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Utah State Slaughter Veterinarian Resigns after Investigation

Source: as published in Ogden, Utah’s

“he padded his pockets with work on the side and engaged in other questionable practices.”

“Hmmm, Utah State Slaughter Inspector AND a illegal Vet at Central Utah Correctional Facility’s Wild Horse Ranch?  Looks like a perfect storm for ushering wild horses out the back gate for slaughter across the border, to me.  Perhaps that angle should be looked into by the authorities, also.  Remember, it was King who pushed for domestic horse slaughter in Utah, Click (HERE).  Once a crook, always a crook” ~ R.T.

(P.S. from Debbie – It seems Bruce King was the veterinarian at Gunnison prison when many wild stallions were dying from the gelding process.  This information was given to the National Academy of Science.)

Dr Bruce KingOGDEN, — Utah’s chief state veterinarian and outspoken horse slaughter proponent Dr. Bruce King, has resigned after an investigation into a former employee’s allegations he padded his pockets with work on the side and engaged in other questionable practices.

King, who oversaw meat packing, slaughter and livestock inspections statewide, has ended a 15-year tenure with the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. His resignation took effect June 1.

Ex-employee Wyatt Frampton detailed his allegations in a letter to the governor’s office in late March, prompting a two-month investigation by state auditors, the Standard-Examiner of Ogden reported.

Among other things, King was accused of making at least $2,000 a month extra by landing a contract to provide veterinary services at the Central Utah Correctional Facility’s Wild Horse Ranch. His annual salary was $96,000 at the time.

He also was accused of essentially having a free car and free gas during his entire tenure with the department. He refused to move to Salt Lake City when he was appointed assistant state veterinarian in 2006 and when he was named state veterinarian in 2011, opting to commute with his state car and state credit card for fuel, Frampton said.

Phone calls to King’s home in Axtell near Gunnison weren’t immediately returned.

A bill signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert earlier this year forbids the state veterinarian from engaging in the private practice of veterinary medicine.

“They’re not supposed to be competing with people they oversee,” the bill’s sponsor, Representative Ronda Menlove, R-Garland, told the Standard-Examiner…(CONTINUED)

Click (HERE) to read the rest of the story and to comment at the Daily Herald

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  1. All we should be focusing on is the thousands of majestic band stallions and bachelor, 2 year old colts, crowded onto transport trucks and shipped to Gunniston. If this dirty piece of work had anything to do with the oversight of their care and/or the experimentation that was carried on them – we should realize the horses meant nothoing and suffered. Everyone reading this report has got to see the horses’ suffering and speak out. There are horses there now, thousands. And for some reason, some mares have been sent. Its not good to be paranoid, but the facts don’t lie and are right in front of us.


    • You are exactly right , these fiends are experimenting , just like Hitler , Bastards from Hell…………………… We should raid this facility !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. we should all be focusing on getting obama out of office to because he’s the one that is selling off our public lands to china all the resources that our lands hold is the biggest reason for all the extermisation of all predators and the horses . the horses because the chinese want to promote farming is the biggest reason they have to go . until we get rid of that piece of african dodo out of office the rape of our country will continue . the chinese want coal,oil an gas,an farming ,water. i really don’t know what it will take to get him impeached ,congress should have already done it . sure makes nixon’s crimes pale in comparision . because once get him gone , the rest will follow . i just don’t know what else to say other than kudos that there still is some honest folks out there , keep up the good work . god is good .


    • Cindy, I appreciate your passion but would love to see some facts to support your claims here. How for example are Chinese farmers exterminating wild horses in America, for one example? While I’m no fan of either political party your words here are equally pointed the opposite direction and thus add nothing to the purpose of this website, or a useful dialogue. Asking Congress to clean house… surely you jest?


  3. And once again corruption within the supporters of horse slaughter AND it stinks so bad you can smell it everywhere. THIS IS WHY THEY WANT HORSE ADVOCATES AND PEOPLE WHO ARE ANTI SLAUGHTER BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE CORRUPT AND ENJOY IT AND WE JUST SEE EVERY THING THEY DO AND THEY DO NOT LIKE IT!!


    • Dear Coltswesternshop,you are right , this stinks so bad it is nusiating, there are so many involved in this horse slaughter crap, the heads are starting to roll, stand back theres more a coming some will be a surprise I am sure !!!!!!! This is all an evil creed plot that the innocent Mustangs are caught up in………………………Why???? because they cannot speak for themselves, they never counted on us though did they !!!??????


  4. I have not posted for quite a while but have been watching the site regularly found this and thought the folks here would find this interesting – sorry if the link does not highlight I’m posting from my phone. it is about Harry Reed, his son, the Chinese and the Clive Bundy incident.


  5. Pinyon and juniper trees, demonized by ranchers, miners and water mining entities, are being eyed by Chinese “biomass” companies with the backing of politicians.

    Recently the Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership, aided by USDA, set up a conference to discuss pinyon and juniper trees. At the conference were several players in government and business who have an interest in the removal of pinyon and juniper trees in the Great Basin.


  6. Example of actions by BLM and how much they “care” about our wild ones:
    Triple B Capture of 2011
    1,269 captured.
    Capture was July and Aug (so how old would most of the foals have been?)
    They would have been a few months old at most.
    131 colts were captured per FOIA data – born 2011.
    Only 13 colts remained with their mothers (likely VERY new-born).
    All the rest were directly and immediately sent to Gunnison and then gelded.
    [Assume it was this guy King who was in charge of the gelding?]
    This was pre-planned by our agency that by law is paid to PROTECT our wild horses and burros.
    This shows us how much they CARE about our wild ones.


  7. These are the meeting where many of the decisions are discussed and the Public should be involved.

    Notice of Public Meeting/Conference call
    Notice of meeting/conference call.

    Dates The BLM-Utah RAC/RecRAC will host a meeting/conference call on Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014, from 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Mountain Daylight Time.
    If you wish to listen to the teleconference, orally present material during the teleconference, or submit written material for the RAC/RecRAC to consider during the teleconference, please notify Sherry Foot, Special Programs Coordinator, Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Office, 440 West 200 South, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101; phone (801) 539-4195; or, no later than

    Monday, Aug. 11, 2014.

    Summary In accordance with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, and the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Utah Resource Advisory Council (RAC)/Recreation Resource Advisory Council (RecRAC) will host a meeting/conference call.

    Bureau of Land Management
    Page Number Range 36555-36555
    Federal Register Citation 79 FR 36555
    Docket Numbers 14X 1109AF LLUT980300-L11500000.PH0000-24-1A
    FR Doc Number 2014-15045


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