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Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, Publishes New Book

It is with a great deal of pride that Wild Horse Freedom Federation announces that Carol Walker, our Director of Field Documentation, has published a new book. Congratulations, Carol!


501 MUSTANG [ATL].indd

Mustangs: Wild Horses at the Heart of the American Legend is released today in France by Edition Glenat.

This is a 192 page hardcover coffee table book featuring 200 images by Carol Walker. Journalist Cecile Plet wrote the text, which is in French, and the images star the wild horses of Sand Wash Basin in Colorado, Adobe Town and McCullough Peaks in Wyoming and the Pryor Mountains in Montana. This is Carol’s third book, her second about wild horses.

The book is available in Europe, and also with surprisingly reasonable shipping through Amazon France:

To read the French Press Release, click HERE.



Carol’s passion for photography started at an early age, with animals as her favorite subjects. She studied literature and photography as an undergraduate at Smith College, and continued her education in photography after graduating, studying portraiture and nature photography. She has traveled all over the world photographing wildlife for the past 30 years.

In 2000, Carol started her business Living Images by Carol Walker, specializing in photographing horses. Carol’s images illuminate the relationship between horses and their people, as well showcase the beauty of horses with her stunning images of horses at liberty. She teaches workshops for amateur photographers on equine photography. She markets her fine art prints from her website as well as in several locations on the Front Range of Colorado and has won numerous awards with her artwork.

Ten years ago, Carol began photographing wild horses. As she followed several herds in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana, she became aware of how precarious their situation on public lands has become. Since then, she has dedicated herself to educating people with her photographs and stories about the wild horses. She is one of the leading advocates working to keep America’s wild horses wild and free on our public lands. Her award-winning book Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses was released winter of 2008 and is currently in its second printing. Carol’s second book, Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers is in its second printing as well.

For the last five years, Carol has produced a wild horse calendar for the Cloud Foundation with 50% of the proceeds as a donation to that organization. Proceeds from the sales of Carol’s artwork and books fund her work to keep America’s wild horses wild and free.

Carol is the Director of Field Documentation on the Board of Directors for Wild Horse Freedom Federation, which is dedicated to stopping the roundups and keeping our wild horses wild and free.


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  1. First I would like to Thank You Carol for all that you do! To capture the True essense of a horse is truely a wonderful Gift !!!! When you have a Love and a Passion for the horses all things are possible !!!! When the horses feel it eminating from you they will give it back to you !!!! in the most amazing ways !!! I have always felt they a Photo hams , they know what magic and beauty they pocess and they love nothing better then to show you !!!! If they believe you are worthy !!!!


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