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Feds Circumnavigate Protocol to Destroy Wild Horse Herds

Unedited, less headline and byline, BLM Press Release

No Resource Management Plan or Environmental Assessment, just Total Removal and Destruction

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BLM Schedules Wild Horse Removal on Checkerboard Lands

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Rock Springs Field Office will remove all wild horses from checkerboard lands within the Great Divide Basin, Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek herd management areas (HMAs) beginning approximately Aug. 20.

This removal comes at the request of private land owners and to comply with the 2013 Consent Decree for Rock Springs Grazing Association (RSGA) vs. Salazar, No. 11-CV00263-NDF, and Section 4 of the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.

The three HMAs total approximately 2,427,220 acres, with 1,242,176 acres falling within the checkerboard. The majority of private land in the HMAs is in the checkerboard of alternating sections of public and private land and owned or controlled by the RSGA. Wild horses will remain in the non-checkerboard sections of the HMAs.

All removed wild horses will be examined by a veterinarian, dewormed, Coggins-tested and given booster shots.

“Animals removed from the checkerboard will be available for adoption through the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program,” said Rock Springs Field Office Manager Kimberlee Foster. “Those not adopted will be cared for in long-term pastures, where they retain their ‘wild’ status and protection under the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act.”

There will be opportunities to observe the removal. To be notified of these opportunities, please contact Shelley Gregory at 307-315-0612 or to have your name added to the observation log.

For more information, please visit, or contact Wild Horse Specialist Jay D’Ewart at 307-352-0331.

The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land, the most of any Federal agency. This land, known as the National System of Public Lands, is primarily located in 12 Western states, including Alaska. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral estate throughout the nation. The BLM’s mission is to manage and conserve the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations under our mandate of multiple-use and sustained yield. In Fiscal Year 2013, the BLM generated $4.7 billion in receipts from public lands.

–BLM–Rock Springs Field Office   280 Highway 191 North      Rock Springs WY 82901

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  1. The Checkerboard area was put there for the Wild horses and burros…This is not right to remove the wild horses and burros ! The ones that want them removed only want the land for their cattle, sheep and drilling or destruction of the land ! This needs to be stopped !!!


  2. Those dirty bastards. They are hell bent to get rid of them all. I wish for them the worst luck in everything they do in their lives, and fate WILL bite them in their asses for it.
    I believe the only way to help the wild ones and bring national attention is to show up and protest in numbers, and if there are others that would be willing I will join them.


  3. If the wild horses and burros are protected, how can the BLMremovethem. This will be a devestating move and these people must be stopped. I can’t imagine the stress those animals will feel. Frightened, maybe mare and foals split up. It is so terribly cruel. There is surely enough land for them.


  4. This case was heard by the wife of the former Governor of WY if I remember right. No question where her localities lay. And BLM colluded with RSGA to have this happen. A BLM employee to RSGA to sue them for removals. If that isn’t the fox watching the henhouse…

    BLM doesn’t knowingly sale wild horses to slaughter. BLM doesn’t knowingly conspire to tell folks to sue them for removals. BLM LOVESthe wild horses. What a bunch of stinky cow manure. Fortunately even through the cow manure there lies are so glow in dark neon they shine brightly for one and all to see.

    The checkerboard was designed for ranchers not the horses. It was set up so the horses would fail. There is nothing sacred, fair or just about how this agency operates.


  5. how dare they say these horses will retain their wild nature , THEY WILL BE INPRISONED . they will be available to anyone with cash in hand and a black heart . how dare they even speak the forked tongue in cheek. for what ever good it might do i wrote a letter to gov. rick perry about putting more wild horses here in texas on state own lands . i’ve tryed very hard to come up alturntive way we might get them trasfer to texas there has to be places in this big ol” state . to bad everything ends with around-up anyway i look at this . i’m game for a protest ,where do we go , maybe we could flood congress until they stop the b.l. m. all i know is i want to see wild horses free and not behind a fence because that is certain hell. come up with some solution .



    An analysis of the Wild Horses Act and the relevant case law will demonstrate that the prevailing method used to eliminate the “straying problem”-extensive governmental removal of horses from public and private lands-COUNTERMANDS the protective purposes of the Act and of related public lands statutes.

    While the constitutional basis for § 1334′s regulation of conduct on private lands remains an open issue, several persuasive theories suggest that Congress was EMPOWERED TO EXTEND FEDERAL CONTROL BEYOND PUBLIC BOUNDRIES.
    Section 1334 of the Wild Horses Act provides landowners an
    inexpensive and convenient method of removing straying horses from their
    private property.



    • This is all good , but how do you make an Agency that is immune to any scrutiny do it ,they have been getting away with unimaginable horrors for to many years…. this is the problem, they need to be dismantled and a New agency governed under the Law and made to conform to the Laws and be ACCOUNTABLE, ya cant teach an old corrupt dog to do new tricks……………………Its broken and must be cant be fixed………………….Therefore it must be dismantled !!!!


  7. The BLM believes they are God and rule anything they want , if you ask them they will tell you that they are !!!! The Government gave them to much POWER with no accountability they created a horrible Monster….that cannot be contained by Law…. They must be stripped of this and replaced !!!!! There is no other answer !!!!!!


  8. Retired to Pastures should really say put in overcrowed Sand Lots with no shade.
    What gives the ranchers the right to get my tax dollars subsidizing growing GMO tainted beef on my federal owned land while pushing our wild horses out so they can benefit monetarily and poison the beefeaters.
    Doesn’t make sense, feel helpless………………..


  9. It has always been outragious,the horrors they have put the mustangs through is nothing short of a True sin against Nature, for 20 years i have watched, in horror the Poor Innocent Mustangs and Burros be terroized , maimed, and murdered by these fiends from Hell… thats right from Hell, the Mustangs and Burros look like dollars signs to them…….. Any Agency that inflicks this kind of Hitler type Horror on the innocent is a complete failure beyond belief !!!!! and needs to be disposed of….This is a complete Sin they definetly need to be stopped , HOW???????? There has to be a way to do it ????????? There is achillies heel(SORRY about the spelling) but what is it ?????? They are a total Disgrace to America !!!!


    • I believe that we need someone who knows what they’re doing to step up and help to organize all of us that are willing, to do what it takes to stop this horrific treatment of the wild ones. That is what its going to take….


  10. I am not taking a stand either way on this Bundy thing, but what the ranches did was turn back the BLM and did it in the good old American way—if they can do that for 30 cows–why can’t we do that for 30,000 wild horses?



    BLM’s Use of Section 390 Categorical Exclusions for Oil and Gas Development
    GAO-11-941T: Published: Publicly Released: Sep 9, 2011.

    GAO reported that BLM’s use of section 390 categorical exclusions through fiscal year 2008 often did not comply with either the law or BLM’s guidance.

    First, GAO found several types of violations of the law, including approving projects inconsistent with the law’s criteria and drilling a new well after mandated time frames had lapsed.
    Second, GAO found numerous examples where officials did not correctly follow agency guidance, most often by failing to adequately justify the use of a categorical exclusion.
    A lack of clear guidance and oversight contributed to the violations and noncompliance.
    Many instances of noncompliance were technical in nature, whereas others were more significant and may have thwarted NEPA’s twin aims of ensuring that BLM and the public are fully informed of the environmental consequences of BLM’s actions.


  12. We have known for years the BLM s corrupt illegal criminal actions towards our National Treasures,so far our efforts have not made a difference for the Mustangs !!!! The Mustangs have suffered horrific consequences, the issue is WHAT Can We DO??????? Are we peeing in the lake and waiting for it to rise !!!??????? We need to come up with a plan that will stop them?????????? We are many and c an be extremely strong, we must take lov e , passion and respect and make the effort count , isnt enough enough????????


  13. My thing is, instead of complaining on here and viewing your opinion actually get out there and do something about it!!!! Sitting on your computers is not going to save the wild mustangs. In Canada this winter the government was doing a round up and a bunch of people got together took turns and made sure that the winld horses did get into the traps set. We put feed and water out in remote areas for the horses to go so they didnt get into the traps. Maybe you can do something like that.


  14. I have not yet found anyone who can answer this question: how can the RSGA not be required to fence their PRIVATE PROPERTY, since Wyoming by law is a FENCE OUT state. From what I understand this means the landowners by law must fence wildlife out of their private property, not sue the Government to demand removal of a federally protected species.

    How is this law being circumvented?


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