The Force of the Horse

Video: Kitten and Donkey Smooch on Camera

Video by Johnny Bomblast

“I have to confess, I am caught between a crazy Cat Lady (Terry, my wife), who is about only one horse away from being called the Nutty Horse Woman and a Donkey/Burro Advocate (Marjorie Farabee) who both of which are always after me about saying ‘Wild Horses AND Burros’ instead of just Wild Horses.  Well, in an effort to satisfy both camps I render, this day, a video that pulls both the feline and equine souls together…please enjoy our ‘Feel Good Sunday’ installment and enjoy your day of peace, relaxation and renewal.  To all my friends; Keep the Faith!’ ~ R.T.

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  1. RT
    There is an easy fix for you! (gag pardon the pun) Just train yourself to say wild equines! That should cover all the bases! I know easier said than done.

    Wonderful delightful video. Thank you for sharing that.

    Also American Mustang was released this week! HOOFRAYS! You can rent on Comcast, iTunes or Direct tv. Or you can choose to purchase it from the same above. I chose to purchase in Hi Def no less! I normally don’t do that cause my eye doesn’t usually see the difference.

    Daryl Hannah is the narrator and voice of the advocate. I felt that she did an outstanding job. It was well worth my money and time to watch. I believe ALL advocates should watch this–they won’t be disappointed!


  2. There is a lot of distrustion of our world and it’s inhabitants – both man and animsl- going on these days – we need to remember “the pale blue dot” and what Carl Sagan reminded us of.


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