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Roman cavalry horses lived alongside soldiers – research


HW_SofE                                                                                                       Section of Hadrian’s Wall at Greenhead Lough.  Photo: Velella

Research in Britain has provided the answer to a long-standing mystery over where Roman soldiers kept their horses.



You can read more on this research by English Heritage HERE.


Reconstruction of the ‘stable-barracks’ at Chesters Roman Fort(© English Heritage (drawing by John Ronayne))


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  1. Horses seem to react differently if your in the stall with them or outside. I made it my business to remain in Nitro’s stall during his aggressive years the only place he would actually be gentle with me. Then one time I camped in his paddock on a lounge chair. He stood over me for an hour or so then dumped the chair over so he could be about his business of grazing. Seemes he wanted me up to fend for myself.


  2. if we remember all our great horse cultures around the world from the American Indian to the Saudi Arabians To the soldiers of Genghis Khan all great horse civilizations lived in close proximity to their horses – their very lives depended on them – so I am not at all surprised to find out that one of the greatest conquering civilization also live with their horses.


  3. And Louis stated that we would be wise to do the same. Remember that things in this country could get real real bad, our future is not set in stone, a horse can eat grass beside the road – a car without gas is not going anywhere. after all they are still using horses to fight in Iran and the surrounding area and didn’t they kick the Russians a $$ on horseback and aren’t we still using horses over there to fight?
    maybe that is why our government is so afraid of horses in this country —just a question.


    • You’re so right we are nearing “peak oil” a finite energy source, and the reason why the genetic viability of the wild herds must be maintained. 100 years ago we had no oil and horses 100 years from now we will have no oil or hoses. The only way to the future is to learn from the past. To bad the BLM is destroying it.


  4. Some of these same civilizations also sacrificed horses in the most vile ways to please their respective “gods”…humans can fabricate reasons to exploit if it suits their specific needs.


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