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Woman Transforms Horse into Scarey Skeleton, AGAIN

By Sara Malm for MailOnline

As far as Halloween costume accessories go, a full-size, real-life skeleton horse is definitely something to make the un-dead walk again.

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Horse tack maker Sandy Cramer has turned her filly Raven into a walking skeleton to celebrate the holiday of tacky terror.

Ms Cramer first painted her beloved horse three years ago, and since then, Raven’s ‘Skeleton Horse’ getup has made her an internet sensation.

Ms Cramer, from Rockbridge, Ohio, first painted Raven to enter a Halloween photo contest on Facebook in 2011.

The ‘Skeleton Horse’ became so popular that Ms Cramer is bringing it back for a fourth time this year.

Using non-toxic, acrylic craft paint, Ms Cramer has been turning Raven into a scary skeleton since the beginning of the month to promote her pet shop and horse tack business.

It takes Ms Cramer about three hours to complete the transformation, which is completely harmless, and the paint can be washed off with just water and a brush.

Ms Cramer has been incorporating Raven into four different costumes which the pair have been modelling to attract business to her shop.

‘People love Raven as a Skeleton Horse,’ Ms Cramer says.

‘I have people tell me that the only reason they stopped at my shop is because they saw Raven and I walking around and had to come see us up close.

‘This Halloween, we will be in costume together down at our shop and if weather is decent, we may go take part in the local trick-or-treat around town.

‘Each weekend up to Halloween and including Halloween day Raven and I get in costume together.’

‘The paint does in fact wash off with water and a cury brush, so it’s no worse than washing off mud. 

‘To her, it’s no different than standing there getting a good grooming.

‘I have been painting my horses for about five years now as I would paint them for our local Indian Pow-wow as Indian War Horses.

‘But for Raven and I it has become a bit of a tradition now, people just can’t get enough of her as a skeleton.’

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  1. WOW !!! Halloween is my favorite Holiday !!!!! Horses are also my favorite passion, awesome to see them both combined !!!!!


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