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BLM Seeks Bids for Additional Short Term Wild Horse and Burro Concentration Camps

Unedited BLM Press Release less headlines

Rogue Federal Agency to Warehouse Wild Equines Illegally Removed from Rightful Lands

BLM News Release

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  1. The BLM needs to start doing what they are suppose to do and what they are paid to do that is PROTECT AND PRESERVE the MUSTANGS if they dont they need to be all FIRED, that is the bottom line either do your Job correctly or be dismissed , simple as that………….. of course after putting ALL the Mustangs back in the herd areas where they belong !!!!!!


    • Ditto, Arlene!!!! It’s truly sad millions of our tax dollars are being spent on total mismanagement of our wild horses and burros! Where is the justice, when the call for their protection and freedom is denied?! They belong to all of us, the American people and we have the right to see they’re protected, for all future generations.


      • Yes jean, and we have all rights to see them any time we wish, since they belong to American citizens, there is something totally wrong, the Mustangs are American icons and Treasures,these are people who are refusing to let us see them, right there is the proof they are are doing wrong to them…. and they know it !!! The BLM are not doing their Job … who governs them??? they need to do a immediate dismissal !!!!of these brutal inhumane people,all of them…… A new Agency needs to take over they are all right here Qualified to do what the right thing is RETURN THE MUSTANGS TO FREEDOM AND PROTECTION !!!!!!


  2. Oh boy….where to begin with so many lies and misrepresentations …”responsibility” to “care for” and “manage” horses, including those “removed” from “overpopulated” herds….? Fail

    The “short-term” facilities must be close to and readily accessible from a major US or Interstate Highway. Wonder why?

    The animals will remain in short-term holding until they can be adopted or transported to a long-term pasture. Yeah, the big pasture in the sky, if history is any indication.

    “Manages and “protects” these living symbols of Western spirit….” Sure doesn’t look that way from videos showing helicopter roundups and contract workers abusing them and leaving them exposed to the elements.

    What a benevolent agency, or so they’d have us believe!


  3. I wonder if they would let TCF take them? No …they probably have some stupid requirement that the place must be a very small corral with no shade, water, or food.


  4. Well, now even more welfare ranchers can sign up and be on the WHB payroll. And BLM can spend all that helicoper money and public land grazers can get to the business of overgrazing again without the tell tale sign of wildlife migrating to the private land for forage.

    Saw minutes from a meeting with BLM wherein a rancher complained that keeping his cattle off public lands was messing with his operational needs. So BLM changed up the grazing restriction s due to drought to better his operational situation. Something in there missed consideration for the range and the elk, antelope, free horses, and all the little critters such as sage grouse, lizards etc depend on to thrive. Getting the horses off just delays the inevitable compolete destruction of the public grazing allotments.

    I object to new short term facilities!



    An analysis of the Wild Horses Act and the relevant case law will demonstrate that the prevailing method used to eliminate the “straying problem”-extensive governmental removal of horses from public and private lands-COUNTERMANDS the protective purposes of the Act and of related public lands statutes.

    While the constitutional basis for § 1334′s regulation of conduct on private lands remains an open issue, several persuasive theories suggest that Congress was EMPOWERED TO EXTEND FEDERAL CONTROL BEYOND PUBLIC BOUNDRIES.

    Section 1334 of the Wild Horses Act provides landowners an
    inexpensive and convenient method of removing straying horses from their
    private property.


  6. Per the 1971 Congressional Wild Horse and Burro Act, the land is to be devoted PRINCIPALLY although not exclusively to the wild horses and wild burros’ welfare in keeping with the multiple-use management concept of public lands. Removal or reduction of domestic livestock which provides financial gain for any private or corporate owned institution must be activated in favor of protecting the land and the wildlife and wild horses and wild burros and their habitat that belong to the American people. By law the BLM can and should close appropriate areas of public lands to grazing use by all domestic livestock, if necessary, to provide habitat for wild horses or burros; to implement herd management actions; or to protect wild horses or burros from disease, harassment, or injury. 43 C.F.R. § 4710.5. It is the law.


    • If you study the revisions made to the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, which were added in 1976 and 1978, they virtually make the law worthless. They added a definition of “excess animals”, they added a section where there is supposed to be an inventory (count) of these animals on public lands to determine where an overpopulation exists and to provide for their removal; they added a provision for old, sick or lame animals to be destroyed (which they can make happen with helicopter roundups), they added a section allowing for excess unadoptable wild horses and burros to be humanely destroyed, they added a section for transferring ownership to adoptive owners after a period of one year if the animals were determined to have been humanely treated; and they added a section providing for wild horses and burros or their remains to lose their status as wild free-roaming (protected by the Act) upon passage of title to the adoptive individual. Section 3b does state that no wild free-roaming horse or burro or its remains may be sold or transferred for consideration for processing into commercial products. (Broke their own amendment with the Wyoming roundup using the excuse that these were not wild horses – evil bastards). They also added the section allowing for them to use helicopters, however, it states that this use shall be undertaken only after a public hearing and under the direct supervision of the Secretary of the Interior or of a duly authorized official or employee of the Dept, and that such use shall be in accordance with humane procedures prescribed by the Secretary. The original Act states that “Nothing in this Act shall be construed to authorize the Secretary to relocate wild free-raoming horses or burros to areas of the public lands where they do not presently exist. It just seems to me that they are breaking the law right and left in their zeal to kiss the asses of the wlefare ranchers. I’m not a wealthy person by any means (2 horse poor, actually), but I would be willing to donate as much as I could afford to join a class action lawsuit against the BLM for their mismanagement of the wild horses and burros. Vile, evil, untrustworthy ….. There are no words to adequately express my disdain for these “people” who abuse my tax dollars.


      • So Vickie, what can we as citizens do? It does little good for us all to tell each other here what we mostly already know. If the BLM is taking illegal actions, then there must be some legal answer, and it must be taken soon. Class action lawsuit? Moratorium on any further roundups unless and until they can prove their outrageous population estimates (without using computer models), or a public nationwide referendum to relieve the BLM of their duties? We need some positive, achievable action steps, and soon.


  7. It’s time to push the issue of adjudicating them as “Native Wildlife” Where are they getting the $ to warehouse more horses and why can’t that money be used to buyout the allotments or pay the permittees to not run LS (like the CRP program). Because the foreign demand for beef and the price of beef is rising there is no incentive to downsize LS grazing without “subsidizing” them to do so. Sorry, don’t like to advocate perpetuating the welfare system but I think over one or two generations it would be cheaper in the long run than the current method.


  8. “A future solicitation will cover states in the East”??????? They are talking about eventually moving the horses & burros back here? Boy, how closely does that adhere to the 1971 Wild Horse & burro Act? Moving them 3000 miles for pasture when there are all those thousands of acres in the West. Just think taking the wild horses from the desert and moving them into the lush, sugar sweet pastures back here. Does that say colic? AND expensive…


    • I couldn’t believe it when I read that either. Mustangs belong in the West. Our government has truly lost its way, and our country is going to be indistinguishable, overdeveloped and overextracted mess from one side to the other in the future. The colossal gall is stunning, that we can take a place over, boot out al the wildlife, and then set up ‘mitigation’ areas, and everything will all fall into place.


    • The 1971 law is very clear that wild horses and burros were to be protected in areas “where found” at that time, which didn’t include the East, except maybe the wild coastal horses, which are genetically quite different. Not to mention the higher property values and higher human populations in the East, or the loss of Western tourism benefits… Is it time for a class action lawsuit yet??? I am pretty much shocked every day by the BLM BS, and cannot understand why they are not being held accountable.


  9. Fordham Environmental Law Review

    In its natural state, wildlife has always been regarded as ferae
    naturae, a part of the commons rather than private property.92 Since
    Roman law, government has been recognized as the trustee of wildlife
    for the benefit of the public.

    Modern doctrines imply that the states and the federal government share a strong parens patriae interest in wildlife conservation.

    For instance, in Kleppe v. New Mexico,’°4 the Court upheld
    the right of the government to protect wild horses and burros
    despite claims of damage to private grazing-rights holders.


  10. I saw something very troublesome posted on Facebook….so-called wild horse advocates rallying for each of the 50 states to have sanctuaries for 1,000 horses. Do these so-called wild horse advocates not realize they’re playing right into BLM’s dirty hands? This is EXACTLY what the BLM wants……our wild horses & burros removed from their rightful legal lands and jailed in so called sanctuaries. All I can say is WTH is wrong with these so-called advocates? Just seeing crap like this posted makes me very angry.


    • Barbara, not to mention the elegant foisting of all the costs onto sanctuaries (which will have to beg for operating capital) while the BLM still subsidizes livestock grazing leases… also at taxpayer expense to prop up private for-profit enterprises. What’s wrong with this picture? Sanctuaries are not the answer, despite the best of intentions. Better the cattle and sheep went to private sanctuaries and let their owners pay the expenses.


  11. From: The Salt Lake Tribune

    BLM workers on alert after wrangler threatened with gun on I-15
    Terror ploy? » Assailants hide behind hoods, mask license plate while making death threat.
    By Erin Alberty | The Salt Lake Tribune

    First Published May 07 2014 10:13 pm • Last Updated May 08 2014 08:41 am
    With anti-government sentiments roiling in the aftermath of Cliven Bundy’s Nevada standoff, government workers in western Utah are stripping BLM logos from their vehicles after two motorists brandished a gun and displayed a threatening sign at a federal wrangler who was driving Tuesday in Juab County.

    The wrangler was driving a load of horses and burros north on Interstate 15 about 11 a.m. near Mills when a dark blue Dodge 1500 extended-cab pickup pulled up alongside the wrangler. The two occupants “told him he was No. 1 with that certain gesture,” said Eric Reid, the wrangler’s supervisor at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s Fillmore Field Office.

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    The pickup fell back and the wrangler continued north. A few minutes later, the pickup reappeared, Reid said. The men, wearing hoods, held up a sign, apparently scrawled on a piece of paper, that read, “You need to die.” One of the men pointed what appeared to be a Glock handgun at the wrangler.

    The wrangler tried to make out a license plate number, but the plate had been covered with duct tape, Reid said.

    After watching the pickup drive past Nephi, the wrangler reported the threat. The Utah Highway Patrol searched for the pickup but has not found it.

    “We are investigating this and investigating it thoroughly,” UHP Sgt. Todd Royce said.

    BLM officials do not believe the men were stalking the wrangler in connection to the agency’s controversial wild horse and burro roundups, but rather that they noticed the BLM logo on his truck and trailer and saw an opportunity to harass a federal employee, Reid said.

    “It’s one of those things now we’re going to be dealing with,” Reid said. “A lot of [people] have taken that attitude toward the government.”

    Because the wrangler’s travel was slowed by the trailer full of animals, the pickup’s occupants had plenty of time to pull over and cover their license plates with tape — a strategy used by Bundy’s supporters who rallied with him against federal agents in an armed standoff over BLM grazing fees, Reid said.

    Now BLM workers are removing the agency’s logo from their vehicles as a “precaution,” Reid said.


    • If the BLM is doing no wrong , if they are abiding by Americans(*all 80% OF THEM) wishes and the law , what do they have to worry about??????? Maybe they ought to start doing what they are Paid to do !!!!!!!


    • Probably a lie, so that they can continue sneak away horses to slaughter. I predict that these ‘phantom motorists’ are never found. Don’t they use outside ‘contractors’ anyway? And moving the American people’s horses under the BLM’s ‘care’ is government business answerable to the American taxpayers, so isn’t it illegal not to have a logo on the truck? Unless of course there is a very important reason not to have it….such as lying to the public.


      • Ida, I agree, and wonder about the ramifications of the official BLM activities going undercover… it raises many many questions, none with comforting answers.


  12. Our tax Dollars aLL READY PAY FOR THE HORSES TO BE ON THEIR LAND, that has water rights for them, now we have to pay again for them to be on some ones private land- what the hay is going on ????


  13. Heres a Bid for ya BLM< Witch presents good sense , something you know little about !!!! Put the National Treasures Our Mustangs back on the Range !!!!


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