Month: July 2014

Welfare Ranchers Escalate War on Wild Horses

by Tracie Sullivan, less headline and byline, as published in The Spectrum Federally Subsidized Cattlemen Want Exclusive Use of Public Land for Personal Profit CEDAR CITY – In an effort to gather support for recent legislation introduced by Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT Iron County), Iron County Commissioner Dave […]

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4th Annual International Equine Conference

Equine Welfare Alliance Wild Horse Freedom Federation Wellington, Florida September 19, 20 & 21, 2014 Registration is now open! We hope you can join us in Wellington, Florida for our 4th Annual Conference.  We’ll have a preliminary list of presenters in the next few days and several announcements […]

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Out of Respect: A Day of Silence

“We laid down the swords, bended our knees and hung our heads with disbelief and sadness over the senseless tragedy that, once again, befell so many souls.  Our travails pale in comparison to what so many have and are suffering so we offer this moment of silence for […]

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Ranchers vs Wild Horses: Pure BS

  “Avid readers and researchers brought this article to our attention WITH commentary. Often times we issue a “tissue” alert before reading a touching article; not so in this case, instead we will formerly issue a “GAG” alert as anything that is in your alimentary canal may want […]

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Houston Says Goodbye to the Voice for the Voiceless

by R.T. Fitch Tribute to Brad Woodard In yesterday’s “Feel Good Sunday” installation I alluded to the passing of one of the Houston area’s greatest and most articulate television reporters, Brad Woodard. Brad first grabbed our attention with his stories about horse slaughter and cruelty to animals and […]

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Feel Good Sunday: Never Say Never

Often times it is difficult to find something of value to recharge our batteries on ‘Feel Good Sunday’, that is especially the case this week.

Locally, in Houston, we witnessed the horrendous tragedy of a family of six being senselessly murdered, we buried a great animal advocate reporter, felt the pain of the death of an outstanding firefighter and struggle with the flood of unaccompanied Central American children over-running our borders.

On the national equine side of things the BLM has thumbed it’s nose at federal law and published an outlandish schedule to “zero out” the few remaining herds of wild horses in Wyoming. It feels as if pigs are flying and animals are talking…the world is surely coming to an end.

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