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Wild Horse Races at Rodeos

By Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation             Copyright 2014                 All Rights Reserved.

Reading the article (below) that was in the Wyoming news, you might wonder how many “pastures” contain “wild horses” that have had “little, if any, contact with humans?”  It could very well be that only “unbroken” horses are used in these Wild Horse Races.  (But, should any horse be treated in the way they’re treated in Wild Horse Races?)

You might wonder if any of our wild horses, or their offspring, might in some instances have ever been used in any rodeo Wild Horse Races.  After the BLM sells wild horses in bulk sales (many horses, often by the truckload), it seems they don’t know where the horses go.  Some wild horse mares may have even been used to breed bucking stock.

It seems the BLM hasn’t kept track of the foals born to wild horses and burros.  Remember the “discrepancy” between Palomino Valley’s facility reports and rendering records for the same time period?  And BLM’s response was “We welcome the public’s interest in this matter and acknowledge that the horse mortality numbers being reported at BLM facilities are lower than the numbers invoiced by BLM-contracted rendering facilities that dispose of horse remains.  The discrepancy results from the reporting procedures currently used by the Bureau…”

So, in other words, there has been a lack of, or extremely lax , reporting procedures and accountability by BLM of the wild horse & burro foals.

Anyhow, back to the sources of “wild horses” used in Wild Horse Races.  Why would someone have “little, if any” contact with a horse in their care on their property?  Wouldn’t they have to drive out to feed the horse in the winter?  Wouldn’t a horse need a farrier?  Wouldn’t horses need vaccinations?  (Horses are now being vaccinated for West Nile Virus in Utah.)

There are Wild Horse Races in Montana.  There are Wild Horse Races in Arizona.

There are Wild Horse Races in Oklahoma.  Even Pioneer Woman wrote about these races).  And took some pictures, which were on her blog.  Apparently, her husband, Ladd Drummond, participated in a Wild Horse Race and got kicked.  Ouch.  (Ladd Drummond has a contract for a BLM long term holding facility.)

There are Wild Horse Races in Oregon.  Horses have died at wild horse races.

It seems there is even a Professional Wild Horse Racers Association (PWHRA).  There are even Wild Colt Races for kids 11 and younger to participate in.   Jason Smith is President of PWHRA.  Smith is also president of the National Tribal Horse Coalition, and has been lobbying for horse slaughter.

And, there are Wild Horse Races in Wyoming.  Before you read the article below, click HERE to see a video by SHARK of a Wild Horse Race in Cheyenne, WY.

We don’t know if these “wild horses” could in any instances be offspring of American wild horses, or if they are just “unbroken” horses, but this rodeo “sport” appears to be dangerous to the safety of any horses.

To read the article in Wyoming News, below:



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  1. This just goes to show the caliber of the Moran’s given the right to care for these beautiful animals. Just when I thought I heard it all something else comes up. They are bunch of cruel and demeaning individuals. I suppose once they are abused and tortured they are probably sold to slaughter. This definitely needs national attention and that of our Legislative body (many of those who are useless). I will make more calls tomorrow. How sad that the only contacts is with unkind idiots like this. Just tragic!!


  2. Not to defend it but I’ve known plenty of horse owners who rarely handle, tend or vaccinate their animals, especially if they have large pastures or only use them during hunting season, for a few examples.


  3. i wonder how trainable those horses are once those folks are done with them. it is so sad to see what amuses some people ,huh. like you said and i do believe you are right about the b.l.m. having their thumb prints all over this , but how can this be proven and brought to light . and where in the world did you get that pioneer women ? omg , that poor thing can’t keep a straight thought going ,can she! all i can say about her is maybe she just don’t know better . but as it sounds like another brainwashed american citizen that will believe anything told to them , wheehaaa. d/ they come. do they really not see nothing wrong with this???


  4. I should have been more specific in my previous comment.
    Investigations help put experienced and trained people in the field to track and check on our Wild Horses and Burros…that seem to disappear in the night (or in broad daylight).


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