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Equine Advocates Thanks Great Americans for Ending Horse Slaughter in the U.S.

Press Release from Equine Advocates

“Victoria McCullough announced at our first American Equine Summit in 2012 that she would take on the challenge of ending horse slaughter in the U.S…”

CHATHAM, N.Y., Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Equine Advocates would like thank these key players in expediting the end of horse slaughter in the United States:

  • Victoria McCullough, horsewoman and head of Chesapeake Petroleum
  • Vice President Joseph Biden
  • Florida State Senator Joseph Abruzzo
A huge, huge thank you to Victoria McCullough, FL State Senator Joe Abruzzo and Vice President Joe Biden. No matter what you read, they drove this effort from the starting gate to the finish line.

A huge, huge thank you to Victoria McCullough, FL State Senator Joe Abruzzo and
Vice President Joe Biden. No matter what you read, they drove this effort from the starting gate to the finish line.

It is because of their tireless and dedicated efforts that horse slaughterhouses will be prevented from opening in the U.S. once Congress passes the “Omnibus” bill by this weekend. The last time horses were slaughtered in the United States was in 2007 when Congress defunded the practice and three existing plants closed.

“Victoria McCullough announced at our first American Equine Summit in 2012 that she would take on the challenge of ending horse slaughter in the U.S.,” said Equine Advocates President, Susan Wagner.  “She took the lead from the experts speaking at the Summit, each of whom had invaluable information and experience, and helped contribute to the resolution of this hard-fought issue. She used her own funding and dedicated countless hours to get this done.”

McCullough used the data and documentation presented by John Holland, President of the Equine Welfare Alliance; Paula Bacon, former Mayor of Kaufman, TX; renowned equine veterinarian Dr. Kraig Kulikowski; Caroline Betts, PhD, professor of economics at USC and others. Much of the necessary documentation was there, combined with Dr. Ann Marini’s brilliant study on the potentially dangerous effects the drug Phenylbutazone can have on people who eat horse meat, and subsequent studies including Holland’s scathing analysis of the misinformation in the 2011 GAO Report (#11-228).

Said Wagner, “That GAO Report was like a fixed race.”

While horse slaughter is opposed by more than 80% of Americans, the GAO Report claimed it was necessary for reasons which have been soundly refuted by Holland’s study and other experts.

“This is the first major hurdle that needed to happen so that a complete federal ban on horse slaughter can now be passed,” Wagner added. “We are grateful to Vice President Joe Biden, along with the support of congressional leaders, for adding the defunding language to the Omnibus bill. Robert Redford also needs to be thanked because he has been actively involved since he first signed the Voter Card for the passage of the California Initiative banning horse slaughter back in 1998. His support through the years has had a tremendous impact on this issue. I know I speak for most Americans when I say that horse slaughter is wrong and has no place in our culture.”

The focus now moves to passing a federal ban on the transport of equines across U.S. borders into Canada and Mexico for slaughter.

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    • I sent an email and Thanked the Vice President for his support of this.
      How about the amendment from the Senator in OK to take out the defunding language again?
      I have already contacted my Senators about this and hope everyone else lets their Senators know that this amendment should be squashed before it ever gets to the floor.


  1. I am grateful and encouraged that these great Americans heard the call and saw the need and responded with everything they had. We are all in GOOD company. Now, we contnue our batttle in newspapers, on the phoine, sometimes in person to pass the BAN of slaughter of American horses whereever they be found. I hope to hear that more cosponsors join seeiig that VP Biden and Congresswoman Schultz are on board and get these bills voted on and to the President. It is time that the promise of President Obama be kept. Pass the ban! (S541 and H1094)


    • And my heartfelt thanks and acknowledgement of the drive and commitment of Victoria McCullough and FL State Senator Joe Abruzzo in galvanizing the spirit of democracy in standing up for the innocents in this fight. And our leaders who inspired them to do what we could not.


  2. A Special Thank You to the Horses, Mustangs and Burros who inspire us and guide us everyday , they have lead us with love, inspiration , with their undisputed beauty, poise, strength, pride, trust , and showed to us what Real FREEDOM is… and their real Respect for it and how much it Belongs to them……..!!!!!! Remember all those Mustangs who gave their Lives for it !!!!!!


  3. this is fantastic news and it’s so relieving to hear that folks who walk a higher path are finally winning this for the horses. YAY!!!!!!!!!


  4. Again, a big thank you must go out to all of them. If the “boner” supports equine slaughter than perhaps its time to show those in his district what really happens in the process and ask them if they want such an inhumane man representing them in the house of reps. Shame him for his support for such cruelty. The tide is turning for our equines. Harry Reid should be shamed for his lack of responsibility and lack of commitment for all the round ups. Most Americans have had it with the elite few who make decisions for us all. Just as we did in Illinois, we will continue to figjtbagainst the slaughter business and the tranortation of our eqiines out of this country. The next front is convincing women around the world that we do not need to be taking any hormones made from the urine of the female horse. This business needs to be closed down. But a big thank you remains to be given to all the “horse warriors” in the backgroung who have continued to send emails, write letters and make calls. Its the combination of all of this that is making this happen for our equines. Folks its a joint effort!


  5. I am so happy for the progress made. I continue to monitor the pro-side and their call to arms so to speak. Yesterday I came across a request from Mr. Duquette to all his “friends” to take part in a poll on slaughter. The anti-side was overwhelming and of course I added my own vote too. This all I can do, but I will keep it up. Grateful for R.T., Mr. Holland, Victoria, and all the heavy hitters making this happen!


  6. How heartwarming!! Those of us who care about our Wild Hoses/Burrows, cannot thank you enough for all of your heard work/dedication, to make sure that slaughterhouses do not open in the USA! The fight is far from over. Transporting our horses outside of the US, or slaughter, needs to cease.


  7. There may be a light at the end of the long long tunnel to finally stop US horses from being shipped to their deaths in a bloody kill box. Groups in Canada are working to shut down the killing there too. This is the first time we have ever come this close to actually stopping horse slaughter here permanently. Both S.541 and H.R.1094 need to be brought up for a vote now while the momentum for stopping this is strong. We stop US horses leaving the country to be killed this will pretty much shut it down in both Canada /Mexico because their slaughter plants won’t have US horses to kill any longer. No horses no business period!


  8. Come Monday the fight starts anew with SAFE Act! I feel comfy addressing this now cause the Pres said he would sign this.

    I know SAFE Act–a Congressman has to put it out there (I forget the correct wording)all over again. But we need to ensure that any loopholes that were there have been closed. Then we need sponsors–not just folks that sign on.

    So how do we do that? Do I write my Congressman and ask him to sponsor this? I know he signed onto this last year. And then I guess we do the same thing in the Senate.

    I say take a couple days, party, take a deep huge breathe and then let’s get to it!


  9. What we want to REPEAL (NOT appeal) is
    sec. 142
    Section 3 of Public Law 92-195 (16 U.S.C. 1333

    This is from that 2004 bill that changed the wild horse and burro protections. I am not a lawyer (LOL!), and I totally admit to being more than a rank beginner. My limited studying tonight showed me that we want to REPEAL.

    Somehow we have to get sponsorship from several Congressman in order for this introduced. We can not introduce this as citizens. It has to come from Congress. Seems kinda unfair I suppose. I mean WE THE PEOPLE pay taxes, get ignored–till we start shelling out the big bucks–don’t we have a say?

    I’m not sure that an online petition would be of benefit because many agencies in Washington tend to look at petitions as one signature. It may be that a better way to approach this is to send a postcard to your Senators that says

    REPEAL Sec. 142 Section 3 of Public Law 92-195 (16 U.S.C. 1333 and reference the Burn’s Amendment.

    Anyone who has more legalese and ideas are more than welcome to modify and adjust my ideas to what will work. In any event I get an extra brownie point cause I tried, studied, and tried to pass along ideas! They don’t have to be successful!, trying counts too!

    We have to find a way to get around Harry Reid cause he will undoubtedly block any equine legislation–except somehow today he voted pro horse? (go figure).


  10. Thank you to all who have spent countless days and nights writing, calling and being pro active on ending horse slaughter. We need to put all of our wild horses back out in the wild. That will be a monumental task. We need to propose a bill that would protect our wild horses from ever being hurt again and protected forever. We do need to ban horse transport to Canada and Mexico. Yes we have a lot of work to do. We will get ur done. We will. The horses are counting on us to help them. So let us get to work on these issues and remember their are ruthless people out there that are going to give us a rough time. We will prevail and we will win for the horses, yes we will. God Bless all of our advocates and protect us dear Lord as we embark on this monumental task, Amen. We will free them somehow we will. Our horses are waiting patiently for us to help them, we must. Thank you so much again Victoria and everyone who has helped in this great experience. The horses thank you. yay. Woohoo. More work to do. :)))))))))))))


  11. “Thank you for your email regarding Bill C-322, An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act and the Meat Inspection Act (slaughter of horses for human consumption). We support this bill and oppose the continued slaughter of horses in Canada, especially considering the drugs administered to the horses that are not in accordance with food safety regulations required for other animals in Canada.


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