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Wyoming Gov Says Wild Horses Are Stealing from School Children

forward by R.T. Fitch – Pres/Co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Several Hundred Horses Guilty of Starving Millions of  Government Subsidized, Private Welfare Cattle

“If dumb could dumber it just occurred in the State of Wyoming as Governor Mead crawled into bed with the state’s welfare ranchers by pointing a finger (which one?) at the state’s few remaining wild horses for stealing the grass right out of private cattle’s mouths and money away from school children.  “DOINK”

The few horses that survive on millions of acres are outnumbered hundreds to one by cattle and sheep and the (allegedly) federally protected horses are at fault?!?!  NOT!

Set aside all of your sensibilities and read the official press release, below, put out by the Gov’s office; it is  frighting on so many levels that I am afraid to commit my thoughts to text.  I guess the word incredulous comes to mind accompanied by a very loud and melodramatic sigh.  Color me dumbfounded…but still, we keep the faith!” ~ R.T.

Wyoming Gov Mead's new wheels

Wyoming Gov Mead’s new wheels

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – Wyoming is seeking to intervene in a lawsuit brought against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by wild horse advocates who are challenging the BLM’s decision to remove wild horses from private lands in southwest Wyoming. The BLM’s decision complies with an agreement between the BLM and a group of local ranchers. The area involved is part of the checkerboard where private, federal and state lands are intermingled.

“I want to step in to protect the value of Wyoming’s land, defend our sovereign right to manage our wildlife and support ranching families,” Governor Mead said. “We are not against having wild horses on the public lands but they need to be managed appropriately. They must not damage the land or wildlife or conflict with the rights of private property owners. The BLM has a plan in place and it should be implemented.”

The State of Wyoming owns approximately 62,000 acres in the area. Wyoming’s mission for its State Trust Lands is to effectively manage natural resources and the funds generated from those state lands for current and future generations. Revenue from those lands goes to schools.

In the motion to intervene the State points out that it leases land to ranchers, but livestock are managed, are on the land for only a few months and remain only if there is adequate forage. Wild horses stay on the land year-round and increased populations of the horses inhibit the State’s ability to get the full value of the leases to benefit schools. Additionally, other wildlife can suffer, including some local sage-grouse populations.

–Gov. Matt Mead’s Office

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  1. Admittedly I don’t know when the cattle are allowed on the range. I’m speaking of the range that runs along I 80. Between Elko and Wells NV they were there on both sides of the freeway two weeks ago and they were in the exact same place yesterday. Cattle are also along Hwy 93 headed north from Wells towards Twin Falls ID. Closer to Wells.

    I don’t know if these are trespass cattle that’s what I’m asking.

    Two weeks ago between Winnemucca and Battle Mountain NV there is a VERY VERY VERY green field. Someone is using an awful lot of water in this drought state. You can see it from the freeway.

    As for Gov Mead–right across the state line cattle are trespassing onto the horse range. The owner was notified Wednesday and said he’d go out on Fri (don’t know if that’s occurred)too get them.

    In the meantime those trespass cattle are literally stealing from the horses and possibly polluting the few watering holes atop the mountain. In this case–those cattle can be identified as thieves because the Pryors are the ONLY horse range managed exclusively for the horses. Cattle are not welcome there. And even moreso now with Gov.. Mead’s attitude.


  2. Horses give more to children then all the governors combined. Children in my state of NY are in richened by their American Mustangs in Nevada as are the adults. Tell them their horses must go because some Governor is stupid. Tell the Nevada kids the Statue of Liberty must go because NY wants to rent the island to boaters.


  3. Well so they are now prostituting the children for that — we’ll I’m not surprised they use the FOR THE CHILDEN excuse for every damn thing these days. Gets to where if they say anything — is for the children or for schools I laugh and walk away—schools another bloated out of control government enity.


    • It’s always the same. There was a mention in yesterday’s article about Alto, NJ too – what if a wild horse hurts a child, now wild horses are stealing candy from babies. Just mention the world ‘child’ and you will be sure to get an emotional reaction from your constituents, hopefully one that will serve your own purpose. Who is stealing from the state budgets for children’s education is what should be asked. And too many children, overpopulation, is stealing from everyone and everything.

      Same with wolves at the bus stops. But it is really human predators at the bus stops that children, horses and wolves need to be protected from!


  4. How stupid can any one human be.. really.. horses are stealing WHAT…nothing.. its the greedy welfare cattle ranchers that want the land…disgusting… and to think this person was elected… by who…a state full of idiots…


  5. just another GUMBY in office ( turn me , twist me , bend me , mold me , as you see fit ) is the only reason it is in office . no where in there did i see the word ” export” .so ok are they going to be able to weasel out from under the lawsuit in place with his input ? and is this going to influence the judge ? and if so will their be a change in venue ? can another lawsuit be brought for the trespassing cattle and do you have pictures ?


  6. It never ceases to amaze me the Fricken Lies , and the line my pocket with easy money attitute, and the fact that they really bielieve , that Americans are truly Stupid and wont check Scientific facts !!!!!! A Carnival side show act for certain …………..Completely , Oh PLEASE GIVE ALL OF US A BREAK OF THIS FOLLEY !!!!! And get the Real Facts !!!!!!!! We are not Stupid and we all Love Royal Ambassadors of Freedom the Mustangs !!!!!!! Quit showing us what imbilcilles your are, very unbecoming !!!!! And stop chastizing the most perfect and wonderful gift given to man, land and air !!!!!! Start giving to the Mustangs the Prestige they so rightfully deserve !!!! Save our Land from the desilation the Cattle are doing !!!!!!Put the Mustangs back on the Ranges that belong to them, and let the healing begin !!!!!!


  7. How about a backatcha, Governor. On DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK:

    “They must not damage the land or wildlife or conflict with the rights of [PUBLIC] property owners. The BLM has a plan in place and it should be implemented.”


  8. Revenue from STATE land? Or revenue from PUBLIC land? If this is public land, then this governor really doesn’t have a say, does he? And if its State land, then I would have to assume that the financial end is “managed” like our federal public lands are & the Wyoming taxpayers have to make up the lion’s share of it!!!! AND who actually follows up & makes sure the “cattle are only there for a few months” – seems to me there is no one on top of this. Really lax attitude when it comes to the cattle & sheep – removing them when the forage is “inadequate”? Oh yeah, we mustn’t conflict with PRIVATE property owners! How about the rest of us – the PUBLIC property owners?


  9. Well RT the Governor is a rancher. Can we expect more from him. I did send him an e mail to remind him of the horse (not cow) on the State’s license plate and of all the tourist $ that are generated to see the Wild Heerds


  10. A bit of Wyoming history that should not be forgotten.
    Two INNOCENT people were hanged.

    Johnson County War (excerpts)

    In 1884, the entire range was monopolized by some twenty big ranches who allowed their cattle to roam freely on the open range. Each spring, a roundup was held, where the cows and calves belonging to each ranch were separated and the calves branded.

    Because the cattle barons generally ran their ranches with a “hands-off” approach, hiring cowboys and foremen to do the work, they usually forbade their own employees from owning cattle. This eliminated any temptation to take a few orphan or stray calves.

    Things really came to a head when homesteaders Ella Watson, aka Cattle Kate, and Jim Averell were accused of cattle rustling and hanged in July, 1889. Though the small area ranchers were enraged, the intimidation continued

    Finally in the spring of 1892, the angry small ranchers decided to start their own association called the Northern Wyoming Farmers and Stock Growers Association.

    The Wyoming Stock Growers Association then decided to hire some 50 men, including a number of known Texas killers, to eliminate the alleged rustlers in Johnson County. On April 5, 1892, a large party of cattlemen, five stock detectives, including Frank M. Canton, and 23 gunfighters, under the command of Major Frank Wolcott, set out from Cheyenne on their way to Buffalo. Beyond Casper, the force, called the “Regulators,” began cutting the telegraph lines along the way, in order to prevent an alarm.

    The following day, Buffalo Sheriff Red Angus led a posse of 200 men to find the gunfighters. Holed up at the TA Ranch on Crazy Woman Creek, the posse laid siege to the ranch and Wolcott’s men.

    A standoff occurred until one of the “Regulators” escaped and contacted the WYOMING GOVERNOR.
    In no time, the Sixth Cavalry from Fort McKinney proceeded to the TA Ranch to save the Association members from the sheriff’s posse. Early on the morning of April 13th, the standoff came to an end when the cattlemen surrendered to the 6th Cavalry.

    In the protective custody of the cavalry, Wolcott and his men were transferred to Cheyenne. The Texas gunfighters immediately disappeared after bail was made and they were released. Court proceedings began for the locals and a trial was eventually set for January, 1893. But as time dragged on, material witnesses disappeared and finding impartial jurors proved to be next to impossible. Ultimately, the high cost of the trial led the court to dismiss the entire case.


  11. You know I still think after seeing the size of the leader of horse haters in Wyoming some Actual Reduction in eating beef would be best. As for the horses taking over….the state of Wyoming was home to the Ken LRation Jerkweed after he devestated Illinois and tried to kill off every horse from Central to Eastern States he ran further West to kill off Nearly All horses. You know the ones that Built and protectec Our Country? The “Calvary horses and Wild Horses were sent in packed Box Cars to their deaths before America realized it was happening. The Horrific deluge of poor attitudes when its comes to horses was fed by the lack of humanity as people brushed tribes off of lands amd shot each other in fence and water wars they captured free horses…read that word not wild but monetarily free horses to gain financial freedom. They didnt care about horses as they shipped them to their death at plants and theyshowed NO concern for pet owners whose animals died from eating contaminated horse meat. They didnt care in Wyoming about complaints the meat was dangerous. They didnt even care about school children enough to tax cattle for public svhools until most other states were doing it. The Federal government cut off the horses going to processingand the lame brain attitudes still exist. The ideology of horses for meat is so archaic they dont even acknowledge it in history books. The lack of information is a cover of the bad. Wyoming would jump on the first money train that flies through and unfortunately proved it repeatedly. The lands were protected and then the extensive herds they keep gaining larger stock. .more stock….and shorter times on pasture is irrelevant when you have ten times the herd sizes Ever. The cattle industry is booming with orders from china and the lack of concern for America is evident. As for the Welfare system. The Federal Government provides the Snap benefits and the initial school monies. All other states in the USA are doing fine with wild horses and oddly wyoming backwards as always says a horse prevents children from schooling. Actually in my honest opinion the only thing preventing education and wellbeing are people with dollars on the brain. Cattle ate known only by weight and that sheer weight on those lands grinds the grasses out….they return each year to do more damage amd they add methane gas to the air so the plants oxygen is choked and makes replinishment of forage difficult. Four stomachs produce enough acids nothing comes out of a cow to reproduce the needed forage. Keep in mind…man bred them that way. The ridiculousness of Wyoming Never Showed more clearly. They would be the people sitting on the beach in Jaws pointing you go on and get in the water then everyone will follow you. Personally I wouldnt follow the Gov of Wy in this ridiculous argument about horses onrange ruining schools. A side note. If all school funding ran out it wouldnt be because of the horses it would be because they pay people too much money to dream idiot things like this up.


  12. And in one of the Governor’s campaign ads on TV, he is riding a horse if that’s what you want to call what he is doing. I know after seeing what he is promoting here and in todays newspaper, he has lost my vote in the upcoming election!


  13. This obviously has nothing to do with the Wyoming governor (sorry)
    I receive the Soul of a Horse blog & this video is so worth watching.
    It shows just how badly we humans have introduced fear of us to horses. I never realized there WERE wild horses in Africa! Kelly Marks, an Englishwoman, uses Monty Roberts methods with these horses. You wont believe what happens!


    • Loved the horses names – Muddy Water & Dust Devil – was looking at the back round in the video – if those horses can survive in that desert, there is absolutely no reason to remove ours—–enjoyed.


      • Actually, Geri – I thought the same thing – THAT desert is so much drier without any visible forage – for crying out loud – leave our wild horses & burros where they are! They are so much more adaptable than we even realize.


    • Thank you, Maggie, for sharing this wonderful video. Wish that it could be shown in every classroom in the country so that all children could see how wonderful and amazing horses can be.


      • Arlene-Geri & Vicki
        So glad you enjoyed the video – I almost found it hard to believe how quickly these horses accepted humans! And how badly most horses – domestic & wild – are being treated.


      • Dear Maggie, I also was surprised,when done properly the Mustangs are such trusting wonderful souls, as in my heart I have always known !!!!!! But awesome to actually see and be reminded, that these precious creatures and their Freedom is why we are all gathered here…………………………………and why the Hilter type scums must be disbanded………………and put out of any authority……………..and we must SAVE the Mustangs from these imbacillic disgusting lunatics from Hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. It would be wise for career politicians to stop using America’s Federally Protected Wild Horse and Burros as pawns in their political games.

    Wyomingites are dismayed to find themselves in the hands of an ethically bankrupt and thoroughly self-serving political machine that could rival the worst of Chicago and Washington politics.

    In response, the good people of Wyoming (who are overwhelmingly conservative) have begun to organize and push back. But they face a system that intends to maintain its dominance, regardless of how low it must sink in the process.

    Once again, it is the Matt Mead cabal who must be held responsible for this iron-fisted abuse of the convention delegates, whose participation in the event should constitute the ultimate exercise of self-government at the level closest to “the people.” Had he any real respect or regard for the citizens of Wyoming, and had he acted honorably during the past fifteen months, Governor Mead would have no need to stifle a censure vote, for no such vote would have been forthcoming.

    Article written by
    Christopher Adamo
    Christopher G. Adamo is a resident of southeastern Wyoming and has been involved in state and local politics for many years. He writes for several prominent conservative websites, and has written for regional and national magazines. He is currently the Chief Editorial Writer for The Proud Americans, a membership advocacy group for America’s seniors, and for all Americans.


    • I certainly hope every decent Wyomingite will remember at election time who the players are in this bid to deceive and intimidate their way into continued power. Being an Illinoisan, I know full well how corrupt politics works. Maybe some day the current governor of Wyoming can join the previous governors of Illinois in making license plates for their state.


  15. I don’t know about Wyoming, but for most of the grazing allotments I have researched, turn-outs run from early Spring to early Fall – March through October – for hundreds or thousands of livestock. Even if the turn-out period is shorter, say from March to June, it will usually end the last day of June – and pick up again on the first of July, with perhaps 100 fewer cattle allowed.
    While it looks good on paper, the fact is grazing periods take advantage of every possible scenario – spring growth, winter run-off, late summer storms.
    Two years ago, my research buddies and I drove through Twin Peaks, near the end of June. We came upon the remnants of a lake, now dried up – and at least 1,000 sheep wallowing in the remains.
    Mere days later, lightning set Twin Peaks on fire, consuming over 300,000 acres. Shortly after that, a BLM head drove up to a burn area and declared the horses would have to go or they’d starve…a week later, here comes the rain. Within days, there was green grass sprouting up through the ash.
    We were led to believe all grazing had been suspended, to give the area a jump start on recovery. Until we read a story in a local paper; some guy was still grazing his animals up there.
    Wild horses and burros live on the range year-round, but when you have 1,000 cattle or 2,000 sheep vacationing in the same area and outnumbering wild equines, it’s just plain stupid to try and blame the wild ones for overgrazing.
    But again, it looks good on paper.


    • The governor of Wyoming is at fault for this current state of affairs. He let the cattle ranchers get into his back pocket with a lot of campaign money. And he is a cattle rancher. Wyoming has huge cattle ranches, conglomerates It’s all an argument for economics, the economy of the cattle ranchers, who actually run the government in the west. Nevada and Wyoming are perfect examples. They pump millions of dollars into the coffers of elections, what they want in return, and unfortunately the wild horse is at the top of the list. There are not 1,000 or 2,000 cattle grazing in the same areas as horses, think tens or even hundreds of cattle spread out over millions of acres that include the wild horse, and add a few tens of thousands of sheep. Who’s competing against whom? And what about the property developer wanting to build a new town out in the middle of nowhere?

      A common argument, only from cattle ranchers, is that horses decimate the land. That is not true. I’ve had horses almost all my life and they are like lawn mowers, and with their upper and lower teeth, they crop grass from the top. Curiously, cattle are much the same even though they don’t have upper teeth. I asked a cattle expert who has a healthy, strong respect for anything wild. What can destroy grazing land faster is sheep or goats. They will crop vegetation so close to the ground that there is very little hope of recovery.

      The BLM has no argument for removing horses from burn areas. They’ve had plenty of experience with burns. There was a world-wide uproar during the burn of Yellowstone in 1988. My family and I were there shortly after it started. The NPS, NFS and BLM took on a let-it burn policy. That was a 500-year burn in the making and it would have been 10 times worse if they had tried to fight it. Sure some animals perish, and the NPS did fight to protect historic buildings like the hotel at the west entrance. That sounds reasonable to me. We went back in 1989, and the transformation was absolute miraculous. Trees were growing, some of them won’t grow unless intense heat germinates their seeds, a lot of the grasslands had already recovered 50% or more. I don’t think horses would be moved from there, the animals just move on their own. It’s called survival, and humans have messed around with survival of our natural resources way too long.

      If you want to argue the point, horses were here first, the horse is indigenous to North America, cattle are not. If you want an indigenous “cow”, go look for a buffalo, and you won’t find one of them now, they are historically called bison; bison are indigenous. The buffalo you see now are actually crossbreeds from bison and cows, and they have a strong place in the economy. There are buffalo ranches, the ranchers are getting a hefty revenue from selling them and their meat, and the feds allow private and public herds. The horses do not enjoy this same treatment because they are not viewed and a food, no one gets a profit from the wild horses, except to the feds from BLM roundups; horses are not considered livestock by definition from the Department of the Interior.

      Unfortunately the bison in the wild are regarded as interlopers like the wild horse.

      If you see what you think are wild horses along a highway, look for a fence. If there is fencing, they are domestic horses; if no fence, it’s BLM land and you’re not likely to see wild horses that close to a highway.

      Continuing with the economics, ranchers pay a range fee for each cow to graze on BLM land, the feds don’t get any money from wild horses. The federal law of 1971 protecting horses and burros is a joke, The government is constantly tweaking that law to allow for extermination of entire herds, just because someone wants to graze a cow on that land.

      Cattle ranchers are misinformed, uneducated as to indigenous animal species. Okay, they would like to get rid of prairie dogs, but those cute little things are a serious hazard to feet and legs. Cattle ranchers won’t listen, they want what they want and they want it now. They yell the loudest have more money.

      Oh, and there’s no big mystery as to why Wyoming mentions wild horses in their tourism literature. They are not talking about the wild horses you have to drive miles in the outback to see. These wild horses are on privately owned sanctuaries and habitats. These places sell tour packages to greenhorns, “oh, look, there’s a wild horse and I’ll get you close enough to take a picture.” These are not wild horses, they don’t run away if you get within a quarter of a mile of them.

      Well, I’ve had my say for now. A lot of us are pretty manic about saving the wild horse. I just heard from a “cowboy” there something about the outside of a horse that’s good for the inside of the man.


  16. As everyone knows here, it is all about the almighty $$… Our government supports the Beef Industry & the Cattle ranchers here…to protect their property… The wild horses and burros are taking over their land and grazing on their property… Wow, shame on the Wild Horses & Burros who are supposed to be protected by law…. 1971??? Ah yes, everything looks good on paper! This makes me feel very angry once again…. I do have some positive info from my NH legislators supporting the bills at hand… Never give up hope!! Thanks to RT, Terry & Jerry!!!
    Our heros, always!!!!!


  17. I think blame should go were it needs to be the BLM, all these round up ‘s and using the helicopters is where the money is going. That and keeping of all the wild horse in pens, they should be out on their land an still wild.


  18. And yet the great state of Wyoming continues to use the images of wild horses on TV ads to promote tourism. Won’t tourists be disturbed when they travel to Wyoming and all they get to see are large herds of cattle trampling everything in their path like a swarm of locusts. The new state food of Wyoming is the cow patty, served up by the governor and all of the welfare ranchers in the school lunch lines. To all of you horse advocates who live in Wyoming, I’m sorry that your elected officials are so completely corrupt and self serving. Will the chapter in your science books about wild horses follow the one about passenger pigeons and all of the other wildlife that man has made extinct by playing God and using either as scapegoats or just to line their pockets. So disgusted! I have no words for these parasites of humanity.


  19. I can’t imagine much has changed since July, 2012. Seems to me the “guv” is misinformed as to how well the revenue from those lands is being utilized by the schools…The following article appeared in the Casper Star Tribune, dated July 24, 2012: “Wyoming ranks at the top of the nation for public school spending, but the results are disappointing, say researchers and state lawmakers”


  20. Jackson Hole economic summit in Wyoming 2014
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    Jackson, United States

    Inside the Central Banking Hangouts of Jackson Hole
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