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Urgent Call to Action: Cruel Donkey Basketball Sponsored by Texas Political Wannabe

Urgent Call from R.T. Fitch ~president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Magnolia, Texas‘ Village Idiot Shows His Ass!

We don’t ask for immediate action, often, but this one cuts me to the quick as it is occurring in MY HOME TOWN.

A candidate for our Montgomery County Commissioner, Charlie Riley, is sponsoring a fundraiser for senior citizens (perhaps to vote for him?) by bringing cruel and inhumane donkey basketball to our local Magnolia Junior High on Tuesday, February 11th.  Everyone is in on this travesty and the odds of Charlie Riley getting a vote from anyone that has ever graduated the 5th grade are getting pretty slim.  (He is deleting comments on his Facebook Page, how is that for an honest, first amendment supporting politician…NOT!)

Our good friend, Jerry Finch of Habitat for Horses, has been following this story for several days and we heartily request that you preview his articles on this topic at:

After reading Jerry’s articles please call the following involved individuals and request that this debacle be shut down, now and forever.

I am rankled that this goes on anywhere but to have it rear it’s ugly head in a school that I am paying taxes for sends me to new limits of pissed-offingness.  (Yes, that is a new word)

Call to Action

Call Charlie Riley’s Campaign office and let them know what you think: Linda Stuckey – (713) 302-8380

Call Diana Trim at the Friendship Center and tell them what you think of donkey basketball.
(281) 259-6665

Call the Magnolia ISD and tell them what you think of the idea of Charlie Riley using the Magnolia Jr. High Gym for his fundraiser. 281-356-3571

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    Donkey basketball and baseball events send young people the message that it is OK to abuse and humiliate those who are in a helpless condition. Children who are exposed to animal abuse are taught the dangerous lesson that cruelty is acceptable.

    The naturally cautious, gentle temperament of donkeys is in no way suited to the competitive, rapid movements required during the playing of these sports. In addition, too often donkeys are included because it is anticipated that their participation will be seen as a source of derisive humor by the spectators. It is both cruel and inhumane to involve and treat these gentle equines in this way.


  2. Between donkey basketball (has anyone seen the clip with the donkey stepping on the privates of the boy)and the slaughter of that innocent giraffe this has not been good weekend for animals. Just when we thought it was to calm down…


  3. Sick people involved in this Donkey Basketball. Poor Donkeys should kick them all in the ass. That is an understatement. Cruel and inhumane to do this kind of trauma to these little donkeys. They should be ashamed by this trauma inflicted to our precious donkeys. This was not humorous in any way. Abuse yes. Loose big I hope you do. Shame on you Charley Riley.


  4. We have alway by passed the our crewel intent for our own egos need for attention. Time to grow up and be conscious about how we treat animals.


  5. Where is the local Humane Society and/ or Large Domestic Animal Rescues in this area/county? Will they step in to help you stop this cruel, abusive and inhumane fundraiser? What about the Superintendent of the school district and the state school representative? They should be notified. As well as the school board members individually complaining to each about exposing minor children to this horrific game? Schools are not a place for political fundraisers… Parents will take children of all ages not knowing they are about to witness a traumatizing event that could emotionally scar a child for life!
    That’s just wrong!


  6. We just had the event in our area. I guess the question posed to me was honest….if the donkeys arent doing this wont they be eaten by the Chinese? The fact is that as we try to stop abuse we have to be worried that we are also saying children who are never exposed to equines, never will be. So what solution is there to allow use of donkeys to help raise money and still be where children can see them. Most children in our equine society arent exposed to donkeys or mules. We have to figure a way to replace the need for exposure to them with a more positive light then these idiots will.quit abusing them. Until then they just ignore everyone and keep going. As the guy here stated the animals bring in revenue and unless you have another idea, butt out. They also referenced getting price per lb. And without jobs donkeys would vanish aside from being hoarded for cash by animal terrorists. It wasnt a very positive conversation to say the least.


  7. No animal should be treated this way and to top it off these large jerks have no business trying to ride small donkeys in ANY setting.

    This video is appalling.

    SHAME on Magnolia Jr. High, Charlie Riley, the spectators and the owner of these donkeys for allowing/supporting this abuse. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU !!!!


    • “Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man.”

      ― Arthur Schopenhauer


  8. What a moron. Stands for Wild horse rights! What about the poor donkeys??
    Go find another sport and a way to raise money without hurting animals


  9. I’m with you 100% on this one RT. This should be outlawed and whoever Charlie Riley is – he should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail!!!


  10. Donna Stacey: A couple of the phone numbers listed at the website are in error. The phone number for Charlie Riley’s office is 281-330-9589. The phone number for Magnolia Junior High is 281-356-1327. I have been on the phone most of the morning and even finally reaching the correct numbers have been unsuccessful in making my voice heard. Maybe a few hundred more calls can help these poor donkeys.


  11. I remember seeing donkey basketball when I was a little kid. That and pony rides were my ‘first early contact’ with equine. Looks the same today as it did then. Not many of them will even break into a trot. Most of them don’t move or dump a ‘to heavy’ unsteady rider. It’s a good thing the rules allow people to lead the donkey, there are no spurs or whips or wire halters. Most of them won’t lead easy for strangers either. There aren’t many ‘jobs’ for donkeys where they look healthy,have nice trimmed feet and aren’t in terror (tripping)running away from hurt in panic. I too would love to see every donk, every horse live a perfect life. But to me the ‘life’ of a *well cared for* basketball donkey, ‘pony ride equine’ or carriage horse seems like they expose people to equines they may never see. The crowd noise it is annoying but equine can deal with noise, remember they were awesome in noise of wars. Now if they were falling, limping, thin with sores I’d be just as upset and angry as I am at rodeo and wild horse abusers. I wish there was a positive way, an opportunity to expose more people from the general public to equines. Out of sight, out of mind. What people don’t see they may never learn to love.


  12. This lowly activity is clearly a product of a deranged society that has lost concern for others,unfortunately for live creatures that cannot speak for themselves and it transcends towards other humans in time. It is wrong to make a mockery of the innocents and call it sport or fun, it is wrong to act out such twisted behavior. It’s like the bullying epidemic that is part of the educational setting. Only when ignorance and callousness is replaced with compassion and knowledge will our world take a turn for the better.


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