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Welfare Ranchers Deceive Public and Press While Planning on Duping D.C. Over Wild Horse Issue

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Federally Subsidized Private Ranchers at Odds with Truth, Facts and Common Decency

Iron County's Wild Horse Apocalypse - "there are killer horses everywhere"

Iron County’s Wild Horse Apocalypse – “there are killer horses everywhere”

The “good ole welfare boys” of Iron County, Utah aren’t satisfied with the press coverage they received over their trumped-up Wild Horse Apocalypse story; now they plan on packing up their tales of deceit and deception and are heading out east to D.C. where they hope they can make a “big impression”…yeah, they make a big impression alright but most civilized people clean that stuff up with toilet tissue.

In a recent St. George News article the wild horse hating ranchers claim that the horses “pose a threat to livestock forage, watershed and wildlife habitat”…don’t any of these guys know what they are talking about, have these welfare ranchers lost their morale compasses, has a single one seen the stats and understand that it is the CATTLE that are destroying the land and not the horses?  The answer to all of the above would, of course, be NO!

Two weeks ago, well known equine news writer, Vickery Eckhoff published an exhaustive expose’ piece on AlterNet where it was undeniably validated that these guys are a bunch of crooks who have their hands in the tax payer’s wallets while they attempt to obliterate and destroy the wild horses in their area.  The graph below clearly shows where the problem really lies but the good ole boys don’t want you to know the truth.

Facts Don't Lie, Welfare Ranchers Do!

Facts Don’t Lie, Welfare Ranchers Do! (click on image to enlarge graphic)

Click (HERE) to read Vickery’s article (please spread it around and send it to your elected representatives)

Click (HERE) to look into the minds of those who have lost touch with reality and depend upon your good tax dollars to stay in business…ya just gotta love it. (please comment)


Privately owned welfare cattle being herded onto public land and wild horse habitat ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

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  1. It does appear that the equine protectors and the land hogs/horse haters have one thing in common…the Feds suck.

    And yes, that graph says it all. Sadly, it is not a graph you will find in the marble halls of DOI or USDA; at least not publicly. And the killers will keep it that way, just like that visual vomit called “checkerboarding” lands. Einstein couldn’t figure it out.

    And I still think the livestock will be next as they are only used as a cover for the horrific rape of public lands for extraction and water rights.


  2. I hereby denounce the Iron County commissioners for overreaching their bounds and authority in the issues of the federal government and the entire United States of America tax-paying citizens who own the public land and its resources. I write this in response to the following statement in the Spectrum: “Currently in a range war over wild horses and in the middle of a lawsuit regarding prairie dogs, Iron County commissioners voted Friday to adopt a resolution denouncing the overreach of the federal government into state and local issues.”

    The Iron County commissioners need to take care of what they do have jurisdiction to influence … county owned land issues and county government and nothing more. Their continued threats such as this one, “There is a high probability we are going to end up having to deal with these wild horses ourselves. So we are doing everything we can to show that we have tried to work with them (federal government), so if we’re forced to take action, we’ll have a track record” are a declaration of criminal intent – against you and me.

    A criminal conspiracy exists when two or more people agree to commit an unlawful act, and then take some action toward its completion. All collaborators involved and showing intent to break the law can be charged with conspiracy to commit the crime, regardless of whether the crime itself is actually attempted or completed. These Utah ranchers and the Iron County Commission are threatening to break a federal law and their threat alone is a conspiracy against the citizens of the United States of America.

    The American people own the public lands and resources in the West and they are supposed to be administered and protected on OUR behalf by the national government under laws and regulations. These are not “federal lands.” They are public lands. They never belonged to any state, county, individual, private or corporate entity. The land and the resources and the wild horses and wild burros belong to the citizens of the United States.

    The current threats by the Iron County Commissioners et al are apparently being made in response to BLM’s request to remove or reduce the privately owned domestic livestock that have, in the past, been permitted to graze on public land. Removal or reduction of domestic livestock which provides financial gain for any private or corporate owned institution must be activated in favor of protecting the land and the wildlife and wild horses and wild burros and their habitat that belong to the American people. As a matter of fact, by law the BLM can and should close appropriate areas of public lands to grazing use by all domestic livestock, if necessary, to provide habitat for wild horses or burros; to implement herd management actions; or to protect wild horses or burros from disease, harassment, or injury. 43 C.F.R. § 4710.5. It is the law.


    • Well said. How can we get this message to DC with enough signatures to make it apparent that the Majority of Americans do not want the wild horses and burros removed from their rightful lands. Why can’t these conspirators be charged? Being a county commissioner does not put you above the law. Neither does being a welfare rancher. I wish there were some way to fight back against this corruption that abounds within the political “good old boy” system. As usual, money rules. Whoever lines the pockets of the politicians the most, wins. Even the Supreme Court has been bought. And unfortunately many of us horse lovers are “horse poor”. It’s all just so disheartening. But we will continue to fight the good fight!


  3. Welfare Ranchers in Iron County looking for publicity? Then share Far and Wide that Iron County seeks to Kill wild Horses while allowing the damaging gases from cattle Destroy the environment. Horses replenish the lands ability for regrowth and cattle Destroy the air quality with methane gas and destroy foilage so badlynit cant reproduce while horses eat grass and reseed with their manure piles. So sure go to Congress while the President calls for reducing pollutants and slow global warming and let Iron County ask him to allow them to blow us off the map and Require everyone to wear oxygen masks! Iron County wants publicity? Lets give it to them….out them politely on every avenue available and remember to contact Congress to remind the horses are protected and paid for the grazing rights for the horses and we want them protected. And Iron County Insists on destroying the Earth by contributing to the problem then allow everyone to see what they are really doing.


  4. Of these crooks don’t recognize this government, let them give up all of the breaks,.subsidies afforded to them by this unrecognized government. Let them get off our land. Let them feed their own livestock and find water for them the way the rest of is honest tax paying citizens have to do. I’m tired of these crooks out of the system while thumbing their misses at the laws that the rest of us have to aside by..America fight back…is our money that affords them their lifestyle. Take all the amenities away and see how long they last..



    Washington, DC — The biggest and most ambitious scientific undertaking in the history of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management is languishing after it was revealed the agency directed scientists to exclude livestock grazing as a possible factor in changing landscapes.

    The agency has also yet to respond to a scientific integrity complaint filed one year ago by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) charging that the exclusion of livestock data constituted political interference.



    The Land Exchange Bill That Went “OOPS”…by Jim Stiles
    Did a Land Transfer Blessed by Environmentalists Give a Boost to TAR SANDS NATION?

    While the exchange showed a slight gain in oil and gas resources for the BLM, it also appears to transfer to SITLA a 31,429 acre parcel of lands with tar sands potential. The Zephyr contacted Lisa Bryant at the Moab BLM office. She replied:
    “Of the lands that would be exchanged from BLM to the State of Utah, 31,429 acres have been determined to have potential for tar sands. The EA, on page 20, has a list of the specific parcels considered to have tar sand potential. The estimated acreage is based on mineral reports completed by the and the State of Utah Geological Survey (UGS) completed in December 2009. These reports were further assessed in coordination with the Department of the Interior, Office of Mineral Evaluation (OME) (see EA, pg 29).


  7. Don’t Fence Us Out of Our Public Lands
    from Wildlife Promise
    By Kate Zimmerman

    Building Fences?

    Unfortunately, in the past year, legislatures in seven western states—Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Idaho—have passed, introduced, or explored legislation demanding that the federal government turn over millions of acres of these lands to the states. If successful, these bills would impose an enormous loss on both people and wildlife.

    Rather than being managed for the benefit and use of the American public, these lands would instead be managed in whatever way each state wants to use them—which generally means maximizing private profits through mining, drilling, and other resource extraction or selling them off to private developers. Those developers undoubtedly will build fences to keep me and rest of the public out, fences to keep wildlife out as well.

    The politicians who support these measures are out of touch with their communities. A significant majority of western voters (67 percent) oppose proposals to sell off public lands or turn them over to the states. Proposition 120, a ballot measure to give Arizona “sovereign and exclusive authority and jurisdiction” over the land, air, water, and wildlife within its boundaries, was resoundingly defeated by a 2-1 margin last November. Still, throughout the 112th and 113th Congresses, federal lawmakers also introduced dozens of bills that sought to sell off or roll back protections for public lands. Seems like they just want to see every acre carved up into separate little fenced-off parcels so that it will be clear what is yours and what is mine, but nothing will be ours — no “open range” left for kids and wildlife and all of us to roam.
    Keep Public Lands in Public Hands


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