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BLM to Begin Assault on Adobe Town/Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Herds

Source: Unedited BLM Press Release less Headline and Biline

Death, Injury and Loss of Freedom Planned for Federally Protected Wild Horses

BLM attacking wild horses in Nevada ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM attacking wild horses in Nevada ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office will begin a wild horse gather in the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek (ATSW) Herd Management Areas (HMAs) located south of Interstate 80 to the Wyoming/Colorado border from Rock Springs to Wamsutter, Wyo. this week.

The BLM will gather approximately 700 wild horses, treat with PZP-22 fertility control, release and remove mustangs. The two HMAs are jointly managed as the ATSW Complex (“Complex”) because of unrestricted movement of wild horses between the two areas. The Complex is located in the checkerboard pattern of mixed public, private, and state land ownership in Sweetwater and Carbon counties. The BLM respects private land-owner rights while managing wild horse populations. The ATSW Complex includes approximately 510,308 acres that are privately controlled. The gather conforms to the Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA) Consent Decree ordered by the U.S. District Court on April 3, 2013, to remove all wild horses from private lands within the checkerboard portion of the ATSW Complex in 2013.

There is no anticipated closure of public lands, except if deemed necessary due to safety concerns. Hunters and other outdoor recreationists should be aware that brief road closures may be needed to allow movement of wild horse herds and that low flying aircraft will also be present in the area. The BLM requests pilots avoid flight patterns through the ATSW Complex as air traffic could pose a safety risk. Helicopters used in gather operations often have to change course and altitude quickly.  The gather is expected to last roughly four weeks, or until the designated number of excess wild horses have been removed from the HMAs. The Complex was last gathered in October 2010.

If interested in viewing the gather, contact Serena Baker,, to be added to the anticipated visitors’ log.  Only individuals listed on the visitors’ log will be contacted with daily viewing sites, times, and locations of where to meet.  Please read the “Know Before You Go” tip sheet at:  Also, please be aware that gather operations will focus largely on private sections within the checkerboard, so public viewing opportunities may be limited. Public viewing sites will be designated on public lands a safe distance from wild horse trap sites, and outside the aircraft flight plan.

Please be advised that gather operations are fluid and may change at any time. For example, the team may need to move and reconstruct trap sites. Weather conditions are uncertain. Delays of one or more days may be necessary. We encourage you to monitor our website closely for the most up-to-date information. The BLM appreciates your patience.

The Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility will be closed for on-site tours and adoptions during gather operations. The wild horses being gathered will be brought to the holding facility to be health inspected, vaccinated, and tested for Equine Infectious Anemia or Coggins. However, the facility’s public viewing kiosk will remain open daily.

Animals removed from the ATSW Complex will be available for adoption. The BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program applications and requirements are available at:

Serena Baker
Public Affairs Specialist
Bureau of Land Management
High Desert District Office
(307) 212-0197

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  1. This also a Assault on all Wildlife without the Mustangs Wildlife will also perish !!!!! This is so serious for all, we must stop them……………………….


    • Couldn’t agree more Arlene…..I am so angry!!!!!…All our Mustangs are going to perish and become extinct in the near future!!!!
      This is so WRONG…………..


    • I hope their heli pilots wreck their choppers. Aren’t even man enough to do it by horse. That’s because they know they’d never catch the mustangs on horseback…. B Turds!


      • Over the Years they certainly have lived up to that , and I have referred to them with stronger language !!!!!


      • Dear Elaine, i have been at this for 20 Yrs and to Date nothing has stopped them yet, I believe there is only one thing that would but I dont think American people will Unite, If that 80% would refuse to pay any taxes then we could make some progress, what I know that has been done by them to the Wild Mustangs is a sin, I cried a river of tears for the Mustangs , I have felt their pain through their eyes…. and their Spirit…….. they are truly needed for all to survive, you cant fix stupid !!!!! But you can fix greed , but will those 80% stand //////////?????????


      • Unfortunately, although 80% do not want American horses slaughter, I suspect that only a small percentage of that 80% is willing and able to defend them. I look around at so many of my family, friends, and acquaintances and they are so often struggling just to get by. They have kids, pets, jobs, cars, homes to maintain and although they have the best of intentions they do not have the money or the motivation to stick their necks out. I wish it were different.

        The battle has to come from those of us who are “horse” people and care as we do; I had to put my beloved 24-year-old Belgian mare down a couple of hours ago and even I as a Horse Lover found that $2,000 went out the door just this last ten days trying to save her and it took up a lot of my time. I did not sleep well for some time and it became a priority.
        That would not stop me from paying taxes but it was so taxing. (Pun intended)

        I would not dare not pay taxes unless there were a whole lot of us who refused as well and how do you know that there are thousands who will back you up?


  2. Oh god, the horses are going to eat all the vegetation. The Rock Springs Grazing Association and most other grazing associations has the BLM and federal judges in their pockets. There are so few mustangs left on the range, what harm can they possibly do to private rangeland. Now more captive horses for the BLM to proclaim, “what are we going to do with all these horses in short and long term holdings”. Sally Jewell really needs to stop being the clone of Salazar and stop ignoring this issue. Noone knows how this is all going to end. Will 90 percent or more of wild horses end up in holding pens?


      • Yes, what can we do? We cannot sit still and whine and wonder. But what can we actually do? Can we sue the Federal Government? Are there monied people who can help us? Is there a firm out there that would take us on Pro Bono? Can we get a TRO? Are there enough of us who would donate enough to pay fees and get started? There has to be a way.


      • Dear Elaine where there is a will( there is 80% 0f Americans who have that will ) there is a way !!!!


  3. Shared with this header: What the hell is wrong with the stupid BLM???? We need to cut off their funding since they say that doing all this is a tax payer burden. Yeah right, so you want the private citizens to pay for you $6 million to round these up, then we pay for their feed/transport and then you want us to pay for a life time of care by adopting a wild horse. What an ass backwards program. LET THE WILD HORSES MANAGE THEMSELVES, at least then it wouldn’t be called “BLM MANAGING WILD HORSES TO EXTINCTION PROGRAM”! Links to complain and harass the shit out of the government boobs instigating this 700 horse removal (ATTACK)!




    • You are wrong. Threr are 100 or so miles of free standing windmills along Interstate 80 cutting through this area that looks like it was once grazing land for animals. Meanwhile these highly visible and publicized “green” energy systems disguise the green agenda’s political operatives selling oil, gas, cola, and other extractible rights to corporations that favor the green agenda, but the only green the top of the food chain cares about is the kind that buys $75 to $100 bottles of wine for dinner. So keep believing in the evils of fossil fuels and keep feeding the political party that wants to save every species of Equidae except Equus caballus.


    • The DOI has to report to the President. Don’t you think if he wasn’t in on
      this he would Stop Horse Slaughter and Wild Horse Roundups?
      Our President is a big culprit here. He appointed the DOI Sally Jewell
      and now Neil Kornze a head of the BLM.
      Afraid to see what’s next?



  5. Big push for more oil and natural gas drilling. They want to get rid of the “unnescessary ” regulations that are holding them back from more activity. Obama said he would veto it if it passes.


    • It and two other bills, all pro-drilling and fracking, did pass the GOP-run House this week. They are unlikely to pass the Senate and Obama says he will veto if they do. Not only is the aim of the House to further deregulate drilling and fracking, but, also, to charge a $5,000 fee to file a complaint. WH&Bs are in the way. Ironically, cattle will eventually be in the way, too, but if you are a Rancher with a long-term grazing lease you got some clout.

      Additionally, the House passed a bill cutting funding for alternative energy in half recently.

      If you are angry, call your Congress people and tell them you want the SAFE ACT passed. They cannot slaughter WH&Bs if the SAFE ACT passes. Then, we can go to work to get the BLM gutted. If the SAFE ACT does not pass, many of the penned horses and newly rounded up will be secretly and not so secretly slaughtered.

      And remember gelding is a form of slaughter, but we will get no where with the BLM until we pass the SAFE ACT, HR1094 and S541. PLEASE – CALL AND CALL AND CALL. And remember this is a food safety act and all the other arguments are secondary. Yes, I know that makes the WH&Bs vulnerable, but they are already vulnerable so one step at a time.


  6. I disagree there is and has been enough information to the President.
    R.T. Fitch and Jerry Finch both have submitted signatures to the
    White House, along with Victoria McCullough.

    Michelle you need to open your eyes. He apponted these people
    into these positions and reasons behind why they are doing the
    the major roundups and bringing back slaughter.
    He assigned someone to take all the calls coming into the White
    House over the Roundups and Slaughter.
    Get informed!


    • Obama plans to veto bills which have already made it through the House and may or may not make it through the Senate which would allow for Deregulating FRACKING which is what this is all about along with the BIG RANCHER’S “greed for grazing”.

      Yes, I am disappointed in Obama’s appointees, but these policies have been in place for decades. I believe Big Energy and Big Ranching have had their hands on the testicles of many politicians and all the recent presidents. Obama is at least struggling to do something by vetoing these bills.

      We must pass the SAFE ACT and then turn our energy to gutting the DOI and the BLM. We have to undo the legislated damage including the Burns Amendment and restore the WH&Bs to their designated status and their designated lands. And we must defeat the HORSE HATERS like Frank Lucas and Harry Reid. We have to turn our anger to action.


    • Obama is controlled by Big Energy as have all the last few presidents some willingly and some not. But FRACKING is finally hitting the mainstream media and is being organized against. This lightens our load. These horses are being removed for MINING as R.T. says above and for FRACKING and DRILLING and for GRAZING. We need to call upon those grassroots organizations who are fighting FRACKING and all anti-horse slaughter and anti-round ups of the WH&Bs to come together and meld our assets and connections and contacts. We need leaders to come forth. We need to become a real boycott beef threat. What else? Who is ready to volunteer? I will donate and write and email. What else can I do? What can you do?


  7. Per former BLM Employee, Joe Martin ~ I worked on the first BLM helicopter “round-up” as they called it back in Socorro, NM in 1986, most of us referred to it as a cluster f*** or in polite terms, a disaster. I had worked with helicopters rounding up cattle in south Texas prior to that and tried to tell management that it wouldn’t work well the first time out as the animals would panic and could not be driven. Like the first time cattle are worked with horses, they have to become used to it and learn what is going on; some never do. Horses with helicopters are much, much worse. The results were much the same then as they are today; panicked horses, injured horses, traumatized horses and dead horses. At one point, in ’86, three horses almost came into the bubble of the helicopter as it hovered low to try and turn them. At the last minute, the pilot pulled up and the horses never changed course and continued straight ahead and into a 5-strand barbed wire fence. The bottom line, and this is from a BLM manager after meeting with State BLM officials who confered with Washington BLM, is that BLM will continue to use helicopters, even though water trapping is more efficient and safer for the horse AND cheaper, because injured and dead horses are cheaper and easier to deal with than live ones (injured are “put down”, ie. killed). You don’t have to feed, transport, train and adopt dead horses and they are permanently removed from the public lands. They want some wild horses to adopt out for the P.R., but not too many. This was just one BLM “roundup”. The follow-up treatment (shipping and boarding and training is another nightmare with many injuries and losses resulting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, thank you for verifying how long this has been going on. The 1971 legislation happened because the ranchers were slaughtering our wild horses reducing herds from millions to less than 100,000 and we as a nation wanted it to stop. It took a few years for the ranchers to figure out what to do about it and how to do it by taking over the BLM.

      Once they accomplished that, they were able to return to slaughter of the horses through manipulated means and statistics initiating “round ups” aka by sweeter sounding words like “cluster” or “gather”. With Salazar they even were able to go so far as to openly send massive numbers off to slaughter called rescue, 1700 at a time via his friend and neighbor, Tom Davis. They kill as many as they can in rounding up, secretly slaughter whenever possible, and castrate the blood line stallions.

      This is all about control for money – greed. We must work diligently for as long as it takes to PASS the SAFE ACT, to STOP FRACKING, to GUT the BLM/DOI, and to DEFEAT the HORSE HATERS. That is a lot, but if we convert our anger and turn it to passion and determination, we can do this.


  8. Wow….a former employee with the ‘BLM’ from 1986, sounds like NOTHING has changed.
    WHAT will it take, by everyone who wants this nightmare to end? Going to court doesn’t work, signing petitions has not worked, letters to the White House, nothing – really?? How do you hold back tax $$.
    Or will it take doing something physical (by people who have had enough of this agency) to get the attention of EVERYONE?


    The Judicial Accountability Initiative Law, J.A.I.L., is a single-issue national grassroots organization designed to end the rampant and pervasive judicial corruption in the legal system of the United States. J.A.I.L. recognizes this can be achieved only through making the Judicial Branch of government answerable and accountable to an entity other than itself. At this time it isn’t, resulting in the judiciary’s arbitrary abuse of the doctrine of judicial immunity, leaving the People without recourse when their inherent rights are violated by judges.
    “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”
    ~ Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887.
    The Chicago Office of Professional Standards is an example of what happens when a government entity is answerable only to itself. This agency, which is responsible for disciplining police officers was not effective when the head of its office reported to the police superintendent. So this was changed. The office head now reports to the mayor and the agency has been given new subpoena powers. The current system of disciplining judges, a system that is also answerable only to itself, is in a similar state of ineffectiveness.
    Soon after the founding of our Republic the Founding Fathers realized there was insufficient check on the Judicial Branch of government:
    J.A.I.L. is intended to prevent the following acts of judicial malfeasance:
    Any deliberate violation of law
    Fraud or conspiracy
    Intentional violation of due process of law
    Deliberate disregard of material facts
    Judicial acts without jurisdiction
    Blocking of a lawful conclusion of a case
    Any deliberate violation of the state or federal Constitutions


    • These are most amazing goals at J.A.I.L. i need to find the time to sit down and read their story. Thanks for bringing this forth. Perhaps we can start here as a focal point for “turning the earth green again.” Hopi Prophecy


    The BLM, Uranium and the Pryor Mountains: a perfect mix for a Collusion Cocktail (excerpts)
    by Jerry Finch and R.T. Fitch
    Nor would we cast aspersions on a company that holds the rights to explore for uranium throughout the Pryor Mountains because it’s parent company is owned and operated through a convoluted trail that points to a middle eastern firm with dubious connections where the company officers/advisors are already in trouble with world-wide trade commissions for stock scams and multiple other violations of law.
    The next step is to pour in equal amounts of a company called Skyline Uranium Corp. formerly known as Uranium Mining & Exploration Projects that is owned by a parent company referred to as Fortress Financial Group, Inc. which engages in issuing prepaid debit and credit cards and was formerly known as the Great West Gold Inc. which itself was recently acquired by Moneyworx, Inc. through a reverse merger transaction while the company officers work on the staff of one of the biggest law firm/companies in all of the United Arab Emirates. Phew, did you catch all that?
    Now pour in a generous amount of the U.S. Federally owned Pryor Mountains, formerly rich in uranium and gold , and shake vigorously.
    Don’t forget to crush in some tree hugging do-gooders, strain out a few wild horses and garnish it with just a slice of bribery and then pour this concoction over a heaping pile of ice cold elected officials, wow…what a drink; a true recipe for collusion and corruption. One that is already in the glass and being toasted by the covert, limited parties involved. Mighty tasty, eh?
    Now we are not postulating, here, that imbibing of this beverage is either right or wrong; but we do think that because you, the American public, is paying for the bar tab you should at least be aware of what you are paying for, it’s only fair.


    • Phew is right! How did you put together all those twists and turns? And what do we do about it? They say do not take a complicated lawsuit to court cause you will lose. That qualifies as complicated. So…


      • And then lets take that cocktail and pour it down the drain, because down the drain is where our country is going.


  11. The BLM considers all of us peasants, we are not important to them nor do they care what any of us think. We are just the taxpayer that is required to pay their high salaries, and stand by while this corrupt organization destroys a animal that is native to North America, that was grazing in this part of the world 50,000 years ago.


  12. Here is something we can do How about if all Americans Refuse to pay any taxes , it must be United meaning everyone……..Until they Stop this assault on all Mustangs and START PROTECTING THEM UNDER LAW………………………. I am sure this would work ,


  13. And then we go to jail…….Robyn, my eyes are open. I just think the Pres. assigns people to depts. and then moves on to other issues like nuclear weapons, fending off the obstructionist party attacks and so on. I am disallusioned with him on many things that have gone on. One of the reasons I come to this site IS to be informed by some very smart people who write the articles and comments. Some of it is mindboggling.


  14. Couple of things pertinent here.

    Wyoming is a “fence out” state.. so the RSGA somehow managed to get around that law to get WHBs removed. “Fence Out” is a vestige of the Open Range era, when people drove millions (26 million sheep by one count) freely over the western range. Settlers who wanted to grow gardens etc. had to “fence them out” by law if they wanted to protect their private holdings. Just how this law was overlooked or defeated by private ranchers here should concern us all. The BLM can be asked to remove problem animals but as far as I know, the ranchers by law are required to fence their own properties to protect them from anyone else’s stock. In my view that includes the public’s wildlife (including horses) on public lands. Guess I’m too honest to be a lawyer, though.

    Next, there’s this from today’s paper. It seems to me there is no public interest anymore in our public lands, they are all being sold off to line private pockets. I understand about multiple use but am glad Teddy Roosevelt isn’t around to see how the lands he set aside for perpetuity are being eaten alive.

    Looks like HR 3189 needs input from many other states to keep water out of private hands too. Water wars anyone?

    Matt Rice: Bill is a disaster

    Water Rights bill is a disaster for rivers and public lands.

    #Last month, Representatives Scott Tipton, R-Colo., and Jared Polis, D-Colo., introduced H.R. 3189, the so called “Water Rights Protection Act.” While the bill was disguised as a minor “fix” for a narrow water rights conflict between Colorado’s ski industry and the U.S. Forest Service, it is in fact a sweeping attempt to stop federal agencies from protecting fish, wildlife and recreation on our public lands.

    #If passed, the bill would allow private water users across the country to dry up rivers on public lands with impunity. It would prevent federal agencies within the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Interior from protecting fish, wildlife and river recreation.

    #For instance, in Colorado, this could prohibit the Forest Service from requiring water diverters to leave some water in streams on National Forests to keep native cutthroat trout alive. It could also stop the Fish and Wildlife Service from requiring flows that help salmon find fish ladders so that they can safely pass over dams. It would potentially destroy broadly supported multi-year and multi-million dollar settlement agreements to restore American shad, salmon and steelhead fisheries at hydropower facilities. It even undermines fundamental principles of states’ rights by creating a new federal definition of a water right. At the very least, it would create mountains and mountains of litigation.

    #The House Natural Resources Committee held the only hearing on this bill during the government shutdown, preventing agencies from providing input on how it would affect public lands. When the Departments of Interior and Agriculture did weigh in, they strongly opposed the bill. They were joined by leading Democrats on the House Natural Resource Committee and more than 60 conservation and recreation groups, including American Rivers, American Whitewater, Trout Unlimited, Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club and National Parks Conservation Association.

    #We understand that the ski industry has a legitimate need for certainty about their water rights for snowmaking. But they don’t need this bill to provide that certainty.

    #Last week, thanks to the leadership of Senator Mark Udall, the U.S. Forest Service pledged to quickly resolve the dispute over water rights on national forest land in Colorado, protecting rivers on public lands and upholding important principles of water law. This bill is not necessary, and the ski industry has conceded as much. Yet this supposedly “green” industry has inexplicably doubled down and reaffirmed their support for an agenda of preventing federal agencies from protecting our rivers and public lands.

    #As the list of the bill’s supporters makes clear, this effort is being driven primarily by the farm lobby. We are puzzled why the ski industry — which goes to such great lengths to tout its environmental sustainability bona fides — would continue to give cover to big ag by supporting a bill that would do so much damage to our nation’s rivers, particularly when the problem the bill purports to address has already been solved.

    Matt Rice

    #Director of Colorado Conservation

    #American Rivers


    Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., a supporter of the roundups whose family has a ranch, said well-meaning’ horse protection advocates often from the East don’t understand that overpopulated herds destroy fragile grass ecosystems to the detriment of livestock and other wildlife.

    “It is Congress that has caused the problems by saying we cannot slaughter horses, yet we are not supposed to keep them in pens. We are supposed to allow them to overgraze the West,” Lummis said.


  16. Well I guess I’m one of those “well-meaning horse protection advocates from the East but I DO understand exactly which overpopulated herds are destroying the ecosystems! If the horses remained free – and the darn cows & sheep populations were lessened – there wouldn’t be any overgrazing…
    I happened to see a documentary this am on Ted Turner. Is he as much an environmentalist as they said? I know he raises buffalo & promotes replacing cattle with them. Has anyone ever heard him mention the wild horses & burros? If he came down on their side, certainly would help this issue.


  17. I apologize for not keeping up – there is too much to keep up on – but I just realized that I wrote a public comment letter to the Rock Springs BLM for scoping on the wild horse capture plan on September 27, 2013 and yet it appears the decision had already been made when the request for scoping was given to the public? Isn’t this a violation of the NEPA regulations? Can someone explain? Is there more than one Rock Springs wild horse issue currently going on? My records also show that I wrote a public scoping comment in December of 2012 on the Adobe and Salt Wells WH Management. I would have written comments on the final environmental assessment if I had known there was one! Again, it is my own fault for not keeping up and I apologize for being in the dark on this but hope someone can set me straight.
    In the meantime, how many of OUR wild ones will live through this capture? Weather highs in the 30’s and lows in the teens up there – not a problem for them unless they are being run for their lives by a helicopter!


    • GG, you are not alone. I too sent a letter to the “scoping meeting” held in September, with no reply or even acknowledgement. Reading this article it seems it was all settled last April, so why the “scoping meeting?” Were some laws or at least public feedback protocols violated here? Can anyone find out — fast?

      I’m not to far from there, temps were 17 last night and rain mixed with snow. Not a good time to be running and sweating. Hope they have some good hidey holes.


    • GG, just found this tonight… might be why none of our feedback was of any particular consequence. Opposition without “reasonable alternatives” is not considered “substantive” by the BLM. They don’t define “reasonable alternatives” though.

      Adobe Town/Salt Wells Creek Wild Horse Complex
      Public Involvement and Commenting
      What is the Public Comment Period and how is Input Used in the Process?
      • Process of actively acquiring input from agencies and the public
      • Public input assists the BLM in identifying the following:
      – Potential environmental issues
      – Alternatives
      – Areas of concern and public interest
      – Mitigation measures

      How Do I Provide Public Comments?
      • All public comments must be in writing (including paper or electronic format), substantive, and postmarked by the comment period close date – June 10, 2013

      What is a Substantive Comment?
      • Input on the accuracy of information being used in the process
      • Input on the adequacy of, methodology for, or assumptions used in the process
      • Present new information relevant to the process
      • Present reasonable alternatives that should be considered

      What Type of Comment is Not Substantive?
      • Opposition or support to the project in general
      • Opposition or support to information considered without offering any
      substantive rationale
      • Comments that take the form of vague, open-ended questions

      ***PROVIDE YOUR COMMENTS BY June 10, 2013***
      High Desert District – Rawlins and Rock Springs Field Offices, Wyoming



      • Icy-
        I looked it up.
        The June public comment letter was for the Adobe/Saltwells wild horse capture plan and I did comment and request a response but got none. I am on the interested part list for them but got no notification of their final EA / FONSI / ROD. I do realize I need to follow up after writing comments but when they don’t respond or notify me of further action decisions when I am on the list to be notified it sure makes a person wonder if something fishy is going on in Rock Springs?

        The September public comment letter was for the RMP and not the wild horse capture specifically – but again … no notification was sent to me and I don’t know if the final RMP was decided?

        This BLM office has had past suspicious wild horse issues – like showing a map of “x” number of horses counted during an aerial flight and then pumping up the number dramatically for their report. When asked why … no reasonable response was given … just more BLM hocus pocus. I guess they never thought ANYONE would look at the map closely. Anyone who has examined what is going on with BLM and what “yadaa yadaa” they give the public has probably had similar experiences.

        In the meantime, as of yesterday BLM states that 394 of our wild horses have been captured and three died. Two helicopters are being used to chase them and temperatures range from 10-40 degrees so as we have seen before in similar weather stress, many will probably die within the next month or so from pneumonia-type complications – especially the old and the young.



    This bill extends domestic grazing leases to 20 years, among other atrocities. Please let’s get more traction here, only about 200 folks have let their opinions be heard here, which also provides links to your elected officials. It seems to have NO endorsing or opposing organizations listed, either.

    I did see a video on this yesterday as it passed out of committee. Unfortunately my own Senator was not present nor did he relate an opinion, so it passed out of committee. Two Senators registered opposition but not sufficient to stall moving it on to the full senate. These were Sen. Landrieu (by proxy) an Senator Cantwell, who objected on the grounds it changes how NEPA is administered. Good on her, for whatever state she represents. The chairman tried to coerce her a bit but she held her ground.


    • Senator Maria Cantwell represents Washington State, and Senator Mary Landrieu introduced the SAFE ACT S541 to the Senate last winter. These two women seem to support horses both Wild and slaughtered.


  19. There is more to this letter, but too much to post here.. This is just the first part.

    An Open Letter to the BLM Regarding their Consent Decree with the RSGA
    From Rachel A. Reeves

    Dear Bureau of Land Management,

    I am writing this letter to issue my congratulations. You fought really hard against the Rock Springs Grazing Association when they brought the most recent in a never-ending string of lawsuits demanding the removal of the thousands of wild horses who live in the regions where the RSGA lease public & private lands. Wait? What’s that? Oh, sorry I guess I must have confused you with a government agency that has a pair.

    What I should say is congratulations on giving the RSGA everything they wanted. But then, you would do that, wouldn’t you BLM? Once upon a time the BLM supported wild horses against the RSGA. You didn’t like the wild horses back then either, of course, but that pesky Wild Horse & Burro Act forced you to pretend that you did. Good thing we can ignore that today! It is so much easier to allocate millions of tax dollars to remove all these animals under your protection than to uphold the law, isn’t it?



    The Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA) controls about 2 million acres of rangeland in southern Wyoming, in an area 40 miles wide by 70 miles long that runs along the historic transcontinental railway corridor. RSGA members graze approximately 50,000 to 70,000 sheep and about 5,000 cattle on deeded private lands and leased public lands. By contrast, just 1,100- 1,600 wild horses are thought to roam the area.

    Thanks to taxpayer subsidies,
    RSGA members graze livestock on public lands for approximately one-twelfth (1/12) of the going market rate. The RSGA complaint, filed on July 27, 2011, seeks a court order that will (a) result in removing all wild horses from private lands in the Wyoming


  21. Interestingly, here’s the legal consent decree, dated April 3, 2013. I don’t know why they even bothered with a scoping meeting at all…

    Of interest: on pg. 3 wild horses are defined as wildlife, and the 1971 law as a land management decision aimed to protect this species. Further in it mentions more than half the Checkerboard is federal land, and noplace have I found (yet) any language explaining how the “fence out” state laws were hereby circumvented. I need to read it more fully, though.


  22. SWho is in charge of the BLM? Ultimately the president. I voted for him. He and. his merry clan have done nothing to help horses.They are more concerned about oil and fracking companies investment.
    Mustang s are sent to slaughter by this president while ranchers and oil companies reign supreme on tax payers.


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