinction

RAWLINS, Wyo. – The Bureau of Land Management has decided to round up 85% of the wild horses in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek herd management areas.

The BLM announced Friday that the roundup in Sweetwater and Carbon counties will gather about 1,229 horses and remove 586, leaving 861 mustangs in the complex.

Removing the mustangs would reduce the current population to 861 to 1,165.

The 1,618,624 acre complex is located in the checkerboard pattern of mixed public, private and state land ownership. The area stretches from Interstate 80 south to the Colorado border.

The ATSW Complex was last gathered in October 2010. This gather is tentatively scheduled to start in October 2013 and expected to conclude in November.

All gathered mustangs get veterinary examinations. Released animals can be adopted.

34 comments on “BLM Decides to Destroy Wild Horse Herds

  1. Why did the title say the wildhorse herd will be destroyed? It didn’t say that in the article. Need an explanation for that as it was very stressful to read for me.


    • The Wild Herd is destroyed when they are removed. The family units are destroyed. Their wildness is destroyed. Some are injured and destroyed. The eco-system is destroyed. Their Spirit is destroyed.


    • Because Judy that’s EXACTLY what the BLM does in their summer round ups. Helicopter roundups in the blazing heat and dead of winter–this is what BLM does.

      I’m guessing your new. I’ll let RT show you where to find links to videos etc. after that you can decide for yourself…


      • Ok. I took destroyed as meaning death to the horses, as in slaughterhouse. I know their family units are torn apart. It is all very sad. I also hate to them out in the drought striken and wildfire areas too and not have water. They have to be saved and protected and that man owes that to them, as they are part of our heritage.


  2. Well I find it real obvious that slaughter is about to scheduled to open Aug 5 and all of the sudden more and more Wild Horses being removed!!!..
    Even if Obama signs the petition to stop slaughter, once they have removed the Wild Horses they will be in LTC facilities forever JAIL………
    This is making me SICK!!!


    • Nothing obvious. Would I be surprised that BLM has their double dealing paws in this? Nope. They clear out LTH pens too make room for the next batch of horses. And 3 guesses where that first bunch go and the first two guesses don’t count. Let me give you a HUGE hint–European dinner tables. How and when and where–BLM doesn’t or won’t care. Just clear ALL the land for moo moo cows. And if we thought Guilfoyle was a pawn–nope. She’s as deep into this mess as the next person. And now Sally Jewell will be made to look the fool.

      That one Congressman who warned her was quite right. There are nefarious forces at work in the background ready and willing to take her down without a second thought. That’s dirty politicking for you. And some of the worst came up the ranks of BLM…


      • Those Legislators are bought and paid for by the oil companies and the mining companies. Those wild horses are cramping their ‘future fracking’ styles. Thats my opinion anyway. Also, many ranchers hate the horses too. They are cramping their ‘cattle operation’ style. When the wild horse herds are just a story you tell your grandkids and great grandkids, people will say, “Oh my, we should have protected those horses”. They will be in the History books just like the Buffalo and we will just see protected wild horses on refuges, like the Buffalo are now.


    • Robyn, here is the info for horse protest coming this Friday, Aug 2nd in Denver. I hope you will attend.

      PROTEST ALERT: Anti-Horse Slaughter/Save Our Wild Horses and Burros from BLM Abuse, Friday, August 2nd 11:30am West Steps of the Colorado Capitol @ Lincoln and Colfax in Denver.
      We will be gathering together on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol to ask Congress to step in and intercede with the improper BLM management of the captive wild horses and burros under federal protection. They are currently refusing to give the captive horses any shelter from the heat, which is currently reaching temps of 164 degrees. Mares and foals are dying. We will also be addressing the issue of the impending horse slaughter for food.
      Please come out and show your support for the American Horse who built this country and who are the very symbols of the West.
      Bring posters and signs to wave, but do not use sticks to hold the posters. Relevant props are welcome too.
      Ask your friends and family to attend with you. the more support the better.
      Let’s show Congress and the BLM that we care about our American Heritage and the iconic symbol of the West, the Horse.
      This will be a peaceful rally and we will be handing out educational materials to the public.

      Wear cool clothing (it will be hot that day), bring water, sunscreen, and a hat if you need one.
      See you there. For the Horses!
      Facebook page link:


  3. Has anyone read the EA? What is the reason for this roundup? And I agree, my heart skipped a beat reading the title. We need to speak plainly.


  4. About the only good thing I can say is this: my sister doesn’t live in that county. And she’s not a rancher. And she doesn’t work for BLM. About the only consistent thing in all of this is BLM’s road to extinction.

    I have little faith that anything equine related will get through Congress. It’ll get by the House. But Senator Reid will block it or have someone else do his dirty work for him. I’ve been wrong before and in this case I so hope I’m wrong again.

    Senator Feinstein is a weasel. And that’s putting it nicely. Oh she’s all for SAFE Act but ASK her to bring it to the floor and it’s–I consider your opinions when SOMEONE ELSE brings it. Supposedly she’s not on that committee. She may have sat on the DOI committee (for funding DOI)but ask her to not fund DOI/BLM and it’s roundups–stonewall!

    Have to go to the archives and relisten to to the House hearing. I missed about 20 mins and I didn’t hear Congressman Huffman. Have to find out if he even made the hearing or did he too weasel out…oooh the papers here are gonna hear about it loud long and quite clear if he weaseled out!


  5. wtf they BLM can’t take care of the horses that they have locked up now. Wheres the shade for the ones without it . Are they trying to kill them off with lack of care. Look that way to me.


  6. Well I think its time for all wild horse advocates to plan their vacation for the time of the round ups. We need to make our presents known.


  7. Are we really surprised??? Well, hell no….. BLM didn’t spend all that money for the helicopter service for nothing…. I think the wording in this article checkerboard land, that is the main drive as we know of the cattle industry to rid themselves of the pesky wild horses…. I am so dismayed with Sally Jewell but then again I knew she would follow suit, none of them nominate anyone that would not continue on with the plans that have been set in motion for many years now……. The silence from her is deafening that is what erk’s the hell out of me, she is showing to me NO RESPECT for our rights to know what her stand is, which is becoming quite clear without a word from her … WHY has the President not looked into this, I mean he is the President or is he part of it too??? OMG ????????


  8. You guys has lost the plot what in earth are u doing ? The rest of the world are looking how you are mistreating the horses who helpt you into America .its horrible to witness !! First the nativ Indians now the horses . You should be ashamed about yourself !!!


  9. Another disgusting bit of news that’s disturbing and very concerning for the remaining herds. It’s very sad and unfortunate that we’re living in a time where those in authority show little to no concern for the welfare and future of these historic and majestic creatures. All of us who care are deeply worried, for the consequences will be devasting if this continues.


  10. I wonder why no one has stepped up to be included in the protest I’ve set up for Aug 2nd in Denver? Are the people in here just all talk and no action. Something must be done, this is how we do it…protesting in front of State House. Who in Colorado wants to save the American Wild Horses? How can the message get out, other than standing up as an American and expressing our first amendment rights? Prove you care enough by going to the Colorado State Capitol on August 2nd at 11:30am (west steps of Capitol). If you do not come…they, the public, will never know you cared. You can say it will fail because everything else has failed…but we must proceed, move forward, not sit on our butts while wild horses are dying of heat and thirst. Petitions haven’t worked or haven’t you noticed? Save American Captive Wild Horses. It is only through each individual’s involvement that things can change. People in the other states can take action too by starting a protest in their own city or front of the government building. Every city has one of those buildings. Notify your state legislatures that they are invited to the protest. Do something. Whining in here about the horrible situation is doing nothing. Really! It is the same as doing nothing. Do you think the government sees your pleas n here? Nope, they could care less. Get out there and speak up for the horses. ‘Nuff said!


  11. It seems nothing works, no matter the protest, they just go on and on…….It is time to pump it up, just not sure how


  12. WHAT!!!!!! WHERE ARE THE BLM going to put them//// iN ONE OF THEIR DISEASE RIDDEN FILTHY FACILITIES , WHICH ONE PALOMINO valley , WHERE THE MUSTANGS WILL; SWELTER IN THE 3 DIGIT TEMPERATURE ???????? This has gone far enough hasnt it?????????? The BLM has lost all of its mind… ??? They gotta go !!!!!!!!


  13. Its come down to not what the BLM is going to do, its WHAT are the American People Going to do????????? What more insanity needs to come from the BLM, before we TAKE Some United Action ???????????????????????/ How many more petitions that go nowhere , how much more do the mustangs need to suffer???????? How much longer after the BLM has gone completely mad and senseless, do the innocent Mustangs Suffer?????? What more is needed to understand that the BLM needs to be dismantled ????????????????????????????????? and removed has to happen ????????????????????????????????????????????????? How many more phone calls to nowhere are needed begging the President to stop this insanity ??????? There comes a time that enough is enough !!!!!!!!! Tell me when is that????????


  14. history repeats repeats repeats this makes me sick.wheres all those action movie heros when you need them.hi ho silver ride on happy trails!take notice,nothing lasts forever,things change.they have to and will soon.for every positive there is a negative.and every negative there is a positive.


  15. This may be crazy, but i’m throwing this out there for thought, discussion, idea generation…since we as taxpayers, are funding this, how about we don’t?! I mean, is there some way that someone can figure out just how much we pay the BLM to do this, how much we taxpayers are forced to fork over for this atrocity, and collectively, I mean really a HUGE collection, many thousands strong, we boycott in a sense, we threaten to refuse to pay the feds a per person amount from the taxes we pay and we take steps in that direction. Like I said, it’s crazy but right smack in the wallet is the best place to kick em’ when the issue is greed driven! Perhaps we boycott the ranchers products? We buy meats that don’t come from the ranges where these horses live? Again, basic thoughts I’m throwing out here…I don’t know the answers, I’m just pondering a different approach that perhaps you all can run with, improve.
    We humans can be a huge herd to reckon with.


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  17. Some really thought provoking comments. I am a horseman myself and will honestly say that I would love to be able to see these wild horses running free forever. Even in a perfect world I don’t think we will see that even without the current BLM ruling from the courts. Don’t start throwing things at me yet….
    Here are just a few of the reasons I say that: 1) When you read about the massive amount of square acres/miles these incredible animals have to roam in, if you have never been in Wyoming or have never actually been in this part of Wyoming rather, you can probably eliminate more than half of that land from anything grazeable. Or if the can graze, the nutritional value isn’t really anything. In addition to the horses, throw in thousands of antelope and deer, then the closer you get to Colorado you are going to find Elk. 2) When winter comes in Wyoming, if it were to be a bad winter there is nothing to find. Water is pretty much non-existent. The game will move on to other areas. the horse herds pretty much stay in the areas they know. If it is a winter where the gound is actually covered with snow not just frozen you will start to lose more horses from starvation. 3) Ya, man is going to graze cattle. That simple. There is nothing we can do about that, man is going to win that argument every time. But refer back to #1. Even their cattle don’t get that much good grazing off the land. 4) I just read the ruling from the courts and the first thing they mention is a ruling from 1979 where they mention activist organization and the BLM came to an agreement…… That started with maintaining 800 horses, but then it gave the BLM the authority to change as needed. With the increase numbers in game,…. and the reasoning’s just go on. Again I DON’T agree with the policy. I want them there as much as anyone but I am just listing some of the reasons that it will be a hard fight against the government, and some reasons why even though it sounds like the horses have this huge amount of room to roam around in, that doesn’t mean it is livable area.

    I did a quick search before I posted and found an easy 8000-10000 wild horses that have been humanely trained and saddle broken, and yes, it would have been in a gentle way: that are available for adoption. So here is one of the problems that I do have. We fight for keeping the horses on the land. If it doesn’t work, we keep fighting for the horses. This is the first time I have been to this site so I haven’t looked at all of the links but I don’t see anywhere that would direct someone anywhere that would say “You know what, what is happening to these horses does suck, however a fair share of these horses are being trained and ready to be ridden. They do need a good home. Let’s save them as well. Here are some places that may be close to you where you can help.” And I bet that those locations could even use donations.

    So maybe those horses that are still alive and have a pretty good life, although it isn’t the same could use a little extra love as well. Showing that you care in a different way may even garner you a little extra attention.


  18. What does BLM plan to do with these horses? Sterilize them and place on to private land, like the Drummond Eco-sanctuary? Unsustainable plan yeta perfect plan for the BLM to continue exterminating our wild horses from the range ,which will certainly please big oil/gas and welfare ranchers! smells bad


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