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Kickstarter’s Cross-Country Trip, on Wild Horses

Source: By   as published in Men’s Journal

Four college friends raised $170,000 on Kickstarter to fund a cross-country road trip – on wild horses.

Photograph by Cory Richards

Last April, Ben Masters and three buddies from Texas A&M University saddled 12 wild mustangs for a six-month, 3,000-mile journey from Mexico to Canada. Masters, 24, and his friends – none of whom grew up on a ranch – are undertaking the sort of long-range horseback expedition not seen since the closing of the West’s open range, around 1890. They’re following a Google Earth-routed patchwork of public land from Nogales, Arizona, to Montana’s Glacier National Park, crossing the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone along the way. In addition to navigating obstacles like icy 400-foot cliffs and the occasional grizzly bear, Masters is racing against time to cross the Canadian border before heavy snow covers

Glacier’s high mountain passes this month. “It may be 2013,” Masters says, “but, incredibly, there’s still enough land to do this kind of stuff”…CONTINUED

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