Month: January 2014

Walking Horse Breed Shrinking in Numbers

Source: Written by Sue McClure as published in the Tennessean “Tennessee is getting a reputation as being a horse abuse state,’’ A man whose name is synonymous with Tennessee Walking Horses says the inhumane practice of soring horses must end — or the walking horse industry itself will […]

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Missouri DNR Denies Horse Slaughter Permit

Clearly noting federal budget restrictions, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources HAS turned down the permit request from Rains to butcher American horses for consumption by elite foreign interests.

The DNR said in a letter Thursday to David Rains, owner of Rains Natural Meats in Gallatin, that the agency has denied Rains’ permit request for his proposed horse slaughter operation because the new federal budget withheld funding for required federal inspections of equine slaughter facilities.

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Happy Birthday, Horsemeat Scandal

Source: By Eve Mitchell as published in “…if you’re going to buy heavily processed foods you need to know this stuff –” It’s been a year since we were first told the beef we buy in the EU may actually be horsemeat, but we still don’t really […]

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