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The Final Days of the Checkerboard Wild Horse Roundup Part II

Eyewitness account by photographer Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Farewell Wild Horses of Wyoming

Day 24

Carol WalkerI am getting ready to drive out to Bitter Creek Road so I can get led out to the observation site for the 24th and hopefully last day of the Checkerboard Roundup in Wyoming. The Cattoors and the BLM hope to capture more than 100 wild horses today from Salt Wells Creek.

We are here again in Adobe Town, on public land, 3 miles from the trap site which is out of sight behind a hill. There is a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case on the subject of BLM restrictions of public observations of roundups, which states:

“To provide this First Amendment protection, the Supreme Court has long recognized a qualified right of access for the press and public to observe government activities.”

Even though we ask for a better, closer spot to view the roundup, we are told that this is the location that the contractor has selected.

Shortly after we arrived at the observation site 3 miles from the trap Shelley Gregory the public information specialist spotted a group of 20 horses coming down the hill and a few minutes later we spotted the helicopter. Then we can see more and more groups of horses converging. They are so small this far away they look like ants and all we can distinguish is lighter colored horses from the darker probably grey or appy. We finally count about 50 horses streaming in lines and standing out against the huge cloud of dust. As they go into the trap the dust billows wildly. The two helicopters immediately head right back out. Suddenly a gorgeous grulla stallion runs right in front of us heading away from the trap. We hope he runs and never stops. Then about 30 more horses are brought in by both helicopters in another cloud of dust.

Linda and I are the only observers on Day 24. A white pickup comes roaring up the hill and a tall, big woman leaps out and starts yelling at Linda, and gets right in her face, looming over her. She said I demand that you give me your name and address and phone numbers, how dare you tell me where I can be on my private land, and you have to tell me who made the phone call to the Cattoors. She started insisting that someone from yesterday had called the Cattoors and said she was too close and told the Cattoors to make her move. In the meantime I was getting alarmed and frightened so I called to Shelley Gregory, the Public Information Specialist who accompanies up to the observation site and she rushed over and so did the BLM ranger. They got between her and us, thankfully, and I was never so grateful in my life to have the ranger there. Both Linda and I said we did not make any such phone call, but she did not believe either of us.

Then she started ranting about “you people” who have all this money and do this lawsuit, and she has lost all this money having to remove cattle from her land because of the horses, and that RSGA had to do something about these inbred horses, running all over her land, they are just feral ranch horses, no Spanish blood, worthless, and her family has been there for 100 years long before the horses were there, which really is not true of course. The horses have been here hundreds of years before her family began welfare ranching in this location.

The horses are most certainly not inbred in this herd, which used to be one of the largest remaining wild horses herds. The numbers exceeded the minimum number, 150 adults, of wild horses necessary to sustain genetic viability. And Gus Cothran, the leading geneticist on our wild horses has been genetically testing the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creeks Herds for many years, and they have a high percentage of Spanish blood. she was ranting on and on I said you won, why are you yelling at us? They are taking all the horses. She said they can never get all the horses, they are still there. Luckily Shelley diffused the situation and took her aside and talked to her. The rancher asked where we were from and Linda said Colorado, asked for our names and towns and I said none of your business. Her mother, a small lady with white hair came out and told us that a stallion had taken the saddle pad right off of her daughter’s horse one time.

I said why don’t you just leave and she said this is public land you cannot make me leave and proceeded to stay up there for another hour and a half, probably just to annoy me. She had had a much better viewing spot than we did earlier before she came to harass us. She asked me what I was doing because I was typing on my phone as she was yelling at Linda, and asked if I were blogging about her and I said yes, and then she started ranting again about all the lies I was spreading about her. As she is muttering you better hope that your car doesn’t break down out here I know that I would rather walk the 20+ miles back to the highway than ask her for help.

Just before they left, she told me she wanted me to not post any pictures of her ranch on Facebook, would I not do that – I told her I don’t care about her ranch, I am here for the horses. She stomped off and drove away, and we were very relieved that she left.

I think it is a shame that she is the only representative of RSGA that anyone has been able to talk to. The four journalists who have been here during the roundup have all said that RSGA has been unwilling to give them an interview.

Helicopters brought in two more groups one of about 16 and another of 6 bringing the total for today to about 95. The helicopter was chasing a lone horse back and forth, back and forth, he stopped and went to meet another horse and possibly a foal. Then the helicopter peeled off possibly to refuel. We heard they are just going to possibly be bringing one more small group. We hope we are allowed to go see the horses in temporary holding once they are done.

I am now waiting to go into the temporary holding facility to see the over 100 horses that brought into the trap today from Salt Wells Creek near the Eversole Ranch. The last horse brought in today had the helicopter right over him for about an hour. He looked bewildered and slowed to a stop and a walk. We asked what they were doing and found out he was a young sorrel yearling and they were bringing a rider on horseback to catch him and put him in a trailer, which they finally did. The wrangler caught him and trotted and cantered with him to the trailer and he got in with the saddle horse and was taken to temporary holding.

As we were packing up to leave the observation point this morning after the helicopters finished for the day we were really surprised to hear and so were our BLM escorts to hear that this might NOT in fact be the last day of the roundup. Apparently there may be some more horses needing to be removed from the Checkerboard area even though the number removed is close to 1200 wild horses. We were told that because the number so far exceeded their estimates they were having a conference call with Washington D.C. this afternoon and that they might be rounding up more horses tomorrow. After what happened this morning with the woman from Eversole Ranch I think it is highly likely that she has been aggressively complaining that they did not catch every single horse on both her private and public leased land. This is speculation on my part, of course.

When we went into the temporary holding area in Salt Wells Creek this afternoon, we asked Sue Cattoor about what had actually happened with the rancher from Eversole and what had actually happened was she was parked too close to the path of the horses being driven on by the helicopters and Dave Cattoor called her and asked her to move. It had absolutely nothing to with us or any other member of the public observing the roundup at this trap site. The new location she moved to was still at least a mile closer than we were allowed to go.

At the temporary holding corrals late this afternoon I learned that they captured 129 horses today bringing the total to 1217 wild horses removed from their families and their homes. If they do capture 30-40 tomorrow on the really last day of the roundup they will have over 1250.
We did see the sorrel colt that had to be roped and put in the trailer – I had thought he was a yearling because he was so far away as it turns out he was a little foal too little to be weaned. He was happily reunited with his mother. There was a death today, in the morning, a weanling foal broke his neck when being sorted out for transport. The horses in the pens that we saw looked good and the big bay roan stallion was still king of the stallion corral.

Day 25

Linda and I left even though we knew they would be rounding up horses on this last day – neither of us wanted to go through another confrontation at the observation site with the angry rancher. Although the BLM ranger prevented us from being punched or even shot, he did not prevent the bullying and intimidation.

47 more wild horses are removed and the roundup is finally concluded. Of course the BLM has to have the last word, and posts on their Wyoming Facebook page that it is OUR fault that they removed 1263 instead of 800 wild horses in this roundup:

“Appeals and motions delayed removal operations, allowing more wild horses to move across the fluid boundary from solid block public lands into the checkerboard in preparation for winter and in search of water; thus, the population estimate for the checkerboard was surpassed by the number of wild horses actually removed.”

The truth is, we sought an emergency injunction to stop the roundup from occurring so that our case might be heard on its merits BEFORE the horses were rounded up and removed, because if we had won, none of these horses would have been removed. We lost the temporary injunction and the roundup went on. Our case has still not been heard, and the horses are being shipped or are already in Rock Springs and Canon City short term holding facilities.

I am sick, physically sick, and sick in heart and soul about what is happening to those horses right now. We will not hear about the rest of the deaths and injuries that will occur in transport and at the short term holding facilities. We will not hear about the final fate that can happen when the BLM sells the older horses under the Sale Authority Act, when they most likely will end up at slaughter. We may hear about the approximately 4% that get adopted.

To rub more salt in the wound, the BLM posted on Facebook these close up photos of these beautiful horses running into the trap, photos that they took close to the trap, an area none of the public were allowed to go into. The images I took that are in this post were taken at the public observation point with the longest lens available. The horses are simply dots.

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  1. I don’t know about you but this saddens me that OUR President can say these words (copied off The White House webpage) while simultaneously the BLM are destroying OUR HERITAGE, OUR NATIONAL WILD HORSES in Wyoming!

    “The notion of a national monument is interesting because it reminds us that America belongs to all of us — not just some of us. My commitment to conservation isn’t about locking away our natural treasures; it’s about working with communities to open up our glorious heritage to everybody — young and old, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American — to make sure everybody can experience these incredible gifts”


      • Heck this is a long one.

        Notion… How would they say “We, the People”? How about “I have dream?” How about “4 score and 7 years ago, our Fathers brought forth a new nation” “America the Beautiful.” “Stand beside her and guide her through the night by the light from above.”

        Do any of these paid empty suit/people have clear, definitive thoughts – ever? What have we done folks? What have we given up to be politically correct? , did you submerge your disgust so you could one day call in a favor, did you swallow your voice to stop an injustice so you might get along, stab a friend in the back to get that one step further along, silently pushed your agenda in front of another, promised ypur soul in return for riches. Did we do that?

        This court in Wyoming is unAmerican. They no longer hold sway as the wall between politics and justice. And we as Americans must examine the judges sitting in our courts and unbench every one of them who have been bought and sold. And that means all the way up to the US Supreme Court.

        Johnny Cash (love that man still) tells us in his song that we must remember the words of the Good Book. “The face of the Lord is against those who do evil.” (Psalm 34:16) You shall not covet … “. (Deut. 5:21) These are the laws (and all the others) we have, as a Nation, set aside.

        We must embrace close to our heart the truth of our love for this country, its peace and what it took our men and women to keep this land safe and with resolution and the armor of the righteous confront the terrible grayness shadowing our happiness and the wellbeing of the wild life and wildlands who are living life as God meant it to be. Knowing that this society was well and protected gave me happiness every day. What has happened the past few years has caused a great sadness and crying.

        I call on the Lord to sweep away this evil that has entered the hearts of those who taken from us what God has given. And what this country was formed to provide sanctuary against. Our Constitution was written with the words of the Good Book in mind. We are created equal. Not cattlemen, oilmen, city folk, disabled, black, horse loving tree huggers, native americans – all created equal. THAT is America. There is no “notion” about it!!

        The safety of us and the land that we love that is being torn to shreds by words which are spoken and disappear on the wind depends on us who still have the beating heart of freedom. This continuing attack on the animals, the free animals shall not pass.

        FBI just issued an alert against animal abuse. This is it.

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      • Yeah, maybe we can get their help before they go bad. LOL.

        There is a saying that an honest man is always honest. An un just man is always an unjust man. So let’s find where the honest are still being raised and vote them in.

        It would be so nice not to wonder if we are being lied to and we can all go back to our lives.
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      • The Earth, wind , mother Nature , and the ecosystem will aline in peace and perfect Harmony !!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


      • Oh how I wish it was the dawning of Aquarius! A bunch of us Haight Ashbury natives have all wondered if all this violent selfishness is the rebound of evil against the gentle enlightenment we all brought in the 60’s and early 70’s.
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  2. Wyoming is now a complete barren waste land of NOTHING but Brown ………………………….The Wild Mustangs the only thing that was there Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHAME on all involved with the removel of the only thing that was beautiful there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. For some, there is a “notion,” they own the government and tell IT what to do. For the citizens of this great country, us AMERICANS, it is a fact that the government is us. We are not bought and we are not fooled, and we are not lied to. Even though the liars and thieves dress up their speech – their lies dress them.

    In the name of freedom, do what you have to.


  4. i am so sad to see this happening,it makes me feel sick,the look on the horses faces says it all,please have a heart and stop these roundups


  5. Carol, you and Linda should have been the target of that woman’s misguided anger.
    America’s Wild Horses are NOT the threat to her and her family’s way of life.

    by Debbie Coffey

    This is about the wild horse roundups. BUT, ranch owners who own cattle and sheep should pay attention to the following, and wonder what water or land will be left for your livestock grazing in the future. Why do you think the DOI is removing all of the wild horses off our public lands?  For you?
    3) Regarding desire to “protect the range from deterioration” by relatively few wild horses, what about the EA for the oil and gas leases? It states the following deterioration: 
    “Contamination of soil from drilling and production wastes mixed into soil or spilled on the soil surfaces could cause a long-term reduction in site productivity” and “Direct impacts resulting from the oil and gas construction of well pads, access roads, and reserve pits include removal of vegetation, exposure of the soil, mixing of horizons, compaction, loss of top soil productivity and susceptibility to wind and water erosion.
    Wind erosion could be a moderate contributor to soil erosion given the average wind speeds in the area. Dust from vehicle traffic would also be a factor. Indirect impacts such as runoff, erosion and off-site sedimentation could result from construction and operation of well sites, access roads, gas pipelines and facilities.”
    YET, BLM gave them a FONSI that claimed this damage “will not significantly affect the quality of the human environment, individually or cumulatively”
    4) In connection with the water: 
    Consider that a horse only drinks about 15 gallons of water a day. Then consider what the oil and gas leasing in your district (which was found to have no significant impact) could do:
    “Spills or produced fluids (e.g., saltwater, oil, fracking chemicals, and/or condensate in the event of a breech, overflow, or spill from storage tanks) could result in contamination of the soil onsite, or offsite, and may potentially impact surface and groundwater resources in the long term.”
    “Petroleum products and other chemicals could result in groundwater contamination through a variety of operational sources including but not limited to pipelines, well (gas and water) construction, and spills.
    Similarly, improper construction and management of reserve and evaporation pits could degrade ground water quality through leakage and leaching.”
    “Water wells developed for oil and gas drilling could result in a draw down in the quantity of water in the residential wells”
    So, the BLM finds this to be of no significant impact?
    5)  Also, regarding “a thriving natural ecological balance” and protecting “the range from deterioration,” let’s just take a little peek at two other things: the proposed oil shale and tar sands projects you’re planning in your district (Wyoming, Utah and Colorado).
    Regarding the oil shale, I just have one word to say: FRACKING.
    And about the proposed tar sands project, the Indigenous Environmental
    Network (in Canada, where they have tar sands mining) states: “Water is needed in huge amounts in tar sands production and in all other construction stages of tar sands infrastructure across the continent. It takes five liters of water to produce one of usable petrol…Waste tailings ponds are so vast as to be visible from outer space at this early point in production.”
    This, while the BLM removes our wild horses from our sight. And “leases” (sells) our public lands for devastation.


    • I certainly agree Louie, The BLM thinks (common americans) are stupid.?
      Who Owns Who?? The BLM people are Appointed. (BOUGHT)! I say FIRE THE BLM. Start a new department with fair representation from both sides…AND What about animal cruelty? People need to contact /line up in front of political offices/ whatever it takes to get the USA Attention & Congress & the President!! The BLM”s agenda is so mucked up,(on purpose) I believe, makes it very difficult to sue them or make them accountable for DOI & BLM actions!!! EVIL can be conquered!


    From AWHPC website

    RSGA controls the rangeland in the Wyoming checkerboard, an area 40 miles wide by 70 miles long that runs along the historic transcontinental railway corridor. RSGA owns 550,000 acres outright and leases an additional 450,000 acres from the Anadarko Land Company, a subsidiary of Anadarko Petroleum Corp. RSGA also holds permits to graze livestock on a large portion of the public lands in the checkerboard. RSGA owns members graze approximately 50,000 to 70,000 sheep and about 5,000 cattle on deeded private lands and leased public lands. By contrast, just 1,100- 1,600 wild horses are allowed to roam the area.

    Thanks to taxpayer subsidies, RSGA members graze livestock on public lands for approximately one-twelfth (1/12) of the going market rate. The RSGA complaint, filed on July 27, 2011, seeks a court order that will (a) result in removing all wild horses from private lands in the Wyoming Checkerboard area, and (b) declare that the BLM “must remove all of the wild horses that have strayed onto the RSGA lands and the adjacent public lands within the Wyoming Checkerboard.”



    “To make room for the checkerboard horses, 299 horses were transferred to other holding facilities. These include training facilities in Canon City, Colorado and the Hutchinson Kansas Prison. ”

    Checkerboard Wild Horses Arrive at the Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility
    Release Date: 09/25/14
    Contacts: Shelley Gregory

    The Bureau of Land Management’s Rock Springs Wild Horse Holding Facility has received 338 new arrivals from the removal of wild horses from the checkerboard portions of the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin herd management areas (HMAs). The facility can house up to 800 wild horses and expects up to 400 from the checkerboard removal.

    Upon arrival, mares and foals are kept together in their own pens, younger horses of the same gender are kept in other pens and stud horses are sorted by age and placed in their own pens. The wild horses are then given time to acclimate to their new environment. When acclimated, they will be vaccinated and freeze-marked. The facility veterinarian is also on-site to observe and treat any health concerns.
    To make room for the checkerboard horses, 299 horses were transferred to other holding facilities. These include training facilities in Canon City, Colorado and the Hutchinson Kansas Prison. These horses will be gentled and available for adoption. Another group was sent to the Paul’s Valley adoption facility and a long-term holding facility in Teterville, Kansas.

    Most of the wild horses remaining in the Rock Springs facility were gathered last year in the Salt Wells and Adobe Town HMAs and include weanlings who were born in the facility earlier this year. The weaned horses are six or more months old and have been vaccinated and freeze-marked in preparation for future adoption.

    The facility is closed while the wild horses acclimate. No public tours or adoptions will be conducted; however, the public viewing kiosk will remain open. The public will be notified when the facility reopens. The horses will then be available for adoption.


    Animals’ Angels Investigation

    The Hutchinson horse auction is operated by Randy Smith. Investigators arrived at the sale at 2:30pm. There were approx. 100 horses and 2 donkeys present in the extensive pen area.

    The majority of the indoor and outdoor pens contained no food or water for the animals. Most horses appeared to be well fed and healthy. However, when investigators walked to the back side of the barn they noticed a group of 4 small ponies/minis. All four of them were emaciated, however, one was especially bad: She had an open sore on her face that was infested with maggots, her mane was badly tangled and her front hooves were very long. The other pens in this area held more thin horses, mainly young colts and fillies.

    The horse sale started and many of the loose horses were sold to two different kill buyers. Investigators were able to buy the little mare for 10 dollars. The sale ended at 4:30pm and investigators observed the sold horses being crammed together in large pens. A very aggressive stud was put together in a pen with a gelding, which resulted in a lot of fighting, kicking and biting. Shortly thereafter, large semis arrived and backed up to the loading ramps. It appeared that they were waiting for it to get dark, since the loading did not start until 9:00pm. Investigators took the little mare home and will provide her with a loving home. Animals’ Angels will continue to monitor this auction.



    From AWHPC (American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign) website

    U.S. District Judge NANCY FREUDENTHAL
    in Cheyenne approved the settlement Wednesday. The settlement requires the BLM to round up horses to meet the new herd target numbers. Roundups will occur this year through 2015, or 2016 if the population objectives aren’t met by then.

    “We are appalled that the court has put a seal of approval on the BLM’s plan to destroy some of Wyoming’s last remaining and most popular wild horse herds,” Suzanne Roy, director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, said in a release.


  10. Just wanted to share that I finally got a response from the white house, albeit a form email. Maybe it’s the timing, or because a lot of people are emailing, or because this time I just quickly shared my feelings, instead of overloading with lots of web page links and videos, like I did in about 4 emails at start of roundup, begging for a presidential edict–no response.
    The White House
    Oct 10 at 4:38 PM

    The White House, Washington

    Dear Martha:

    Thank you for writing. I share your concern for animal welfare, and I know how important it is to many Americans that we get this issue right.

    My Administration will keep working to protect animal welfare in areas where there is a role for the Federal Government. Please know I value your perspective, and I appreciate your thoughts on how we can meet our responsibilities.

    Thank you, again, for taking the time to write. I encourage you to visit to learn more about my Administration or to contact me in the future.


    Barack Obama


    facebook Facebook twitter Twitter youtube YouTube flickr Flickr itunes iTunes

    This is where I emailed: but I also just found this spot:


    • This is not meant at you Martha but what a barf letter spam in the can mail from the Pres!

      Definitely canned.

      Don’t feel bad my Congressman who is on the National Resource Committee to date won’t talk wild horse and burro law. I get spam in the can mail too. I’m waiting to hear from him as to whether he’ll admit to being pro slaughter. Oh he’s a democrat but that doesn’t mean much when he won’t stand up for the horses.


    • Why do they even bother sending these form letters? We all know how insincere and meaningless they are. It is and insult to our intelligence every time one of these letters are posted out.


  11. One has to wonder whether the woman rancher who verbally assaulted Carol and Linda is a recipient of Public Land Grazing.
    That could be the reason that she did not want pictures of her ranch made public?

    “Just before they left, she told me she wanted me to not post any pictures of her ranch on Facebook, would I not do that”


    Transaction # 1 (Delivery Order)
    IDVPIID/PIID/MOD: INL10PC00593 / INL14PD00691 / 0
    475 S 200 W, NEPHI, Utah
    Program Source: 14-1109
    Department/Agency: Department of the Interior: Bureau of Land Management
    Signed Date:
    Obligation Amount:


    Transaction # 9 (Delivery Order)
    IDVPIID/PIID/MOD: INL10PC00593 / INL14PD00691 / 1
    475 S 200 W, NEPHI, Utah
    Reason for Modification: CHANGE ORDER
    Program Source: 14-1109
    Department/Agency: Department of the Interior: Bureau of Land Management
    Signed Date:
    Obligation Amount:


    Transaction # 2 (Delivery Order)
    IDVPIID/PIID/MOD: INL10PC00593 / INL14PD00019 / 0
    475 S 200 W, NEPHI, Utah
    Program Source: 14-1109
    Department/Agency: Department of the Interior: Bureau of Land Management
    Description: ADOBE TOWN/ SALT WELLS HORSE GATHER FY14 IGF::OT:: … (More)
    Signed Date:
    Obligation Amount:


    • This is the corruption playing out but not the end. Catoor also handles the transport of the horses so their take is to be continued. The deaths and injuries to horses in transport and running them in and out of the chutes is not reported as a result of the roundup. It is not reported at all except as a note on the bill of lading.
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  13. Carol and Linda and everyone else who attended this awful travesty thank you for being our eyes. I’m so sorry that you were subjected to the nastiness of that rancher. I’m not sure that I would’ve been able to handle it as maturely as you did. And I don’t either one of you for not wanting a repeat performance of her behavior.

    I too am sick with what was allowed to happen. So many of these precious lives are stolen, lost, stallions gelded never to see their families again. Mares taken from their families and babes. Horses ramming the fence trying to break free from the clutches of man. As sad and as awful as it sounds they are the lucky ones. Their lives are over. They won’t ever know captivity. Or what life would be like once they were gelded.

    To RSGA you won. Why are you insisting on bothering advocates? Me? I have ZERO intention of ever visiting Rock Springs again. And yes, I go to WY every summer. But no tourism dollars dollars for you from my pocket. And after the behavior of this rancher this week my intention is that much more solid. It definitely cements my boycott of Rock Springs.

    I invite all who haven’t joined our boycott on beef to do so today. I’m not going to go so far as say no turkey or chicken but I do encourage ALL to join us on boycotting beef. In the end, it may not make a dent in their pocketbooks since the majority of beef goes overseas anyway. But you’ll feel better knowing you took action in the only possible way open to us.

    For Carol I wonder if you can’t file a lawsuit about the lack of transparency here? That case has gone up and down the Courts in NV and has even been heard in San Francisco!


  14. I am sick and saddened by what these beautiful horses have been made to endure. They have been free all there lives and were terrorized, frightened, ran til exhausted into these traps never understanding what or why this has happened to them. Most will never be free again. Many will die in transit or be killed. This inhumane treatment must be stopped. Is this how we want our government ran? They are not doing this for the majority, only a rich minority. This is PUBLIC LAND, OWNED BY US, THE PEOPLE. SPEAK UP FOR THE HORSES!!!


  15. SJ will be in Wyoming next week…

    Then, on Wednesday, October 15, Jewell will join Wyoming Governor Matt Mead and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe to tour a ranch near Pinedale that is leading the way on local sagebrush conservation efforts. Jewell, Mead and Ashe will recognize the efforts of private landowners in helping to save the landscape of the American West at a ceremonial signing of nine long-term, sage-grouse protection plans.

    This ceremony will also highlight the leadership of the ranching community and the state of Wyoming in conservation efforts that benefit the land, wildlife and future generations of ranchers.

    Jewell will underscore the importance of partnerships between the federal government, states, private landowners and other stakeholders in creating and implementing a landscape-level conservation strategy for the species, which will be considered for possible protection under the Endangered Species Act by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2015.–278828141.html


    • PS taxpayers pay for her salary, too, and her flights. Wonder if she read Obama’s words posted above:

      “My commitment to conservation isn’t about locking away our natural treasures; it’s about working with communities to open up our glorious heritage to everybody — young and old, black, white, Latino, Asian, Native American — to make sure everybody can experience these incredible gifts”


      • Who said that: Obama?

        Sure would mean something if he would stop BLM, enact a moratorium, sign the ban on slaughter. Anything!! To show he is a man of his word to us.

        Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


  16. Thank You To All The WILD Horse ProActivists Who Persevered! Your Hearts must be so HEAVY – – I Hope And Pray You All Can FEEL The Appreciation And Respect Many Of US Have For Your Dedication – – And Good Will!!

    I am wondering IF there is any Chance That – – since the BLM went over the agreed # of WILD Horses to be rounded up (?) – That There Could Be A DEMAND In The Courts That The WILDest/Strongest And Genetically Viable And Most Beautiful And Rare such as The Apaloosa’s Or Andalusian Lines Or Curly’s Or Carmello’s Be ReReleased In An Area – – To Be Designated And Conserved As WILDHorse Habitat – – fracking and drilling FREE – – And An Area Dedicated By President Obama As A National Heritage/Monument Site For Them As National/Natural Treasures! And That Possibly The Gov. Of Wyoming And The Tourism Board And Chamber Of Commerce And EcoTourism And WILDLife Groups Could Be Approached To DEMAND This – – And Possibly Some University PreVet/Vet Students And Other Students . . , Could Assist As Appropriate And Others Of Wyoming As Appropriate – – And SomeOne Like Carol Walker And The Cloud Foundation And Your Group And Others Could WORK With The Peoples Of Wyoming If she Had Time/Energy Left – – To Write About How Some Peoples
    Of Wyoming Found A New Solution!

    (And Possibly A Place Where Some Needing Peoples – – Such As Vets. – – Could Assist To Build – – Corridor Fences Etc.) PLEASE Find my “WildHorses” Post In my Blog http://aprayerpoemforglobalpeaceand Thanks!)

    And IF The Humane Society does not STAND STRONG AGAINST this cruel and too usual treatment of WILD Horses – – In Further ProWILDHorse Actions – – And Are AGAINST/PREVENTING Their slaughter IN COURTS – – it seems They SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON CHARGES OF NEGLECT!

    AND The Humane Society And Other WILDLife Groups SHOULD JOIN IN – –
    TO PROTECT THEM FROM slaughter – and inHumane Treatment!
    Even if Some do not Consider Them “WILD” – – THEY ARE NOW – – WILD – – AND Some May Be Descendants Of Pony Express Horses Or war Horses YET THEY ARE LIVING WILD NOW – – AND PART OF THE U.S.A.’s Heritage And SHOULD BE CONSIDERED NATIONAL TREASURES!

    Deborah McQuade
    More NvNd (Nonviolence And Nondestruction)
    For WILDHorses And Their Habitats!!


  17. This doesn’t look to be about Grazing
    How much of this is Public Land?

    Sweetwater County, Wyoming

    The land manager of the 600,000-acre RSGA needed a way to map
    and manage leases, surface owner agreements (SOA) and other land use issues that occur over a vast geographical area in Sweetwater County, Wyoming.
    Used the comprehensive electronic dataset to perform the following customized functions for the client:

    Perform gap analysis of spatial and tabular information to create a new comprehensive ownership layer.

    Develop a point snap-grid as a parcel sub-set from the BLM Geographic Coordinate Data Base (GCDB) Quarter-Quarter dataset, taking into account the many irregularities of the PLSS map information.

    Create ownership polygons using the GCDB-derived snap-grid for all land records obtained through BLM and county research. Edit layer using RSGA maps and documents.

    Establish layers for lease points and lease right-of-ways, and create surface owner agreements polygons, based on Access database information.

    Determine active oil and gas well layer from tabular information provided by Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission. Analyze and attribute SOA data with current, past or no-well information.

    Create a GIS data viewer showing all available information in a series of subject-related map views.

    Ongoing benefits:
    The Rock Springs Grazing Association continues to work with Coffey (Engineering and Surveying) to further refine existing data layers and to populate new layers as other land use studies are commissioned. Coffey’s user-friendly GIS platform makes updates and long-term maintenance of the existing data highly streamlined. The project is adaptable to new software releases and can easily transition from a deployed, static application to a real-time server or Internet-based application for both use and data upkeep


  18. Carol, my heart goes out to you for all that you have done in reporting and keeping us up-dated on the horrific roundups. I know how much love and respect you and so many have for the safety and preservation of America’s icons. It truly sickens me to see the horror on the faces of these beautiful and innocent horses and know their family bands are being destroyed forever. Where is the justice, the compassion, the respect for America’s wild mustangs and their right to roam free, as promised in The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971?!


  19. This is just another prime reason why I don’t even want to go to the BLM stampede. Had that welfare bitch gotten in my face, it would have been on. I have a temper and I don’t put up with any crazy bitch disrespecting me or getting in my space. The BLM would have had to protect her from my little ass. I don’t carry a gun but am not against caring or using a knife so it’s best to just let all the civilized people go there and watch the last of our symbols of freedom be caught and imprisoned for crimes unknown. I’m not condemning the observers for their inaction in this situation.


  20. Why do we keep funding this atrocity? Our tax dollars help to do this – why can’t we stop paying taxes? Won’t it put some sort of dent somewhere? If enough people do it there would make some difference somewhere wouldn’t it? This is all so disgusting and corrupt and one sided.


  21. Day 24 Checkerboard Roundup, Trap at EVERSOLE RANCH
    By Carol Walker · Today · · Taken at Adobe Town, Wyoming

    Blog post about this last day:

    Posted by Carol Walker on Sunday, October 12, 2014

    This really should be the last day of the Checkerboard Roundup in Salt Wells Creek as they use the trap site at Eversole Ranch for one more day to get the very last 30-40 horses because of Rock Springs Grazing Association ranchers’ demands for wild horse removal.
    Yesterday one foal died as he was being sorted, bringing the death count to 15, and the horses captured to 1219:


  22. I am speechless beyond words…. This is Gut Wrenching……
    I couldn’t witness this and admire those who do to keep the rest of us informed..
    and for the Crazy Witch going off …..go back in the hole you crawled out of……..


  23. Commentary: BLM selling out ranchers to make way for Big Oil?


    With varying allotments budgeted by BLM, I have grave concerns during these drought times for BLM’ s priorities. Are our permitted grazing allotments being tagged as potential oil exploration allotments? Is BLM seeing $$$ signs for the oil and gas competitive lease sales? Currently competitive BLM lease sales numbered 44 parcels in Elko County and 102 parcels or 174,021.36 acres in Battle Mountain.

    Since quantities of water are needed for both grazing allotments and oil exploration allotments, I wonder if pushing cattle off allotments clears the way for better lease sales to oil companies who will need large quantities of water?

    I was told that the oil company would drill their own well. Yes, and how far down will that draw the water table and springs in the area? They couldn’t tell me how many gallons of water they would require. We need information for a better understanding of the risks involved in fracking. Will our sage grouse habitat be compromised by the installation of drilling pads and heavy traffic of the oil trucks? A well pad of 4.7 acres will be cleared and graveled and approximately 30 acres will be required for roads.

    Flying out of Texas recently I photographed a disturbing site of pocked-marked landscape around Ft Worth, Texas. This was once lush and green with stands of trees and grassland for the quarter horses. Acres of graveled oil pads were close to housing and more disturbing, next to the schools.


  24. “47 more wild horses are removed and the roundup is finally concluded. Of course the BLM has to have the last word, and posts on their Wyoming Facebook page that it is OUR fault that they removed 1263 instead of 800 wild horses in this roundup:”

    Whose fault was this?

    BLM Conspiracy, Contradictions, Collusion — 29 Wild Horses Dead — Who Killed the Wild Horses

    There simply comes a time when questions need to be answered (REVIEW: 29 Dead Wild Horses in Murderer’s Creek Capture Report, BLM Cover Up, Again – review at: by the Bureau of Land Management and their incompetent management of America’s Heritage, the Wild Horse Herds on Our Public Lands.


  25. This article could use some comments. I posted several, but I don’t know that they will be published.
    BLM roundup nets more horses than it expected

    Kristen Lenhardt, chief of communications for the BLM in Wyoming, said the agency was obligated to remove all the horses from so-called checkerboard lands where alternating parcels are in federal ownership. The agency is bound by a legal settlement agreement with area ranchers to remove the horses, she said.
    The agency estimates that about 649 horses remain in the three herd management areas.
    “There is still a thriving population out there,” Lenhardt said. “And we will continue to work to manage it according to the act, and the best management practices for the horses and the range


  26. I was able to meet with the President of the Rock Springs Grazing Asdiciation who by the way is the Rock Springs National Bank President….. He also owns shares to many oil / petroleum companies…..
    Everything he told me about the numbers of removals of wild horses were correct! A year ago!


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