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President Obama and the horse mask person: An investigation involving data and charts

of the Washington Post

Tongue-in-cheek mid-week break from the norm

Prez and Horseman

President Obama was in Denver on Tuesday and met a person wearing a horse head mask. This is obviously a pivotal moment for the country and the world, but with such an occasion comes a bevy of questions: What does it all mean? From whence did the horse mask person come? How often does such a thing occur?

As with anything, these thorny issues cannot be resolved with words alone. We must give ourselves over to the comfort of data and numbers, knowing that only through these avenues can we find salvation and providence.

So, onto the charts.

First, we tried to break down the historic nature of this meeting. How often have U.S. presidents met people wearing horse head masks? We looked back at the data from the late 18th century through the present day. This is what we found:

horse mask graph

Okay, so that tells us about how often this happened throughout the history of this country having presidents. But what if we want to look at this from the perspective of how many people have held that office? This infographic gives us a better idea of how rare it is for a U.S. president to meet a person in a horse head mask…(CONTINUED)

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  1. I like the point the masked person is making assuming he’s on the side of horses. Otherwise, it takes a lot of nerve to shake the hand of a masked person. Gives me the willies initially at least.


  2. I know one of the articles stated that the gentleman wore the mask to indicate the Broncos. (our football team) I say if it was just for the Broncos, it would have been white, orange or blue – my contention is he was just shaking the other part of the Horse ——- just my opinion.


  3. I hope he feels haunted by horse issues. We’ve been “riding” him (putting it nicely) since he took office and he has done nothing for the horses, except choose Sally Jewel who wants to turn them into compost.


  4. Kind of a stupid article – really! Who cares how many presidents “met a person wearing a horse mask”. Good lord, use a tad of common sense (or horse sense).
    How about an article on whats happening to our wild horses & burros. Enough stupidity!


  5. Originally, I thought this had to be from The Onion.

    And as a rule, I don’t find “stupid” funny….the journalist, of course.


  6. Could it have been a stunt of the BLM? I am sure, Obama is getting a lot of input from the BLM, about the well being off the Horses, and all their other lies, etc.etc.


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