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BLM Jumps in Bed with Welfare Ranchers while Flipping-Off 35,000 Tax Payers

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Private Welfare Cattle Stay, Protected Wild Horses Go

Facts Don't Lie, Welfare Ranchers Do! (Click Image to Enlarge)

Facts Don’t Lie, Welfare Ranchers Do! (Click Image to Enlarge)

Well they did it, we have been writing about it and forecasting an illegal and slanted decision influenced by a handful of bully, welfare rancher and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Utah Cedar City Field Office yesterday signed a Decision Record approving the proposed Bible Spring Complex Wild Horse Stampede, Removal and Fertility Treatment Plan…and not a peep about the federally protected wild horses being outnumbered by destructive, private, welfare cattle by a ratio of 10 to 1…figures from the BLM themselves.

Yup, the backwoods, half- baked, small-time politicians decided it was okay to threaten the BLM and “BAM” they get results, illegal results.  Could you imagine if a wild equine advocate so much as even looked sideways at the BLM?  Arresto-mundi Amigo.

How does this uncontrolled and illegally operating branch of the federal government continue to work outside the wishes of the very people who pay their salaries?  Over 35,000 letters from concerned and irrate American Citizens went to the BLM office inopposition of any wild horse removal and all but a handfull were discounted while a good ole boy town council trumps up lies and junk science and they get stroked and ultimately, get everything they want?

Hats off, once again, BLM for verifying that you are in the hip pocket of grazing and special interests while you spit in the face of the people who own the very land that the wild horses and burros are legally supposed to call home.

This fight is my no means even close to being over.

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  1. you are so right, they have been spitting in our faces for more years then I would like to admit to, someday we will all tire of it , and really do something!!!!!!!~! What really gets me is the poor Mustangs have to endure this crock of sh –……………………. while we sit with our hands tied and nothing helps them……………………… we are thousands strong and we cant stop the BLM ??????????????????????///


    • “Grazing permittees have voluntarily taken non-use because of reduced forage and water and impacts of excess wild horses in and outside of the HA. The pasture being gathered in the HA is being rested from livestock grazing from October 1, 2013 through September 30, 2014.” BLM concerning the Humboldt Gather.

      So the cows are moved off while the horses are “zeroed out.” Who wants to bet the cows will be back Sept. 31?


      • Sue – they will be back September 30th…..or earlier. How many times have we seen pictures of cows grazing contentedly during the roundup itself? Bastards…


  2. u of i employee alked to me yesterday stating that AR are taking away the antibiotics in hogs and is stupid. So I asked if the hogs gain weight after the use of tha antibiotic and he stuttereed hard….well we dont acually weigh each hog…technically it could but……so folks Agriculture is double talking in Every industry….wild and domestic equine cattle hogs chicks etc. Then he bellowed the horse marke collapsed with the closure of Illinois plant. The sudden closure…..whoa! No….i corrected him….they were orderedclosed in 2006 and 2007 were still running until forced closed. I informed him the economic downturn started 3 years before the closure as the economy slowed and hiring was even frozen at his facility…..then he softened as he didnt realize this. Then explained deadvand dying horses were owned b kill buyers and mass traders..reports of abadonded horses were falsified. Again shocked. So deluded was he that he admitted there were more cattle in this nation than Ever raised in history taking up lands. grains and hay more than horses could ever do. That statement made my face glow. A U of I Agriculture Farm Employee admits there are More cattle than Ever in History in America taking over. Then he said something that made me feel faint.. .that horses are better for the land to recover as they have to rotate pastures every couple years or sell cattle quicker because they destroy their environment. Horses rabbits and even goats are better for land management than cattle!!!!! Awwwwwww! This is where the angels sing in the background…..(not really) but you get the point. These people Know they are Destroying the land and they need more and more for greed purposes and to act like they didnt do the damages. I hate to say it but maybe a few Horse protectors need to step up and have a fit….if they get arrested for protecting the animals then at least its more publicity on the plight of the horses and the war with the ranchers. They threaten jail because know no one will go for it. However there is a point unfortunately where the risk of it is less important than standing for the truth…for the horses….for the humanity that these people dont have. Maybe a different approach is required.


    • Cattle also destroy the riparian areas , pollute water with feces that causes E.coli infections and also drink copious amounts of water.


  3. You see, this is why during the Bundy brouhaha, that I was never so much pro-Bundy as I was anti-BLM. Mr. Bundy I believe is small potatoes, and the BLM’s hypocritical, puffed-up response was revolting. He’s not the only one, and you hav to ask yourselves what kind of an entrenched culture would have allowed Mr. Bundy to go on running his cattle and not paying grazing fees for so long.

    Just imagine people telling their kids and grandkids, shielding their eyes from the glare: “You see this blinding solar farm (wind farm, oil field, ___________________[insert overriding human activity as appropriate])? This is where the wild horses used to roam.”


    • The statement from Robert Garrott, “Not only are the horses the result of hundreds of years of human breeding and trade, “the ecosystem, the climate, everything has changed over geologic time,”

      Isn’t that a rather subjective argument ? Where is the science in this statement ? What’s 10,000 years when the last 100+ years of livestock production around the world has been the single most environmentally damaging event in human history.

      My point is nature didn’t evolve the equid species for the sole benefit of human beings, who through eugenics created the modern breeds for a human functional purpose. Wild horses represent nature’s original plan to serve a functional purpose in support of an ecosystem.


  4. Time for a convoy, thousands of Advocates show up in every kind of vehical blocking the roads and timed to run out of gas in mass. That would make a mess of things and they can’t point any fingers or arrest anyone for that. Hmmmmmm……..Non violent monkey wrench gang.


  5. ALL, I wrote to Dr. Ross MacPhee who is quoted in the SLT article that Louie C posted above. His response:

    Hi Lyn, Thanks for your message. I have corresponded with Jay and Patricia and agree with the central conclusion of their paper, which is that Equus caballus is and should therefore be regarded as a native species.
    It may interest you to know that I sent a letter to the NAS outlining why an ancient DNA specialist or paleontologist should be included on the panel when its membership was originally announced. My letter was acknowledged but otherwise ignored.
    As Jay has remarked, the other side is stacked with people having economic interests in the lands the horses are on. They know nothing about systematic biology, yet using this science as cover make indefensible claims about species’ boundaries.

    Ross MacPhee, PhD, Curator & Professor
    Mammalogy/Vertebrate Zoology & Gilder Graduate School
    American Museum of Natural History
    200 Central Park West
    New York NY 10024
    212 769 5480


  6. I’ve got hundreds of photos of bird footprints on riparian soil. I am alarmed at the EXTENSIVE degradation caused by those non-native aka alien species on the cattle and sheep grazing allotments. I’ve also got photos of trails by snakes (los of those!) Also on caTte and sheep allotments. I’d like to kow how the criteria is set up. Because it is very confusing how one species causes degradation when others are using the same space without blame. Confusing.


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