Equine Rescue

Fleet of Angels, TMR Rescue & Wild Horse Freedom Federation combine efforts to save wild burros destined for Guatemala

11 once wild burros are safe from a future as beasts of burden, possible abuse and most likely death from being sent to Guatemala (where the BLM had planned to ship them).

Marjorie Farabee and Terry Fitch (The Dynamic Duo from WHFF) protesting in D.C. ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

Marjorie Farabee and Terry Fitch (The Dynamic Duo from WHFF) protesting in D.C. ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

In a joint effort by Fleet of Angels (thanks Elaine Nash and all the volunteers!), TMR Rescue, and Wild Horse Freedom Federation, these 11 burros are on their way to their new home at TMR Rescue.  They are being transported by Terry Fitch (co-founder and Treasurer of Wild Horse Freedom Federation) and Marjorie Farabee (Dir. of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Mgr. of TMR Rescue). 

Marjorie thought you’d all like to see a few photos.





Precious cargo rests awhile, and maybe they’ll nibble some hay.

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  1. Vicki do you know if anything has changed about the BLM which has been working on a proposal for months with a organization called US Agency for International Development and the Department of Defense to airlift on US military transport to fly wild horses from the holding pens to a cattle ranch in the country of Guyana for life on a cattle ranch? I was sent this heads up from Animal Welfare Institute on Sep 11 because I signed up for their news letters and updates a few years ago. I sent a email to Neil Kornze director of the BLM objecting to what he was planning to do and described what would happen to both the burros in Guatemala and the wild horses in Guyana. I guess Kronze decided to add another hundred burros to the first load seeing as the BLM has never cared much about what anyone thinks anyway.


    • Barbara, this is what I’ve found so far. You are correct and we had better be on the alert.

      From AWHPC website

      “Pilot” Program Could Open Pipeline to Dump Wild Horses & Burros in Foreign Lands
      Information Courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States

      The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to airlift 100 of our nation’s wild burros to Guatemala, where they will spend the remainder of their days as “beasts of burden,” working under stressful conditions in a country with few, if any, enforceable animal protection laws.
      The BLM is calling this a pilot program that could lead to additional efforts to exile thousands of wild horses and burros to foreign nations, where tracking the fate and ensuring the welfare of these protected national icons will be impossible.

      The agency also has in its possession a proposal to ship hundreds of mustang mares to Guyana. It’s time to take a stand against our government’s latest attempt to dump America’s cherished wild horses and burros to fates unknown.


      • Will the insanity from the BLM ever end? Where do they come up with this crap? How do we fight these bastards for real? Is there anyone in this agency or it’s overseers who can be reasoned with? Has anyone tried to file complaints & investigations with the OIG (Office of Inspector General – every federal agency has one that is supposed to investigate this kind of thing) office of the BLM/DOI?


      • Have they done this before? I feel sick. Someone should start a petition maybe. What can be done to stop this?


  2. Complaints can be filed with OIG for Dept. of the Interior at 1-800-424-5081. There is an online complaint form that can be filed online, faxed to OIG at 703-487-5402, or mailed to U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Inspector General, 1849 C Street NW, MS-4428, Washington, D.C. 20240. You can also report fraudulent activities to the nearest regional office at the following locations: Eastern Regional Office – Herndon, VA 703-487-8057; Central Regional Office – Lakewood, CO 303-236-8296; Western Regional Office – Sacramento, CA 916-978-5630. According to their website, anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct or mismanagement involving the U.S. Department of the Interior can file a complaint.


  3. Interestingly, there is reference to an OIG report regarding the BLM’s wild horse and burro program mentioned on the BLM website. This report was released 12/14/10, however the links to the report do not work. Per the BLM website:
    Statement on Office of Inspector General’s Report Regarding Wild Horse and Burro Program:
    The Bureau of Land Management has been working to set the wild horse and burro program on a sustainable path that protects the health of the horses and the range. The Inspector General’s report is an important affirmation of the progress BLM has made and the direction we are moving. The IG report underlines the fact that there are no easy answers to these complex management challenges, and we must therefore continue to develop solutions based on sound science, public input, and our partnerships with states and stakeholders.

    The BLM manages more than 245 million acres of public land, the most of any Federal agency. This land, known as the National System of Public Lands, is primarily located in 12 western states, including Alaska. The BLM also administers 700 million acres of sub-surface mineral rights throughout the nation. The BLM’s mission is to manage and conserve the public lands for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations under our mandate of multiple-use and sustained yield. In fiscal year 2013, the BLM generated $4.7 billion in receipts from public lands.

    Does this sound like the OIG has already rubber stamped the immoral and wasteful activities of the BLM?




  4. I want to let everybody know that the burros are as comfortable as they can be considering they really belong in the wild. Terry and I arrived at midnight to the ranch. Although our trip took nearly ten hours due to the frequent stops to let the burros rest (it should have taken 5.5 hours it took 11 instead) they still came off of the trailer with legs shaking and in clear distress. These are wild animals and their reaction to transport is clearly far more stressful than experienced by our domestic equine. This morning my staff called and said they are still exploring their quarantine area which is approximately 2 acres and have not quite settled but they are more relaxed. Nonetheless, they have not let down their guard and every noise sends them running. They will settle in a few days as they realize this is a safe place with no predators and consistent meals coming their way.

    Terry was absolutely amazing with her driving skills. We even encountered a very drunk driver on our way up who thought it would be funny to continuously cut into our lane. We had no where to go, but Terry’s steady head kept us on the road and out of a collision. On the way back, we encountered rain, and once again, Terry stayed steady at the wheel. She really is a terrific driver and our TMR Rescue stock trailer is not short! Thank you Terry.

    There was some confusion when we got to the facility at Pauls Valley OK. We stated that we wanted jennies, but there were eight jennies and three geldings instead. Of course we did not leave them behind and brought them with us too. I am hopeful that there will be no problem for them being a part of a jenny herd. My experience has shown that the geldings often get shorted at the feed trough by the jennies, so we’ll have to monitor them carefully. This change does provide me the opportunity to give a few male names though! We have a really cute gelding with a silver face that we are naming Fitch. Terry, fell in love with a bear of a jenny, who she maintained eye contact with and who she touched at every stop. This girl is big, very big. So this big girl is named Terry. There is a coffee colored girl on board who we named Coffey, and there is a wild girl we named Carol too. One of the boys will be named Revelry in honor of Dawn, and there is a sleepy looking wise girl I will name Elaine. The other names I have chosen are Sunblade and Joanne. I’ll have to see who fits what. At the ranch, this group will be called the Fleet of Angels group to honor Elaine Nash’s efforts in saving their lives.

    I do know I am in the presence of greatness when I look at these amazing animals. They belong free on the range and I am beyond angry that they needed to be rescued at all. With the current BLM numbers of 8,000 wild burros (which we know is really closer to 3,000) estimated to be on our public lands, how can they justify rounding up even one? It is mind boggling! This is a number that states that the burros are critically endangered and should be fully protected from harm, harassment and capture. Stiff penalties and jail sentences should be imposed on persons who harm our National treasures and not one single one should be rounded up or PZP’d. We need to see the burro population restored, not reduced.

    If anyone is interested in seeing our wild burros please contact me, Marjorie Farabee at donkeys.can.do@gmail.com and I will set up an appointment to give your a tour.

    *I am the director of wild BURRO affairs with Wild Horse Freedom Federation


    • My apologies for the error on your title, Marjorie! I fixed it. Thanks for the great update and we’ll post more photos soon. Thanks to everyone involved with getting these burros to safety here in America!


  5. Marjorie & Terry – we all know who the angels are here! Now if we all could physically rescue the herds – burros & wild horses – and have a place for them to be free! Before its too late…


    • Let me not forget Christy! There is a light colored one she really liked that I may name Christy. We’ll see how the names pan out. One WILL be named Christy. Not sure which one yet!


  6. I am happy these animals were saved by folks from hear. But appalled they needed rescuing at all. The abuse being visited upon our wild horses and burros is absolutely unforgivable, by this administration and the BLM
    Now wanting to send our treasures to places like Guatemala and Guyana(as Barbara stated). BLM is out of touch with the American people and reality and needs to GO.
    A quick search on horses in Guyana brought up these two articles and is this really what a human being (even a BLM employee) would wish on any animal?) Has the BLM really lost it’s decency, morality, and compassion? People in these two countries act like the baboons they are. http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/05/06/state-sanctioned-animal-cruelty


  7. Thank you so much for saving these beautiful babies! I’ve been so worried about them being shipped to Guatemala. You are wonderful people! ❤


  8. Marjorie and Terry are angels for these burros. I completely agree with your statement, “They belong free on the range and I am beyond angry that they needed to be rescued at all.” You are exactly right! There are millions of public acres legally dedicated for these burros to live in the wild as directed by nature and where they are required to be protected and that IS where they belong but since these were unjustly captured, then they could not ask for a better life than what they will have with you at TMR Rescue. Thank you Marjorie and Terry!
    PS I love the names.


    • Thank you, grandmagregg. I just wish they could be released before it is too late to save them on our public lands. Dr. Gus Cothran stated that they are genetically headed toward real trouble. Some of the HMA’s have such low numbers it is clear they are only there as tokens. There is absolutely no concern about genetic viability. The donkeys in Bonaire, who have lived isolated on a 110 square mile island for 500 years, are genetically healthy. Our wild burros are in tiny groups on man made “islands” of fenced HMA’s. They cannot survive under this management policy.


  9. RT
    Marjorie named one Fitch for you! 11 donkeys have as close to freedom as TMR can provide! Not totally the same but it sure is a darn site better than what BLM had planned.


  10. Thank you so much, Marjorie, for purchasing these eight lucky burros from our ‘Guatemala 100’ campaign, and for adopting two more from the Axtell, UT holding facility. When I think of the life they may have faced in Guatemala, compared to the life they will now enjoy at TMR- Texas MIRACLE Ranch Rescue, it makes me smile. They will be forever free there, with good feed and water for the rest of their lives. That is the second best option on earth- and the very best option available to them! Thank you, Ione French, for purhasing a burro as well, which also caught a ride home with this group. Thank you, Terry, for assisiting with this mission by providing the transportation for this group of burros from OK to TMR . FOA was happy to assist with the cost of fuel- thanks to the generous donations of many supporters of this effort.

    Heidi Hopkins of The Platero Project has done a wonderful job of helping get many of the burros a part of the way, arranging for BLM’s semi truck runs to drop them holding pens in OK, MS, and VA to get them closer to their destinations. Now Fleet of Angels will transport each one that need a ride for the rest of the way home. We have a LOT more burros to get to their homes, with over 160 of the 186 purchased so far- and homes for the rest in the works, we hope. Putting together drop-off routes all across America is like doing a Rubix cube puzzle while navigating a huge spider web. lol

    If you have a trailer and want to be in our data base for this mission or others like it, please go to http://www.FleetOfAngels.org and register. Our FOA transport angels- now numbering in the thousands, do missions that transport equines from danger to safety all day, every day, across the US and Canada. Our longest mission- so far, was the transport of 26 Newfoundland ponies from Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia- over 4000 miles. Our shortest mission was transporting a starving horse from a roadside to a rescue- a lifesaving trip of two miles.



  11. THANK YOU to all of you. This truly is a Fleet of Angels.
    The Burros will soon see that the journey was well worth it. They have been through so much already. It’s no wonder they were stressed. They didn’t know what was going to happen to them next.
    What a shame it had to be such a harrowing journey and WHERE are the state police when there is an aggressive/drunk driver on the road?
    Terry, you sure know how to celebrate a birthday.


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