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Senator Proposes Bill Focusing on Horse Slaughter Plants in Oklahoma


“…the overwhelming majority did not want a horse slaughter plant in their community…”

photo by Terry FitchOKLAHOMA CITY – A local senator has filed legislation that would allow Oklahomans to decide whether they want horse slaughter plants in their communities.

Senate Joint Resolution 66 would require facilities to be approved by voters where the plant would be located.

“When Governor Fallin signed legislation into law last year legalizing horse slaughter, she issued a statement saying it was important for towns to be able to block horse slaughter plants if that was their will,” said Okla. Sen. Randy Bass.  “This legislation would simply give counties the option to decide for themselves whether they want these facilities in their jurisdictions or not.”

A survey conducted by SoonerPoll last year revealed that most Oklahomans do not want a horse slaughter facility in their community.

“What’s interesting is the fact that it didn’t really matter if you were talking about people living in a rural area or a large city, and it didn’t matter if they were a Democrat or a Republican, conservative or liberal—the overwhelming majority did not want a horse slaughter plant in their community,” Bass said.  “This legislation reaffirms our citizens’ right to block such a facility if that’s what the majority of qualified voters decide.”

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  1. Why should this surprise anyone? The Governor endorses slaughter. The racing industry with a large presence in OK endorses slaughter. The BLM sends thousands and thousands of our wild mustangs to holding facilities in OK where the state endorses slaughter. Huge numbers of quarter horses in OK and AQHA endorses slaughter. Again, as usual, follow the money. Continue business as usual. Don’t curb overbreeding, over capturing and surely we don’t want to encourage responsible ownership. Let’s just round ’em up and kill them. Shameful way to manage these horses who did nothing wrong but exist at our making. Show me some solutions. Not creation of more problems.


  2. She let them remove the ban on horse slaughter in your state.Why would she honor any other legislation to stop it.
    Get the Safe Act passed on the Federal level.But thank the legislator for putting this forward and letting us know that all of OK is not cut from the same cloth.


  3. I don’t understand ,if there is no money for the food inspectors ,how are they able to do this! Everyone was so happy last week when the bill was passed not to fund inspections. What is going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. If Congress has signed the de-funding for horse slaughter inspections, however temporary that is, how can this person or state, over-ride that, how can they even think they can legalize horse slaughter in their state if the government says no ??
    And, if the majority of the people there also said no ?? Yes, we need to get the SAFE Act passed, & quickly! But, until that time, as long as these butchers exist, instead of letting them make money at the expense of these horses being killed brutally, why not instead make them PAY to have these “excess” horses put down, humanely, by licensed veterinarians!! If people in that state, or elsewhere, are really that stupid, back woods, & uneducated on the facts of horse slaughter, & what to do with the butchered remains, surely they’re not stupid enough to think it’s safe to eat, or to feed to other animals, or to willfully send it to be consumed by other countries??!! Force them to build equine shelters/sanctuaries/retirement facilities! They could start with not over breeding, not discarding horses that are no longer wanted (or useful, as in making money!) like trash, & stop rounding up wild horses & shipping them to these holding pens/horse prisons (& tear down all the fences put up to keep wild horses & other wildlife away from THEIR drinking water!). These shelters could hire workers to care for, rehabilitate, nurse back to health, re-train, adopt out & re-home, or just care for those needing peaceful retirement. These places will make money by adoption fees, they could also offer riding instruction, as well as therapeutic horsemanship riding for special needs children & adults & our military vets, & by doing so they’re giving these “excess” horses a second chance, new careers, & making money. People would then also be spending money in those communities. They need to wake up, & choose responsibility & life, rather than death!


    • You’re a little harsh on them. The thought of kill buyers paying to put down a horse is absurd. “They” have woke up…that’s why this issue is being addressed. “They” have no control of what the BLM does, nor do any of us. That’s another governmental issue.
      Breeders/horse owners/horse industry needs to put the pocket book aside and get a grip. The owner of a horse is the one responsible, that’s where it all starts.


  5. i am flabber gassed ,how in the world did this happen . can anyone tell me how the lawsuit is going against the doi an blm ,god, how i wish these people would have to pay n pay for their actions!!!! i hope this comes back to bite them in the ass. i also just read about the wolf. can anyone tell me ,if they keep killing off all the predators how do they expect balance in the wild. they need to move out the cows n sheep ,give the land back to the wilds. can anyone tell?


    • Cindy, the officials in charge continually tweak the definitions of “natural ecological balance” to suit a variety of stakeholders. This process consistently overlooks the effects of invasive domestic livestock species (and the predator removals which protect their numbers) and other long-lasting impacts of other uses of public lands such as recreation, oil and gas pads, wind and solar farms, encroachment and reduction in acreages designated as areas where wild horses and burros can legally live lives in freedom.


  6. Another shining example of the bull crap at every level of “government” in this country! I hope anyone reading this (whether in Okla. or any other state!) keeps in mind the fact that THEIR TAXES are paying the salaries of these people…so technically they are working for the people who pay them! When we start using THAT as a club, perhaps they will stop treating us like idiots and recognize that they can be FIRED from their jobs by the people who pay them? At the least, this is insulting!


  7. OKAY I’m officially confused. If USDA regulates slaughter of livestock and if the new federal law de-funds USDA inspectors vis a vis horse slaughter, would someone who is an attorney with an understanding of states’ rights vs federal law please address this conundrum? I’m a full-charge paralegal of some four decades’ experience and though not an attorney specializing in constitutional law, I’m no slouch when it comes to these issues. And I DO NOT get how Oklahoma can propose this. Any lawyers out there who would like to address this issue??


  8. This is why Dunne and Wallis “think” they have a chance. Please is you have NOT listened to the whooohahaha voice of Sue Wallis on the Brownfield News interview you Need to, the parts that bothered me were the statements that “Congress will Rue the Day”, BLM horses will be starving to death THIS Summer because of budget cuts AND The tribal horses will be dying all over as well as the disclaimer they are ruining more watersheds (always have to throw that one in, she does. Even in her Anonymous letter in the Albuquerque article that had Suey written all over it. So people here’s where I get really, really concerned…Sue is pressing with the lawsuit of the Farm Bureau against the wild horses and so my theory is that they want the Free horses that are “drug free” to be put up for slaughter first so they can claim they are completely “drug free” which seems safe, then you had Dunne alluding to completely “drug free” horses with no seemingly particular source that they were coming from, which eventually changed to purchased horses, at auction. So I am worried that they are setting the BLM and tribal horses up for possibly death by “natural occurances” and then Impose the mandatory we have to slaughter to Force the Government (Congress) to relent. So we need to educate Congress that this is NOT natural and the funding if they leave out all of the unnecessary gathers by helicopter then the precious budget will be affordable again…by at least several million dollars. I personally feel we are going to get bombarded by them “dropping wild and feral Horses like flies” to try and flip the script. So this also goes along with things I had been told previously….so we have to really be proactive in getting the Mustangs premium quality care and getting the Feral and Tribal horses watchful eyes who can notice if there are any Sudden or Progressive changes. As well, I think when and If horses start dropping like flies they should be holding necropsies and autopsies by an outside source to confirm there’s no fishy business. As they said on Hawaii Five O….


    • Sorry as they said on Hawaii Five O this situation stinks and its NOT dead fish….smells of a…scam….of some sort…..Danno


    • Cynthia, great points here. I’m wondering how pro-slaughter folks can use both sides of the “drug free” argument since one of their talking points is that these are mostly domestic horses turned loose by irresponsible owners… so surely not all are drug free by any stretch of the imagination, except foals maybe.

      One has to consider they are ingesting radioactive substances in water and feed in some areas, as well as the fact that many horse areas allow oil and gas enterprises within their boundaries. I took photos last year of stud piles adjacent to a large tank on a gravel pad in SW WY. There are rarely any fences to keep livestock off the pads or leach ponds. Air pollution and particulate deposition from burning gas or fracking gels are another concern, since these are carried by wind and if ingested concentrate in the bodies of those cattle, sheep or horses eating them.

      Free range beef or horses may well have a toxic load we can barely comprehend. Because we don’t test for anything of the sort (and often cannot know what chemicals are being used in fracking for example, which are different for every hole according to industry spokesmen) that doesn’t mean there is no risk. It is an illusion to argue that meat from multiple sources all over the west which share their environment with these activities can even be considered remotely safe without extensive testing to prove this. As the slaughter profit is approx. $300 per horse (per De los Santos’ figures for the NM plant), testing would be prohibitive.

      Slaughter and testing on a wide scale could only occur with some substantial incentives or collusion and obfuscation about legitimate toxicity concerns.


      • Icyspots I posted the link below to the pdg file of Wallis’s interview that spells impending doom. I have been issuing a concern since early in 2013 regarding the fracking wells for the tribal horses being contaminated and Confirmed contaminated by the EPA, the contamination is from uranium which cant be in any food supply, mercury, lead, and in high enough levels they had to suddenly replace hundreds of wells at the Governments expense. Then the BLM horses are on the range exposed not only to cattle and the problems they can have and the open range offers plants that can be toxic inside the horse, not to mention anything else they are doing with the areas that the Horses have to be removed from, they are NOT removing them for safety nor are they removing them because they want to get them out of the projects way, but complete removal so they can cover up what the horses could tell you that has occurred, their contamination may be more than anything we could dream as veterinarians are only watching for symptoms of commonly visible horse related illnesses. They do not search for anything else, I guarantee they would have a fit if it were found out the horses were contaminated with something they have been ingesting that could be detrimental to their slaughter sale and horse clearance. Because this is a Mustang Closeout! I feel it in my gut!


  9. We need to keep an extremely close monitoring of any changes in the tribal or BLM horses, sudden illness, sudden weight issues, water issues, make sure they always have plenty of both. As well someone needs to intervene on the lawsuit with the Farm Bureau Against the BLM and save the horses from both parties filing this action. The judge may have to move to dismiss the case if someone does based on the fact Defunding is in place and the horses are NOT to be slaughtered. So please concur with someone to see if this is a possibly strategy to protect the wild horses from either organization and stop the suits progression. Either way, win or lose, something is going to result badly for the horses.


    • Colt, I’m not finding any pdf file linked?

      Also does anyone have a good link to the OK poll referenced in the article? It’s not there in the article’s source page. There’s been a lot of arguing on the NPR article this week about the credibility of polls concerning American opposition to horse slaughter. I found the ASPCA poll (some consider biased) and within that one a portion on just Iowa referencing 71% opposition. But there are no good data on the survey size etc., which is not helpful. Same with this article, referencing a poll without any backup information.


  10. Oklahoma needs to watched closely. BLM long-term holding is there as are many bio-tech industries. They apparently didn’t expect the ban.
    Oklahoma senator introducing amendment to reinstate horse slaughter plants in U.S.

    WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator JIM INHOFE (R- Okla.) is introducing an amendment that would essentially reinstate horse slaughter facilities in the United States.
    SEN INHOFE’S amendment to the omnibus spending bill would strike part of the bill that blocks the United States Department of Agriculture from inspecting the horse slaughter plants which effectively bans the facilities in the U.S.

    SEN INHOFE said if the amendment is not adopted, he and
    Congressman MARKWAYNE MULLIN (R-OK-2)
    plan to introduce standalone legislation on the issue.


    • The paperwork detailing provision of horses for any biologic experiments should be FOIA’d. We know now that horses were used by Pfizer for serum extraction and then sold to slaughter. I think that was France, not sure. Stem cell research got its big boost by extractng stem cells from placentas of mares here in California. I am sure, sick at the thought, wild horses, especially stallions ttrucked EN MASSE to Gunniston have been subjected to violations of their “person.”. The attack on animals continues.


  11. Apparently Senator Inhofe doesn’t understand exactly what condition the horses are that go to slaughter! Aging??? These two politicians sound like the threesome that snuck around & funded slaughter the last time. Doesn’t it seem as though there are enough signers of the SAFE ACT to prevent this? Or am I wrong.


  12. Folks, a reminder this is a midterm election year. We all MUST contact our elected officials, and those who would like to be, and press them to take a stand on these issues or else vote them out. My Senator keeps replying without making any position statement, repeating very dated information, and taking no position other than “monitoring the situation.” This is not good enough and I continue to press him to take a position so the public can make their own decisions. Every one in every state should do this, and keep doing it until these public payroll people declare a position.

    I’m also wondering if we as citizens can make an action requiring any BLM horses in long or short term holding be removed from any states which support slaughter. It seems prudent as questions linger about OK and the aggregated thousands of horses there. Dispersal is safer; if not possible then relocation to states which forbid slaughter and transport for slaughter. Surely a few states will take a stand for our wild horses?

    Here’s one easy way to start (I am not affiliated in any way, just found this site useful):

    House SAFE ACT

    Senate SAFE ACT

    Also check out these and weigh in:

    (I’m not sure if the bill designations changed as the new congressional session has begun)


  13. I don’t get it. Has this man not read any of the documentation available? The sad truth is if they ever did open in your community you would never get rid of them. They are like blood sucking parasites. I think unless the community has witnessed for themselves the tragedies, inhumane treatment and death …this is a no brained..rt, I came across an article you might be interested in while cleaning out my bookcase. It is from my local newspaper the daily southtownbdated wed., January 8th, 1997. The article called “they shoot horses, don,t they? It names the bureau of land management employees as profiting from horse slaughter back then. Cavel had a slaughter plant back then called cavel west in Oregon where they slaughtered wild horses. So you see the Blm has been at this for many more years than most people are aware of. The article is by Martha Mendoza. The south town newspaper. Was printed in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. Disgusting, but sheds light on their continued lies to the american people. As far as this being put on the ballot, its a no brainer unless people are truly educated about they are voting for.


    • Gail the Oregon BLM scandal continues to this date. What is AWFUL is that they have located the corrals for the wild horses so remotely that they think no one knows/no one will go there; also, they have somehow managed to convince a lot of veterinarians (most of whom are AAEP members and AAEP is PRO SLAUGHTER) that death by transport/slaughter is better than “living on the range” or “living in a corral”. Recently in Oregon the BLM tried to backdoor even more wild horse range removal by trying to declare the sage grouse in the area next to the Sheldon range (lots of wild herd activity in Sheldon) and “remove all livestock” from there. Sage grouse are not endangered, by the way! Not even close! Just another strategy to permanently eliminate wild horses, which the BLM has been trying to do since before WWII!!


  14. Ha! It says that link is not available… is anyone surprised? Here’s what comes up:

    “Thanks for tuning in to Brownfield Ag News online.
    Unfortunately, that link isn’t available right now. Can we help you find other stories?”


    • Ok go to colts western shop facebook and click on Appropriations link on my timeline, that link works, audio is listed at end of article before comments section. Hope it helps u.


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