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Poor Contracting Practices at BLM

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BLM BadgeA government employee who stepped into a contractor’s role is among the  targets of a report criticizing contracting practices at the Bureau of Land  Management.

The Interior Department office of inspector general says in a recently  released report,  dated Sept. 30, that a BLM project officer placed a request to modify a  contract, “in effect, representing the contractor.”

The project officer and the contracting officer involved had to be counseled  on proper contracting practices, the report says.  At the time of the report, the  BLM was finalizing guidelines to outline the responsibilities and limitations of  contracting officers and project officers.

The audit stemmed from the OIG’s prior discovery that BLM had made payments  for costs that exceeded the amount agreed to in a contract and also for costs  that the contractor incurred outside the period of performance.

Auditors found contract files that lacked evidence of market research, price  analyses, and whether invoices were reviewed before payments went out. In  response,  BLM says contracts are now subject to random reviews to check for  completeness.


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  1. It doesn’t seem quite…’kosher’…that the contractors were redacted; if the report was released in a Public format, doesn’t the Public have a right to know?


  2. So the OIG “commends” the BLM on their efforts to improve etc? The whole thing sounds (I skimmed it) like same old, same old BS, doesn’t it?Imagine a private company getting away with this crap! What surprises me is that its all right there in black & white.


  3. Should there not been some one over looking the contractor people in the first place, we have supervisors in all other business, even the people who pave roads have to answer to some one. It seems like they are taking the easy way out again , more lies and under hand practices by the BLM. I guess the ones who chase the mustangs in side the paddocks driving trucks do not answer to some one else? This place is run by idiots, who can’t even give enough water to the horses for the amount of animals in the paddocks. Sorry bunch runs this place and the horses suffer. Always the horses and burros suffer.


  4. There is not a single agency that is working for the people. These agencies are working for the government, but it really looks like that some of them are not working for us. How is it that tax payers pay to fund NPS, FS, FWS, APHIS, Commerce, State, and yet the IUCN claims them as partners. The IUCN is the group that is working to destroy our horses and they have been working on this for 30 years/ What are we doing?


  5. Bogus as a $3.00 bill.
    Anyone that has ever worked for the government for 5 minutes knows you cannot do these type of practices.


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