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Horse Slaughter Could Become County Option Under Bizarre Resolution Before Oklahoma Legislature

By BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau as published in Tulsa World

Last year, lawmakers passed and Gov. Mary Fallin signed a measure to lift the state ban on horse slaughtering.

“I don’t get it but has Oklahoma left the Union or do it’s State Legislators truly have their heads up their behinds?

The President signed the Omnibus Bill several weeks ago which carries the verbiage that federal inspections of horse slaughter facilities will not be funded, i.e.: there will be NO slaughter of companion equines for human consumption in the United States for the next two years, at least.

 What DON’T these fruitcakes get?” ~ R.T.


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OKLAHOMA CITY —- Critics of horse slaughter asked a lawmaker on Wednesday to give a bill a hearing that could lead to up or down votes on the facilities.

Last year, lawmakers passed and Gov. Mary Fallin signed a measure to lift the state ban on horse slaughtering. However, federal funding for inspections has not been forthcoming, essentially putting such facilities on hold.

The law bans the consumption of horse meat in the state.

Supporters said the measure was necessary to deal with abandoned or abused animals and allow owners the option for disposing of the animals.

Sen. Randy Bass, D-Lawton, wants Sen. Eddie Fields, R-Wynona, chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, to give Senate Joint Resolution 66 a hearing.

Under the measure, voters statewide would cast ballots to determine whether individual counties could vote to allow or prohibit the facilities within their boundaries.

“This measure requires that any facility that slaughters horses, mules or other equines for human consumption shall not be constructed or operated without approval from the majority of qualified voters in the county in which the proposed facility is to be located,” the resolution says.

Fields, the Senate author of last session’s horse slaughter bill, said the governing boards of cities and counties can already vote to ban the facilities.

Bass disagreed.

“There are no rules or regulations that allow local control at all,” he said.

Rep. David Dank, R-Oklahoma City, is the House author of SJR 66.

“People are entitled to have a say,” he said.

Canadian County Undersheriff Chris West said his county does not have a problem finding a solution for abandoned or abused horses.

He said he personally opposed a horse slaughter facility in his county because it would reduce the value of his property.

Should the resolution not get heard by the Legislature, opponents of horse slaughter would have no problem gathering the necessary signatures to put the issue on the ballot for voters statewide, Dank said.

Monday is the deadline for the measure to get a hearing, supporters said.

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  1. I am going to say it Oklahoma is Not the Horse Capital of the World, regardless of over funded elaborate AQHA events which cater to Only One Breed. AQHA is Not the Center of the horse industry. There are millions of other horses which are Not AQHA and Thousands of Greater, Much Larger and Better Quality perfomances and arenas around The United States. That capital title was given many years ago by the people of the past long since gone. Its time to publicly crown a more Horse Compassionate, industry friendly, supportive State as with a positive image as the New Horse Capital! I personally nominate Illinois! We have laws protecting our horses, we are making strides to pick up protections and to preserve the Industry. There are many other states that deserve the title as well and I think its high time the Industry takes that title to where horses Are Welcome and Not considered meat.


  2. The verbiage in the Omnibus Bill is “companion horses, for human consumption”, which sounds like a scary loophole to me! It doesn’t SEEM to include the wild and feral horse population, AND leaves “slaughter” open for NON consumption reasons.


  3. My take on this is that counties want to be able to prohibit slaughter within their boundaries if their citizens so desire. The funding for slaughter inspections is not yet gone “forever” so this would seem a prudent step if folks did not want this “industry” in their back yards. Unless and until the SAFE Act is passed there is plenty of reason to remain vigilant about local laws.


  4. I thought Oklahoma was going to slaughter horses and ship the meat overseas. That it wouldn’t be for locals to consume. I believe it is still illegal to be in possession of horsemeat for consumption.

    Theoretically they can slaughter horses and as long as that meat doesn’t cross state lines it doesn’t have to be nspected. Think of it as a backyard slaughterhouse–take your horse in, chop him up and then eat him for dinner.

    I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t it. Sounds worse than disgusting. But then I don’t live in Oklahoma. They chose not to listen last year to stats–so horse owners be really wary of taking your horse to Oklahoma! He might go poof! on you no matter how much security you put into place.


  5. I live in Oklahoma and Mary Falin and the Oklahoma Legislature DO HAVE THEIR HEADS UP THEIR BEHINDS. They live in their own world, and despite the fact that horses are a big part of our state and our history, their all for making Oklahoma the worst and lowest ranked state in the Union.


  6. They Do Seem To Have Their Heads Up Their Butts Or At The Very Least Too Much Alcohol to Fog Their Brains. TheseLegislators Are Living In Or Under A Rock, Acting Like A Bunch Of Low Logged. Like They Don’t Know That A Boo Was Passed Federally. Once Again Thumbing Their Noses At The Obama Administration. OR they Are Setting Up For The Next Ag Bill To See If It Removes Protection From Our Horses Once Again. Maybe One Of The Pro Slaughter Congress People Have Promised Something Next Year. Get The Safe Act Passed As Soon Add Humanly Possible And Don’t Let Up Until It Is Passed And Signed. I Think That If Obama Goes, So Does Our Chance Of Saving These Animals.


    • this Also Smells Of The BLM And Their Cattle Loving Administration. They Are Setting Up To Slaughter Mustangs, I’ll BeT And Other Domestic Horses. Watch And See…Our Mustangs Are No More Protected Than A Feral Cat.


    • My first exposure to this fellow. He fully expects to see horsemeat in American markets… also reiterates the fallacy that “ill, sick, starved horses etc.” are those slaughtered. He seems repulsed by slaughter but is more concerned about the quality of meat than the fate of the horses.

      He wonders aloud if he has misinterpreted the issue… I think perhaps yes.


    • My response is: the situation in the article of the.legislation he pinpoints shows a signed, notarized document that a horse is Rejected by three rescues. So when do horses bounce at the rate of 170,000 horses per year through three rescues each within 2 months as unwanted animals. So killer buyers will be 501c reg to make this happen?


  7. isn’t ok where one of the long term holding faculty for the b l m? yeagley is so wonderful to come forth to speak about this. i’m wondering when the gov. is going to start offing people that object to their ideas. sad day very sad to day.


  8. Just a follow up, if Oklahoma continues to be “unfriendly” for horses, maybe some of these events will decide to pull out. Serves us right.


  9. It is sad to say, but the humane issue doesn’t seem to have done much to protect Horses from slaughter. It has, though, activated those who insist upon humane treatment of Horses. The toxicity issue appears to be what has put a stop to it more than anything else, at least in the European Union.
    What I found compelling about David Yeagley’s video is that he said Comanche People do NOT eat Horses. He speaks to that quite a bit further in another video.
    It’s entirely possible and very probable that the Oklahoma Tribes either have been or will be coerced into endorsing Horse Slaughter. As with our own government, Tribal leaders and spokesman do not always represent the will of their people.


  10. What a complete waste of taxpayer’s money!
    R.T., My understanding of the Omnibus Bill verbiage is that federal inspections of horse slaughter for human consumption facilities will not be funded for one year. Will you please help me find the documentation that states it will be for two years, at least? Thanks so much!



    February 06, 2013
    Wild Horses Sold to ‘Kill Buyer’ by BLM Contractor

    The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been trying to convince the public that the BLM does not sell wild horses to slaughter, but the Wild Horse Freedom Federation has obtained proof that a BLM Long Term Holding contractor sold wild horses directly to kill buyer Joe Simon, who is well known for sending horses to slaughter, and who owns JS Ranch (“Farms”) in Perkins, Oklahoma.


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