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Update: Friends Help Raise Funds for Florida Gasoline-Injected Horse

By Carlos E. Medina as published in The Ocala Star Banner

“It’s phenomenal that people came out on such a hot day to help Kate”

 Penrod drains hang out of Kate's wounds as she was well enough to attended the Poker Ride For Kate in Memory of Jolean Sunday morning, June 29, 2014, at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, FL. Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner

Penrod drains hang out of Kate’s wounds as she was well enough to attended the Poker Ride For Kate in Memory of Jolean Sunday morning, June 29, 2014, at the Florida Horse Park in Ocala, FL.
Doug Engle/Ocala Star-Banner

The story of Kate and Jolean, two Marion County, FL horses injected with gasoline in early June, made international headlines.

Jolean, a Paso Fino, did not survive, but Kate, a spotted saddle horse, is slowly recuperating.

Drainage tubes in her neck near where she was injected with the fuel still release material that smells of gasoline.

“It’s not as strong smelling as it was at first, but there is a distinct gas smell,” said Leah Greenleaf, who owns Kate.

On Sunday, more than 100 horse riders participated in a horse poker run at the Florida Horse Park to raise money for the extensive vet bills Greenleaf has incurred.

“We raised right at $2,500,” said Patti Hynds, who helped organize the event in which riders collected playing cards during the ride and make a poker hand at the end.

“The horse community is such a tight-knit community. We pretty much know each other or know someone who knows the other,” said Hynds, who has met Greenleaf before at other trail rides and events.

Kate made an appearance at the ride despite still being on the mend.

“She’s been a real trouper. She’s been a great patient. She’s had her bad days. When she spikes a fever she gets a little droopy, but her attitude remains good,” Greenleaf said. “People enjoyed seeing her. She was kind of a rock star. Everyone wanted to take a picture with her.”…(CONTINUED)

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  1. It is probably one of the more bizarre human acts I have ever heard of. I hope whoever did this is found, and no doubt some excuse will be made for its behavior. Thank goodness she survives.


  2. Is there information on who did this???????? They must be caught !!!!! If not caught they will have gotten away with Murder, …………………….. Kudos to all that helped the horses !!!!!!


  3. So glad Kate is doing better. What a trauma and horrible experience for these horses to go through. RIP Jolean. I hope they catch the person who did this awful thing. Man I just don’t understand people and why on earth would they even do something like this. Retched humans out there. :(((((((.


    • You are correct Kaitlin. I would like to fill them full of gasoline and strike a match, but it is true – they must be highly disturbed individual/s and probably need our sympathy more than our revenge. May they be discovered either way.


      • She is not correct, but I’ll be praying too. Praying that this creature is found, his butt is kicked and thrown in jail or a mental institution where it belongs. So much of this stuff happens and so many excuses are made, that I am all tapped out of sympathy for humanity, and my sympathies lie only with the victims of these animal abusers. These creatures are a danger to society as well.


    • I think that’s a misconception, and it’s why these kinds of horrors are allowed to continue. It doesn’t account for the majority of people who may not have had perfect lives either, but for whom life’s hard knocks have given them the gift of sensitivity and empathy. I believe in some cases, poor treatment can result in this kind of pathology, but I believe also that some people are just born this way, their brains miswired, or lacking the intelligence to perceive the feelings of another being. Get them help so they are not in a position to harm others, but do not make excuses for them.


      • idalupine,
        Been there and thought that, too. I have been on all the sides of this issue. I do not know the answers to the hows and whys of animal haters. What I do know is that my health, mental and physical, began to deteriorate seared by the ghastly images I have seen and the sudden astounding bitter awareness of animal abuse that has been burned into my brain and my heart over the recent years.

        I have flashed emotionally from horror, to hatred; from fear, to disgust; from seething to sobs; first, it was the unbelievable atrocities; then, it was absorption of the reality that these torturous bastards are human beings – or – at the least appear to be.

        I don’t do much to help the helpless humans in the world. Lots of people care about people. I am an animal person and believe that only animals and children are not fully responsible for their actions. So I help animals. But I now realize that it all still comes back to the humans who brutally torture, arrogantly frighten, and gruesomely kill animals, and enjoy it.

        Recently, I have pulled back, stopped my own self inflicted destruction, although I do continue to do what I can via communication and donation, I have instructed myself that I need no further motivation and no further proof. The truth is this world contains some deeply depraved humans and I need no further convincing.

        Slowly, coming together after a lengthy observation of energy, I am beginning to fully lead a life in which at every moment I attempt to be thankful, at every moment I breath in white light and send out pink love and light. I do not discriminate. I send it to everyone and I surround myself with Pink Love and Pink Light.

        Now I find that I am safe and secure at all times, I am much more peaceful, I am prospering; others are beginning to join me, and two things are happening. Those to whom I send this energy who are good or can change for good are benefiting. They are surrounded with the protection of pink. Negativity just bounces off of them.

        Those who are evil, cruel, and stoney hearted disappear. Yes, they just seem to disappear.

        After an on-again-off-again relationship with this energy exchange starting decades ago, I swear by it. I send the pink out expanding it until it surrounds the planet. I could use some help with that, BTW.

        Is it a proven premise that one percent of any population can change that entire population for good if the one percent “meditates” for that good together? I’ve heard that it is.

        Let’s do it. What do we have to lose?


      • Thank you, Elaine. It’ hard not to get discouraged and try to keep things in perspective. 🙂


  4. Such a horrible tragedy! A truly senseless and unconscionable act and one that needs to find those responsible be held accountable! The support by many is no surprise….that’s what good people do. Hopefully, Kate will have a full recovery.


  5. i wonder how the thought process is for some humans? and what was the motive for doing this ? i just don’t understand how people can be so cruel , beautiful horse , very soft eyes . how could this happen , humanity’s thought process has gotten so violent as the years have gone along . did it start at home or when the gangs started . or has mental illness taken over the world . all i know is this old world has gotten very ugly !!! but my bright spot in this ugliness is being with all of you . and i pray for each one of you and the animals that have been so abused and mistreated by the ugly people of this world , i just don’t understand.


  6. I made the following comment on this article “these acts of cruelty against horses seem to be increasing and I blame the media in part for their continual defaming of horses in the steady stream of propaganda which intensified last year when they were pushing for the resumption of horse slaughter in the United States. Horses are continually described as “invasive pests” “unwanted” “excess” etc. toward supporting the idea that horses are to be mistreated rather than respected as fellow living beings. Why is it that someone was so filled with hatred that they injected these horses with gasoline, as if implying they were not alive but only machines? The same description of horses only useful as “things” to then be discarded when no longer “useful” pervades the vocabulary of the kill buyer who speaks of “meat wagons” for “meat horses” as well as the race track which describes horses not as being “wounded” but as “breaking down” on the track as if only a machine like a gas-injected racecar. We need all of us to demand that the mass media stop running these stories which defame and devalue horses. I am very grateful that one horse was saved. I believe more horses will be saved in the future if we write in complaint whenever we see the media portraying horses as if they were things to be discarded instead of beings with a will-to-live like our own.”


  7. I also added the following paragraph to make certain No one thought I was condemning the story itself of people helping the surviving horse “Just to clarify I do not include this article which tells about people coming together to help horses in my general condemnation of how the press has been strangely complicit in this defaming of the horse over the last few years particularly”


  8. Dear R.T. & Terry, I hope you both are doing good. I just read the article about the poor baby horse that was injected with gasoline. I was wondering if her owner(s) knew about Green Foods Corps Green Magma, Organic barley Grass Powder? It was shown at UC Davis to neutralize & ‘pull out’ chemical pesticides from the bodies tissues. (as gasoline is a petro-chemical I though it could be useful to help the horse). Also, Terramin Calcium Montmorillonite Clay, which sweeps through every part of the body on a micro level absorbing harmful bacteria, pathogens, & Toxins by electrically charged ions. I can tell you these do work & well. I have auto immunity caused by pesticide poisoning over a long period of time. I had taken the Barley Grass powder for years & the poisoning was so bad even with that I was unable to lose weight without getting very ill at a point as the chemicals stored in my fat were released into my system. When I found out about the Clay I started using it with the Barley grass powder in the middle of the day, with the Barley Grass Powder in the morning & at bed time. It is still rough but I am now able to lose the weight. There was a while where I had to use the barley grass a few hours after the clay & before bed. If too much Barley grass is taken at one time it can pull out to much chemicals for it to neutralize. That is where the Clay comes in as it just sweeps through absorbing the toxins. Both are mixed with water. I am sure she figure out how much her horse needs according to her weight & toxic load. Then put them into her baby horse by a feeding tube Or by ‘stick it in the side of her mouth’, just as long as she gets it all. it must be cool or cold water with the barley Grass as warm or hot water will destroy the enzymes that neutralize the chemicals. It isn’t as important with the Clay. Both need to be taken on an empty stomach. With about 20 minutes needed to go by to give the Barley Grass time to be fully absorbed into the tissues. Horses being so touchy Make Sure Both things a completely mixed into the water. I so hope this will help. Both can be purchased at Amazon. Make sure she uses the brands stated. It is critical as the Green Foods Corp Green Magma is the ONLY one with the live enzymes!!! Please let me know how it goes. Thank you!! Take care. Sincerely, Stephanie Hundemer Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2014 11:09:13 +0000 To:


    • This is such good information. I am not knowledgeable like you, Stephanie, but have a smattering of knowledge that tells me you are right on. I am going to copy and save this for future reference. Thank you for helping Kate, and any future recipient.


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