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Illegal Rancher Sides with Utah Politicians to Wage War on Wild Horses

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Confusion Reigns Supreme as Welfare Rancher Plays “Tit-for-Tat” with BLM

"If you do DAT I'm gonna do DIS!"

“If you do DAT I’m gonna do DIS!”

According to recent news stories Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy has illegally been grazing cattle on public land for some 20 years. Apparently the BLM has had enough after two decades of Bundy not following due process and enrolling in their failed and broken “welfare rancher program” so the agency intends to round up the cattle and send them off to auction, can you believe it?

But ole Cliven and his half wit small town politician buddies are behaving much like little children in responding with a statement of, “if you do THAT then we will do THIS”. Some little boys just don’t grow up and of course, the horses are the ones to pay the price.

A notice was sent Tuesday to the BLM that read in part:

“You are officially put on notice that at the moment any action in Clark County, Nevada is taken to gather and confiscate private cattle without managing your own responsibility of feral horses in West Iron County to appropriate management levels, orders will be given to the Iron County Sheriff, deputies and other authorized agents to take necessary means to reduce the numbers of feral horses . . . This is not a threat. This is a plan of action,”

To read more on overgrown children behaving poorly feel free to visit:


The BLM’s plan to send the cattle off to auction begs the question of why the agency didn’t simply contract with a slaughter house and ship the cattle off to be butchered like they recently did with a herd of wild horses.

Personally, I enjoy seeing anyone or anything being a thorn in the side of the bloody, slaughter loving BLM but it is painful to see the wild ones being used as pawns, again.

The poor horses never seem to be able to catch a break.

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  1. Guess you are correct in your statement that they are behaving like little boys! you are also correct that the wild horses are the ones that will pay the price:(


  2. The more we are exposed to the badly bred ferals living out on or near the wild lands, oops I mean ranchers, the more we understand that our sympathetic offering of grants, co-pay, crop insurance, crop disaster payment, bad weather disaster funds, producer incentives, low leasing grazing permits, ad nauseum have done nothing to help them out of their hole. Isn’t there a bunch of laws that say if you are on welfare and don’t get a real job – you get cut off? Its time. When these yahoos think they run this country by threatening harm to a protected animal – its time to pull the plug – its about 40 years past time.


    • Couldn’t agree with you more, Jan. I’m sure there are some decent farmers and ranchers who have actually used these funds the way they were intended, and are not in the business of profitting just from government handouts. But this Cliven Bundy and ranchers like him give them all a bad name. What a piece of scum! Maybe the IRS needs to get involved since he is obviously not reporting his true income to the government.


  3. Somebody send that man a bill and an officer for the threats. First not paying while earning a living is fraud is every state. If you dont pay foryour cattle to graze you are Equal with the BLM dirty politics and quite frankly its defrauding tax payerz by both the cattle man and the BLM. Why hasnt anyone filed Fraud and Deceptive Practices Against the Bureau? The unfactual numbers, the reasons behind roundups, as far as that goes why not fraud charges against the forged health certificates from killer buyers and against plants for Each horse they have accepted Especially the ones they proved had Bute in them, you know the Only horses ever tested, since testing for drugs has been a scam to. This man not paying a Government Agency the money knowing hes Not in the program begs the question how many others do this? And how desperate for a few bucks doesnt a greedy irresponsible cattleman have to be to do this? And then to put the horses in the middle….law enforcement needs to round this little hothead up and stop the threats. He needs to not only anty up the bucks, but be banned from fraudulent grazing. This guy is a recipient of dividends and protections of the farm bill while they cut benefits to hungry folks this year. Ridiculous!


  4. Why is Miller – from another county- more or less supporting this self appointed Bundy “fiefdom”. Where does he get the “hypocrisy” defense? Twits. They have pretty much pre-indicted themselves. Here is what I imagine to be the official declaration.
    “NOTICE: This egotistical, arrogant rancher (Cliven Bundy) with his equally dense, thick-headed cronies along with Dave Miller – being of debatable sound mind – intend to violate federal laws and let the whole world know about it. Therefore after we perpetuate this act we intend to slap ourselves in handcuffs, haul our dimwitted-asses to jail, pay for lawyers, and pay fines all because we can no longer thumb our noses at federal guidelines for permit grazing that I(we) have been getting away with for 20 years.”
    Brilliant!!!!! Save everyone a bunch of time and trouble.
    His “Last Cowboy Standing” argument is a joke. Cliven Bundy can pound sand.


  5. Interesting how he can claim 150 square miles is “his” property somehow. Even the Homestead laws were only a square mile in most cases, so unless he bought out a lot of neighbors, his claim to living and working there equivocating ownership is no different than those of the Native Americans who “owned” it the same way before him. If he is crying foul because the Gov’t. is trying to take away his “private” property, he needs a good long look in the mirror. Free lunches for cattle how many years and he’s still unhappy???

    I have sympathy for the independent spirit but in this case, it’s nothing but welfare cheating with the rest of us taxpayers, the environment, and our wild horses paying the tab so he can run a private cattle business on land he didn’t pay for… then complaining and threatening people over it? Guess if I could “own” 150 square miles that way I would go for it, too.

    If you build your house on sand you can’t honestly be surprised when it crumbles. Enough.


  6. Feral horses. These stupid people mean the horses that live on their land that the United States government granted them.


  7. if this rancher or any other of the disgruntled ranchers and businesses contributed to The Nature Conservancy’s, IUCN’s, FAO’s, and CABI’s funding of the Global Invasive Species Programme requested by the IUCN in June of 1997 following their successful work with members of the FAO to find a way to draft Article 8 (h) into a 1997 update of the 1979 update of the International Plant Protection Convention that was initially begun to protect plants and agriculture in 1951. However, the U.S. did not ratify this treaty until April of 1972, only four months after the 1971 WFRHB Act was signed into law.

    So when the Secretariat for the CBD agreed to fund the request made by a Stanford professor, that the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group needed funding for a global program to educate people about alien, invasive, species, it translates as a well funded propaganda campaign that has used organization like the Wildlife Society, the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, and the other environmental-wildlife interest groups that refuse to stand up for our wild horses and burros as members of the North American wild life community.

    What they apparently never thought to ask was whether or not there were any species valued by wildlife interests classified as alien, invasive, pests. And of course there are—these are the species that FWS, TNC, and the IUCN do not want present on the land they intend to control by controlling what types of living organisms can live on any given piece of land. While ranchers like this may think that they will be rewarded by the BLM for their assistance with the eradication of America’s beloved national icons, what they do not know is that cattle, sheep, swine, goats, as well as dogs and cats are part of the CBD that was written into the 1997 Update of the IPPC.


    • The guy has made threats or lets just Say heindicated strongly in 2012 article to a auctioneer that he would Protect his life, liberty, and whatever old by gone outta date land moochers quote to scare the agency into believing he would become violent. The article is interesting from 2012, they keep good ole boys dupe em when you can going. The agency needs to just stop this game playing, they attack mustangs, so they can round up a few hundred cattle that have No Rights!


  8. some times i wish the old west was in play and hang em high mentality was still around but wish in one and shit in the other …see which one fills fastest ! really we need our governmemt more than ever an they ignore us . faith is coming in small doses and I don’ t like it.


  9. Hmmm …. SCARY article, but this comment was something I hadn’t thought of:

    “Horses were not native to the West when European explorers arrived…”

    Wait a tick. Then how does the Book of Mormon talk about horses being in the Americas at the time of Christ? You mean, that book might have some historical inaccuracies?”…/wild-horses-blm-burros.html.csp


  10. This part of Utah has a high population of mormon’s statistically speaking. I tried to post at Salt Lake Tribune and the message disappeared…

    Anyway it sure seems to me that these commissioners are the ones who are acting like terrorists right now. Cattle and BLM love to call advocates eco-terrorists but who is acting which way right now???

    I liken this to an ugly time in Mormon history, Suffice it to say that non momons didn’t like Mormons. Anyway there was a really bad riot in Haun’s Mill. Sveral people were locked in a house which was then set ablaze by the “gentiles”. There’s a whole lot more to this story than just this. Main point being that the Church mostly teaches how the “gentiles” mostly took matters into their own hands and killed people. This is NOT the way Mormons act.

    I called Salt Lake earlier today hoping to talk to someone in authority with the Church who might be able to diffuse this before people or animals are hurt or killed. NO luck. I’m sorry. The idea is if the Church steps in–even in the role of mediator someone will feel guilty. Not quite I get that one cause my idea was to bring ALL parties to the table with no guilt or garbage attached.

    The best the Church can do is take action AFTER someone does something illegal, is tried and found guilty. They can take action on that person’s membership then. In the Mormon Church losing your membership IS a big deal. But if horses are killed needlessly it won’t bring them back.

    My past experience is the Church is VERY patriarchal. Normally I wasn’t listened to when I did go to Church. Seems like they are even less interested in talking to me today…Perhaps if RT can call they might be willing to listen or if we have another male out here.

    Personally I don’t give a rap about the ranchers and whatever there beef is this week. (pun intended) I care because this ugly situation is putting the horses into potentially grave danger. For them to stand with a man who has been thumbing his nose at the BLM for over 20 years and not paying his grazing fees (as little as they are)I hope BLM brings charges against this man and his Utah sidekicks.

    Do you really wanna go here? Are you willing to put everything on the line? The 1971 law specifically states that those horses are to be left alone. Yakking about action you will take puts you right into the sights of advocates. And I am one that will speak up to Salt Lake.


    • Public Corruption Reporting;
      How does the FBI investigate public corruption?
      A: We’re in a unique position to investigate allegations of public corruption. Our lawful use of sophisticated investigative tools and methods—like undercover operations, court-authorized electronic surveillance, and informants—often gives us a front-row seat to witness the actual exchange of bribe money or a backroom handshake that seals an illegal deal…and enough evidence to send the culprits to prison. But we have plenty of help. We often work in conjunction with the inspector general offices from various federal agencies, as well as with our state and local partners. And we depend greatly on assistance from the public. So let me end by saying, if anyone out there has any information about potential wrongdoing by a public official, please submit a tip online or contact your local FBI field office. Your help really makes a difference.



  11. It appears that BLM has allowed Bundy to break the law for many years and has cowered to his threats of violence which are a conspiracy against the American people and thus BLM is an accessory in that conspiracy by having knowledge of his illegal activities and letting him get away with it.

    Now these Utah ranchers are threatening to break a federal law and their threat alone is a conspiracy against the American people. Will BLM cower again? If they do then they are accessories to the conspirators.

    A criminal conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit almost any unlawful act, then take some action toward its completion. The action taken need not itself be a crime, but it must indicate that those involved in the conspiracy knew of the plan and intended to break the law. For example, Andy, Dan, and Alice plan a bank robbery. They 1) visit the bank first to assess security, 2) pool their money and buy a gun together, and 3) write a demand letter. All three can be charged with conspiracy to commit robbery, REGARDLESS of whether the robbery itself is actually attempted or completed.

    An accessory must generally have knowledge that a crime is being, or will be committed. A person with such knowledge may become an accessory by helping or encouraging the criminal in some way, or simply by failing to report the crime to proper authority. If BLM law enforcement can’t stop Bundy and the Utah ranchers from committing crimes then it is their legal duty to report those crimes to the proper authority that CAN stop the crime against the American people. If they don’t … then they are clearly accessories to the crimes.


  12. Dirty Harry is behind this and has a plan to sell the mineral rights to the mines to the miltary complex to develop weapon grade materials. Then he wants to give land and water rights to the Indians to sell water to nevada ranchers. You can be sure Dirty Harrys fingers Will be in the pot to get money off of ANYTHING the indians develop and even the mlitary complex. Its not about the ranchers cattle grazing the land OR the tortoise, its about the GOVERNMENT! This this is NEVADAS LAND, not THE GOVERNMENTS land and they want to STEAL IT!! They are trying to destroy this rancher and kill his cattle, This Government is OUT OF CONTROL AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!! THIS LAND DOES NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT; IT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE!!! THE GOVERNMENT IS KILLING AND STARVING THIS MANS CATTLE USING CRUEL AND UNPROFESSIONAL BLACK WATER TATICS, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO BE DOING1!! THEY ARE DRAGGING THE MOTHERS FROM THEIR CALVES AND STARVING THEM OF PRECIOUS MILK, AND THEY HAVE NO WATER!! ARE YOU MEN TOTALLY STUPID, DO YOU HAVE ANY MORALS OR DENCENCY AT ALL?? HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IF IF YOUR BABIES WERE TAKEN AWAY FROM THEIR MOTHERS, AND LEFT TO DIE??? YOU WOULDNT!! STOP BEING NAZI, GESTAPO THUGS FOR THIS ILLEGAL TYRANT IN OFFICE AND STAND WITH BUNDY AND TRUE AMERICANS!!1 USE YOUR BRAIN OR IS IT MADE OUT OF CHICKENWIRE???? SNIPERS BACK OFF AND THINK!! SURELY YOU ARENT THAT DESPERATE FOR MONEY THAT YOU WOULD DO SOMETHING AS CRUEL AND UNCONSCIONABLE AS THIS!! THINK ABOUT YOUR SOUL AND ETERNAL LIFE!! DO YOU THINK GOD WOULD LIKE WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING???? NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man has continued to pay taxes to the state of Nevada just not to the illegal landlord govt because they dont own the land!!!!


    • Wow, you have no grasp of this situation at all. The government of the United States is the landlord of this country. The Bundy’s do NOT own this land, nor have they been paying grazing fees to use it. How is this roundup of cattle any different than what has been happening to the wild horses for years. Foals are torn away from their dams and deprived of mother’s milk. Do you think they feel any different than the calves? Mr. Bundy fueled this range war himself by threatening to round up wild horses to remove them from the land, which is specified as a wild horse management area. He is a criminal, plain and simple. He is a squatter on this land, apparently from a long line of squatters. Just because you park your ass on a piece of land for several years does not make that land yours.


    • “The Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976 declared it the policy of the United States that: “….the public lands be retained in Federal ownership, unless as a result of the land use planning procedure provided in this Act, it is determined that disposal of a particular parcel will SERVE THE NATIONAL INTEREST …” Through FLPMA, Congress made it clear that the public lands should be HELD IN PUBLIC OWNERSHIP and managed for “multiple use,” defined as: “…the management of the public lands and their various resource values so that they are utilized in the combination that will BEST MEET THE PRESENT AND FUTURE NEEDS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE …” In other words, it’s been determined (and supported by the vast majority of the areas with large populations) domestic energy production, mining, and obtaining water by any means is more important than any other public land use, including ranching. The “highest and best use” is being enforced by the BLM and Forest Service. If they want to keep their jobs and considerable benefits, they must enforce what Congress has voted into law despite any personal opinions.


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