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‘Tainted horsemeat’ kills 5 in Philippines

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Horsemeat is not commonly eaten in the Philippines…”

Horse MeatCotabato – Five people are believed to have died from eating tainted horsemeat in the Philippines while as many as 60 may have consumed it, a local official said on Wednesday.

Four horses died from unexplained causes and their meat was given away to residents in the largely rural southern province Sultan Kudarat on March 25, Henry Albana, the province’s social welfare officer said.

Many fell ill after eating it, with the town of Senator Ninoy Aquino particularly affected, Albano added.

“The owners of the horses butchered them, then they distributed the meat to the residents. One of the owners was the first victim,” to die after eating the meat, said Albano.

“Provincial officials are trying to locate all the others who ate the horsemeat. I estimate that as many as 60 may have eaten it,” he told AFP.

Albano said some locals believed the horses died from eating grass newly-sprayed with pesticides. Health officials have yet to establish what happened.

Horsemeat is not commonly eaten in the Philippines but people in impoverished rural areas often resort to unusual meat sources such as field rats or frogs.

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  1. OMG how terrible and sad, what do we have to do to stop this horror !!! Horses were never meant for human consumption, these magnificent horses were meant for much much more, they are healers ,Believe me I know first hand , They were created with the most beautiful intentions, they were given to us with Love , hoping we would figure them to be exactly what they are, a Gift !!! That we would Treasure…………………….. All of their attributes , just an added WOW!!!!!!!


  2. I don’t feel sorry for the man who owned them and butchered them but I feel sorry for they others. As far as I’m concerned horses are not meant to eat and if you are going to take that risk then you have to live with the out come. I only wish that would start happening to the people who are making the demand for horse meat coming from the US. Maybe if people in the EU and other places who buy horse meat to eat start dying then someone might take this seriously but until then our horses and wild horses will suffer at the cruel hands of these sickos!

    What is happening to our horses wild and or not is beyond comprehendible to me and I have no sympathy for any of them. I would say more but I won’t. Horses our not for human consumption. PERIOD!


  3. I do feel sorry for the people who died from eating this tainted horsemeat. However, maybe if this would happen to more people in Europe who think it is a delicacy, then our domestic and wild horses might finally be spared from the greed that is killing them in Canada and Mexico. I’d like to see the owner of the Bouvry Slaughterhouse in Canada consume some tainted horsemeat. Maybe that is the answer to this slaughter issue. Maybe someone needs to develop some bacteria or virus or something that is not harmful to horses, but makes humans violently ill if they consume horse meat. Then we would just need to find a way to inject this into every equine in the United States.


    • Vickie,

      I was thinking the exact same thing but did not want to say it. I wish there was something that would not hurt the horses but would kill those who ate the meat but then we would probably go to jail for murder and they would still keep slaughtering the horses. Just a wishful dream I guess. Eventually, this whole ordeal will end up a major tragedy to those involved and it might be taken seriously once and for all. Also, anyone who takes a horse to an auction or slaughter house is a piece of crap as far as I am concerned.


    • I’m not suggesting something that would kill people; just something that would make them violently ill. Maybe a better idea would be to develop something that would make horse meat taste disgusting.
      Another suggestion is to use a portion of all breed registrations, show fees and race purses to take care of America’s wild equines, and domestic rescues. I would be willing to have an option to donate a percentage of my tax return for this purpose. Maybe with the funds available the BLM could actually do the job that they are being paid to do with your tax dollars already, instead of wasting taxpayer dollars for rounding up, holding, and apparently selling horses to slaughter. Judging by how much the BLM has already spent on helicopter roundup and hotshot truckers, they do need some oversight on appropriate uses for tax dollars. Make significant portions of the public rangelands only to be used for the horses and burros; NO cattle or other livestock allowed. Increase the lease fees for welfare ranchers and enforce it, and significantly restrict leases for other natural resources to areas that are not sustainable to most wildlife.
      There needs to be a new head of the BLM. Someone who can stand up to the special interest groups and do the job that the American Public have entrusted to them.


    • Maybe the use of pesticides should stop? And the list of drugs and chemicals which are used on or fed to horses should be published near and wide. There are about 100 of these which are labeled “Not for use in animals to be consumed by humans”.

      But who will distribute the list? “Maybe someone” will not get it.

      Let’s make a pact to agree to do everything we can to distribute news about those products far and wide. Have you, for example, used a Furacin product on your horse on an open wound, nick, or sore? Read the label. I have a friend who supported horse slaughter until her daughter put the Furacin label in her face. She now is on our side.


  4. I would be very interested to know how many horsemeat-eating foreigners visit their doctors for ailments that could be traced back to the toxins in American horses. Chances are the horse meat is never even considered. That would be similar to us going to the doctor for abdominal pains, and the doctor knowing it was caused by drugs in our pork, or whatever. If it’s a common and lifelong diet, it’s bound to be overlooked and misdiagnosed. I’d be willing to wager there are more illnesses caused by tainted horse meat than we think. They just need to connect the dots.


  5. Hate to say it, but as a cop, I came across several Mexicans in rural Ca slitting horses throats and eating/selling the meat. Not their horses, and even videotaped it. At least 5 horses. That’s just everyday stuff in Mexico, grabbing someone’s horse and eating it. So they do it when they move and travel too. Young guys who had local migrant jobs. They literally won’t spend a dime of their earnings, send it all home, and scrape by here trying to live for free. Thought it was funny, knew it illegal in USA. Just got deported for a few months.


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