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Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Debbie Coffey and R.T. Fitch on Wild Horse & Burro Radio, TONIGHT



WEDNESDAY, Sept. 17th, 2014

5:00 pm PST … 6:00 pm MST … 7:00 pm CST … 8:00 pm EST

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Call in # 917-388-4520

This will be a short 1 hour show, you can call in with questions towards the end of the programming.

The shows will be archived, so you can listen anytime.


photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Join us Wednesday evening for an update on our wild horses and burro’s.  Presented as an educational outreach by Wild Horse Freedom Federation.
Our guests tonight will be Wild Horse Freedom Federation Board members RT Fitch (Pres.), Carol Walker (Dir. Of Field Documentation) and Marjorie Farabee (Dir. Of Wild Burro Affairs) talking about the BLM roundups of wild horses in Wyoming, the endangered donkeys in Bonaire and the International Equine Conference.

This radio show is co-hosted by Debbie Coffey, Vice-President & Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation.

To contact us:, or call 320-281-0585


11/6/13 – John Holland, President of Equine Welfare Alliance discussing the latest in horse slaughter issues. Click HERE.

11/13/13 – Marjorie Farabee, Director of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Equine Mgr. of Todd Mission Ranch (home of TMR Rescue) and founder of Wild Burro Protection League and Carl Mrozak, videographer (Eagle Eye Media). Click HERE.

11/20/13 – Simone Netherlands, founder of respect 4 horses, director & producer of the documentary “America’s Wild Horses.” Click HERE.

11/27/13 – R.T. Fitch, President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Ginger Kathrens, Founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation, talk about the Salt Wells & Adobe Town roundups. Click HERE.

12/4/13 – Craig Downer, wildlife ecologist, on Board of the Cloud Foundation, author of “The Wild Horse Conspiracy” ( and Robert Bauer, Wildlife Biologist, debunk the BLM’s “junk” science about wild horses and burros. Click HERE.

12/11/13 – Ginger Kathrens, the Founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. Click HERE.

1/15/14 – Victoria McCullough, equestrian and CEO of Chesapeake Petroleum and John Holland, President of Equine Welfare Alliance, on stopping horse slaughter from being reinstated in the U.S. Click HERE.

1/29/14 – R.T. Fitch, John Holland and many others honor the life of wild horse advocate Garnet Pasquale, who dedicated her life to save the wild horses & burros, especially near her home in Nevada, with the Spring Mountain Alliance. Garnet’s dear friend, wild horse advocate and wildlife photographer Arlene Gawne, talks about Garnet, wild horses and the Spring Mountain Alliance. Click HERE.

2/5 – Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and filmmaker James Kleinart ( Click HERE.

2/26/14 – Barbara Clark, founder of Dreamcatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary in northern California talks about the sanctuary and natural behavior of wild horses and burros. Click HERE.

4/1/14 – Marjorie Farabee, Director of Wild Burro Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on endangered (thought to be extinct) Bonaire (Dutch Antilles) donkeys. Carl Mrozak, videographer (Eagle Eye Media), and advocates Rona Aguilar, and her father, Al Catalfumo. Click HERE.

4/11/14 – Ginger Kathrens, the Founder and Executive Director of The Cloud Foundation. Click HERE.

5/28/14 – R.T. Fitch, President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, along with Ginger Kathrens, on his trip to the Pryors with Ginger to find Cloud. Click HERE.

7/23/14 – Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, on the dire situation for wild horses in Wyoming. Click HERE.

7/30/14 – Milanne Rehor (Arkwild, Inc.) trying save the last Abaco Spanish Colonial wild mare (named “Nunki”) and her offspring in the Bahamas. Click HERE.

8/6/14 – Palomino Armstrong, founder of CHILLY PEPPER – MIRACLE MUSTANG, that specializes in caring for CRITICALLY ILL, NEO-NATAL, SICK AND/OR INJURED FOALS.  Listen HERE.

8/13/14 – Susan Wagner, President and co-founder of Equine Advocates, on investigations and the miserable lives of PMU mares (continually impregnated and turned into 4-legged drug machines to produce Premarin, PremPro and Premphase).  Click HERE.

8/20/14 – Vicki Tobin, Vice President of Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) and Daryl Smoliak, Board member of EWA.  Click HERE.

8/27/14 – Karen McCalpin, the Exec. Dir. of the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, Click HERE.

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  1. “Dorothea Boothe, of the Phoenix BLM office, said in an emailed statement: “Our planning process is designed to solicit feedback from a broad array of stakeholders…”

    Well now, that phrase pretty much says it all. Doesn’t it. “STAKEHOLDERS”

    Please please share! These are PUBLIC LANDS they’re talking about, folks. This isn’t just about some piddly-assed crusade for the wild equine that are part of our national heritage, or a dislike for big money cattle ranchers. It’s about government mis-appropriation of tax payer money for those lands, and the extremely deleterious impact that it is having on ALL those critters that call the land “home.”

    The rationale being used as justification, that wild equine do more damage to habitat than do millions of grazing cattle, is simply ludicrous. Further, it’s an insult to your intelligence.


  2. The American Mustangs are part of our American heritage and history. As a tax payer and a citizen I appeal to you to find an alternative for our horses. I know the big cattle ranchers would like to have them off of the public land. I have seen pictures of the damage the cattle do to watering holes and streams. The wild horses, for all of the years they have roamed the ranges, have not damaged the environment. Please reconsider rounding up the wild horses.


  3. Thanks Marti for allowing us to have time on your show tonight. I got to listen to most of the hour. Get job everyone!

    Carol be safe!

    Deb great job co-hosting!

    RT great to hear your voice! You and Terry travel safe tomorrow!

    Ginger hope to see you soon atop the Pryors! J/k I’m done for this year…


  4. Teleconference Thursday, September 18

    This is in Northeastern California and covers several Wild Horse Herd Management Areas, which are under the jurisdiction of the BLM Surprise field office.

    Contacts: Jeff Fontana (530) 252-5332
    News Release No. CA-N-14-73

    Experimental Stewardship Steering Committee to Meet in Cedarville

    The Modoc-Washoe Experimental Stewardship Steering Committee will discuss various rangeland management topics when it meets Thursday, Sept. 18, at 9 a.m., at the Bureau of Land Management Surprise Field Office, 602 Cressler St., in Cedarville.

    Items for the morning session include reports from member agencies and a discussion about resting lands from livestock grazing after vegetation treatments.

    Beginning at 1 p.m. the committee will hear a reports on the Modoc National Forest’s Lassen 15 Project, management planning for sage grouse conservation, drought impacts and degraded sagebrush.

    Also on the afternoon agenda are discussions about wild horse management and local goals for the Natural Resources Conservation Service.

    Public comments will be taken at 3:15 p.m. Those unable to attend can participate by teleconference. The phone number is (888) 395-5718. The passcode is 8667997.

    The Modoc-Washoe group is part of the national Experimental Stewardship Program, created by Congress in the Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978. The program encourages rangeland management innovation and incentives for improving conditions on public ranges. The steering committee advises the BLM’s Surprise Field Office and the Modoc National Forest’s Warner Mountain Ranger District.

    Committee members represent diverse interests including livestock grazing permit holders, invasive weed control, wild horse and burro management, environmental education, local government, resource conservation districts, environmental groups, and sporting groups. Representatives from the BLM and Forest Service and the California and Nevada departments of fish and wildlife are also members.


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